My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

38 weeks.

A quick entry because Layla has decided she wants to play in the crib instead of nap this morning ;)

....we had yet another great week!!

Fun stuff included visiting Mom-Mom Millie & Mom-Mom Rose last week, celebrating Abbey's 5th & Justin's 4th birthdays at their party at Bounce U on Sunday, becoming as close to possible as crawling without actually moving anywhere, feeding herself organic puffs and multi grain cheerios (almost) perfectly, lots of playing, lots of dancing, lots of laughing - OH...and like a million more teeth!!!! She now has FIVE teeth on top and TWO on bottom for a total of 7 TEETH!!!

Last week she slept pretty awful and now we know why!! Teething is tough, man!!

For the most part she's now on a pretty good sleep roll - I think I figured it out. She goes to bed every night at 7 PM. If she sleeps through the night, she's basically up at 5:00/5:30 AM. If she wakes up to eat around 4 AM, she will sleep until 6:30 AM. Every once in a blue moon she'll sleep until 7:00 AM. I'm thankful for her sleeping so long and I've gotten better at ignoring her middle of the night crying -- I used to run in after a couple of minutes but I need to just get over that. Sometimes she'll just cry and she'll put herself back to sleep after a few minutes.

She loves food - this week she tried peaches!! She loves having little bites of whatever I'm eating. Speaking of eating - going out to eat isn't quite as easy as it gets to be with her. I now need to bring an assortment of goodies to keep her entertained and I think our days of quiet meals out to eat are behind us ;)

We are officially excited to head to Orlando in April for our 2nd wedding anniversary and to take Layla to DISNEY WORLD!! Probably slightly insane and may drive us batty but it'll make for cute pictures ;) We decided to stay at Coronado Springs and plans include a day at the pool, a day at Magic Kingdom, breakfast with the Characters and Cinderella's Castle for our anniversary!! Josh's parents will be coming to help babysit which is amazing, of course.

OH.. and the speaking....Layla's vocabulary is huge. Although she probably has no idea what she is saying, she repeats everything!!! Words include - Mama, Dada, Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop, Wubba, Bye-Bye, Hi.. and Josh thinks she said China. hahaha

Okay... she's clearly NOT sleeping. Bummer. Thought I could catch up on emails/phone calls/TV but it seems I'll be entertaining my soon to be 9 month old!!

Can I just say... I'm so thankful that I'm able to work part-time. Josh works so hard for us and my days with my little lady are so very special to me. Quiet kisses in the morning and rolling on the floor and eating breakfast and's so special and fun and I'm so lucky. Thanks honey for allowing me this time <3

Special visits with Mom-Mom Rose!

Our other babies... Josh found them like this in the middle of the night. HUGGING!

So much fun at the Layla's first birthday celebration!!




mama, look.. its wubba!!!


Monday, February 20, 2012

37 weeks!!!

37 weeks - ready for music class!!! (And ready to eat the lotion I was putting on)

Happy Monday - Happy President's Day - Happy 37 weeks to Layla - Happy birthday to Justin Luke!!!!

...First, our week. It was good (with some minor flaws, haha).

Last Tuesday, we drove downtown to see our dear friend Ariel & her new gorgeous baby boy, Blake. It was so great to see them both and talk "mommy" with Ariel! We took the kiddies to lunch and it was a lovely afternoon (and WARM - this winter has been insanely bizarre and hot). 

Last Wednesday, I worked per usual but Layla had to go to my parents because our nanny, Brooke caught the stomach flu. She had a great day visiting with Pop-Pop & Mom-Mom - in the afternoon, I picked her up from visiting with Mom-Mom Millie! She is out of rehab and back home so that is very exciting. It was so good to see her and Layla always likes to visit her Mom-Moms! 

By that night, I started to feel really sick (I hadn't felt great for a few days...) and by the middle of the night, I had the flu (or something like it?) - fever, body aches, nausea..the whole thing. It was awful. I had to call out of work both Thursday & Friday (something I HATE to do..) - I sent the baby to my parents on Thursday and literally spent the entire day in bed. It was weird to be home without her but it was well needed. Friday, Josh took a personal day to watch the baby so I can sleep again. I still was pretty out of it until Friday evening - finally started to feel a bit better. So awful!

(In between all of this, Josh's car got slammed - fun fun! Thank God he wasn't hurt and either was the woman who hit him - one car rental and $4000 worth of work later...blah)

Saturday, I woke up feeling great so we were off and running!! We ran errands to Babies R Us & HomeGoods - then we went to visit Melanie - she had an awful eye injury and we wanted to visit the poor patient :( She's doing much better but is in a lot of pain, poor thing. While we were there, Layla finally got to meet Micah - Melanie's nephew who was born the same day (in the room next door at the hospital!) - it was so cute and fun to swap stories with their parents. We came home, put the baby in for a nap, and woke up again to grab some yummy Mexican with our favorite Kushner family!

Yesterday, we woke up early again - decided to go grab some breakfast, visit Mom-Mom Rose in the hospital (she's also doing okay - hopefully she'll be discharged soon!), finally buy our dining room chairs (woohoo!!) and came home to relax the rest of the day. We went to dinner last night at a local italian place - it was very good. We came home and decided to have a mini-dance party... Josh was really making Layla laugh with his jumping all around - and BOOM - came down the wrong way on his ankle. I immediately thought he broke it but we decided to wait until today to check it out. We had music class this morning, lunch, then a doctor's appointment where she told Josh to promptly go get an XRAY - dahhhh. So that's where we are. The baby is napping and Josh is in a cab on the way home -- never a dull moment!!! ;)

LAYLA is doing amazing........ finally, finally, finally healthy and good (minus an awful lingering cough!) - she's back to nursing full-time, eating lots of solids (this week she tried raspberries!) and is so much fun. SO SO SO close to crawling but not quite there - she pulled herself up on Josh the other night -- she's' SO smart smiles at everyone and is amazing!!!

Playing with the LIFE-SIZED Grover Daddy bought you for Valentine's Day!

ME - excited about my new KATE SPADE! Isn't she beautiful? Please excuse my weird face and the knife in my hand, haha.

my pretty girl. your hair is getting so long.


Today is my dear, funny, gorgeous, sweet nephew Justin Luke's 4th birthday!!!!! I am so unbelievably honored and proud to be his Auntie. A couple years back, Justin was diagnosed with autism. While this may define some children, not our Justin!! He is smart, so kind, so loving. He works so very hard in therapy and does so awesome at school. Every time I see him, I'm astounded at how far he has come and how far he will go. My brother Adam & my sister in law Heather are so incredible - they work hard to make sure Justin is happy and thriving and I am so proud of them. Justin is a great big brother to Andrew and will soon have a little sister to call his own (in April) - I love you Justin Luke, you are the best!!!! And of course, you are the greatest ring bearer a bride could have!! 

So cute in your tux at my wedding!

Adam, Justin & Heather at the wedding!

Justin Luke - ALWAYS SMILING! :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

36 weeks!

One of my favorite Layla outfits!

While you sleep in the car seat - I'll quickly update!

We just got back from dropping off Grandma & Aunt Sydney at the airport. We had a lovely weekend with them despite sickness floating all around. It's sad to see them go and we can't wait until Grandma & Grandpa visit next month!

It's been a rough 12 or so days... you started with a bad cold and fevers two Thursdays ago. It was so sad to see you so miserable and not be able to help. I took you to the doctor last week and everything looked clear. You are continuing to sneeze, cough and have bad boogies but you seem to be better then before. Best of all, you are FINALLY back to nursing - you basically went on a 10 day nursing strike. It was really hard and confusing (for me) but ironically, thanks to formula, you were sleeping 12+ hours every night. It was lovely ;) You nursed all day yesterday and woke up one to eat last night. I guess it's true - formula keeps you fuller then breast milk! Still, I'm not ready to give up nursing and I swear it's why you stayed sick so long.

You are about 4 seconds away from crawling. You get up on all fours (from a sitting position) and you rock back and forth. I know you'll figure it out any second and its amazing to see how determined you are. You are also a professional clapper and you love to play the drums on anything. My favorite new trick is peek-a-boo. You always loved to play but you've mastered putting a blanket/towel over your face and moving it to say PEEK-A-BOO! It's so sweet and you're so smart.

You tried blueberries and apricots this week and loved both. While you were sick, you weren't eating nearly as much as you used to but you seem to be eating more again which is good.

Josh spoiled us for your first Valentine's Day - I got the Kate Spade bag I've been dreaming about and Layla got a life-sized Grover - HOW COOL?! I'll post pictures soon, it's so funny. On Saturday night, me & Josh went to a lovely dinner at R2L - we had a window seat and stared out at the whole city from the 39th floor. Gorgeous, to say the least. It snowed a lot this weekend - so pretty.

I've been feeling pretty sick for a few days -- I guess I caught what everyone else has ? It's hard being a sick mama but I had lots of help this weekend and was able to sleep it off a bit.

Layla has been sleeping two naps daily - long naps, too. Every time I figure out her schedule, she changes it up on me but her afternoon naps are always consistent and long which is good. She officially loves her crib and it's the best place she sleeps (always on the belly!).

I'm constantly reminding myself to let things be.. I get so caught up in trying to figure out a schedule or make sure you're sleeping and eating enough. I need to just LET IT GO. You are happy, you are healthy, you are loved. I guess I'm doing something right ;)

Cheers to a napping baby.. time to clean up from a great weekend and relax on the sofa!!

On a sad note...
We lost a family member last week. Our dear, sweet family dog of many, many years died. Tonka was the cutest, silliest pup and we'll miss her dearly.
xoxo Tonky

Friday, February 10, 2012

Grandparents & Great-Grandparents....

On my mind...

Layla has 4 incredible grandparents and 4 amazing great-grandparents 

They love her so very much. 

"Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child's growth as vitamins."

With both my Mom-Mom Millie & Mom-Mom Rose experiencing some medical issues lately (knock on wood, both are doing better!) I couldn't help but smile looking over the pictures we have...

Plus a special visit from Grandma & Aunt Sydney today made me want to post some fun pictures.

We are so lucky. We are so blessed. Layla loves her Mom-Mom Andi, Pop-Pop Ron, Grandma Lisa, Grandpa Levi, Mom-Mom Millie, Mom-Mom Rose, Great-Grandma Rita & Great-Grandpa Sandy SO VERY MUCH!!!

Grandpa  & Layla <3

The first time they met. It was love at first sight.

Mom-Mom Rose at the baby naming.

Bunny just a few hours old with her Grandma

Mom-Mom Andi at the baby naming.

Sweet kisses from Mom-Mom Millie

Grandpa & Layla

Mom-Mom Millie's first time holding peanut

Mom-Mom Rose's first time holding peanut

Best friends.

Pop-Pop Ron's first time holding bunny.

Snuggles with Mom-Mom Andi.

Great Grandpa & Layla

Skype is perfect for the long distance!



Monday, February 6, 2012

8 months!! (And 35 weeks)


You love Mr Bear!

Waving hello!

"Just one second!"

Smelly my feet Bear!

My ladybug is 8 months old.

8 month stats:
Weight: Roughly 19 pounds per the last time I weighed her on my scale.
Height: No idea - we'll find out next month at the 9th month appointment!  
Eating: Breastfeeding every 3 hours or so. Food twice a day!! 
Clothes: 6 month (getting small), 6-9 month and 9 month.
Diaper: Size 3. Recently starting using size 4 at night.  

8 months old and a whole new woman!! 
I think about the past 8 months and I wonder where they went. You, my friend, are incredible. You are smart, funny, witty, clever, independent and unbelievably beautiful. I look at your perfect face and I can't believe you are mine. Your hair is getting lighter and lighter, your eyes are the most insanely stunning shade of blue, your skin creamy and light. Dare I say, you are the  most gorgeous baby I've ever seen ;)

You are a lean, mean, moving machine! You are days away from crawling (I think?) and you roll faster then we can catch you! If I lean you up against something, you'll stand holding on unassisted. You sit beautifully and with the best posture. You eat your feet, move all over and I do believe we need to baby proof this house as soon as possible!! You've very much into the jumparoo and the walker at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop's house. You still love to sit on the floor in the living room surrounded by millions of toys. Aunt Kim bought you a set of plastic blocks to play with and they seem to be your favorite!! You are awesome with an iPhone and remote and sometimes manage to turn the TV on somehow. It's so funny. You look at the phone and smile because I always take your picture - plus we play you the "Wubba Wubba" song (Grover) and you DANCE! I mean, full on.. rocking back and forth, "clapping" your hands (not quite but almost!)... you are a huge fan of music. No surprising considering so are your Mama & Dada! 

Sleeping was up & down this month but I think we're on a good roll -- you had your first mega-cold the past few days which put a damper on your sleeping habits (but not your smiles!), but last night you slept 7 PM - 7:30 AM waking once at 5 AM to eat! During the cold, you wouldn't nurse from me. You FINALLY just nursed again about an hour ago and I'm hoping it was because you were congested. I love our special time together and I'll be so very sad when it's over. You have been taking your afternoon nap in your crib the past couple of days (including right now) and I'm hoping this trend continues. It's much easier to get things done without you sleeping on me for 3 hours every afternoon - although I may cheat and sneak a snugly nap in every once in a while ;)

You are the best eater - you try all new foods so excited and eager. This week's food was pumpkin - so yummy!! No major issues (other then constipation which we combated with prunes everyday!). I love feeding you dinner. I hope you continue to eat organic and healthy the way you've done these past couple of months - it's making me re-think the way I eat too, which is always a good thing!

You now have FOUR teeth - almost 5!! Two on the bottom and two on the top. They are so cute but I think it's a really painful process. The teething tablets really help. You bite everything and drool a lot - I love it!

You continue to love music class - the teacher brings out the guitar and you immediately want to dance!! You smile the entire time and it's so sweet. All the kids are so nice to you and call you "baby" - I am so excited to see you running around & dancing in the class - soon enough!! 

It has been a very strange winter - very warm and barely any snow. I wish we could play a little more in the snow but I loooove that I don't have to worry so much about bundling you up and taking you outside. In fact, if you wake up and it's still nice out - we're going to the playground this afternoon!!

This weekend coming up, your grandma & Aunt Sydney are coming to visit - we are so excited and love when we get to see them!! You have the best family that loves you.

It hurts my heart and makes me happy all at the same time to see how big you are getting. I want to slow time down so much - I want to forever hold you and squeeze you and rock you when you're sad - but I know these moments are precious and I am trying to soak them up as much as possible.

I love you, my sweet angel. My life is forever better because of you. 

Your mama

Bum line up ;)

Too cute for words.

Baby blues!

Your bangs are getting so long....

You will kill me one day for making you wear flowers this big - but it's amazing!!


SO close to crawling!

HI love.

Standing on your own!

Playtime in jammies!

Hi Shluffy....

I almost have you!


UCF..lets go KNIGHTS!!