My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


1. I am proud to report Miss Layla Jules slept soundly from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM. No crying (minus one barely audible weep around 2:00 AM - she promptly put herself back to bed). No 4:00 AM feeding. Nothing. I, of course, woke up at 5:15 waiting for movement on the video monitor to make sure she was breathing - I'm so happy and proud. She woke up talking and babbling to herself (rather then her usual crying upon waking up). I think I scared her by how big I was smiling when I picked her up out of the crib. I hope this isn't a fluke although I'm mentally preparing myself that it may have been just that. Either way - my girl is a superstar!!!!

2. I can proudly (and officially) announce that Layla will be gaining TWO more baby cousins in APRIL!!! My sister, Kimberly & brother in law, Michael are due with their 3rd baby! She is having another baby girl. Abbey (4) & Max (2) are so excited! I'm a tad nervous Max will be a little jealous of the baby attention but he is very sweet with Layla which gives me hope he'll adjust quickly! ALSO -- My sister in law, Heather & my brother, Adam are due with their 3rd baby! They are ALSO having a baby girl - which is fabulous because they have two boys! Justin (3) & Andrew (1) are going to love their new little sister. This will bring my families total of babies to NINE!!! We are so very lucky and blessed. We have had a baby born every year since 2006. Kim & Heather were gracious enough to take care of the year 2012. Hopefully Josh & I can take care of 2013!! ;) I am so excited Layla will have two girl cousins close in age - I grew up extremely close to my cousins, Allison & Jessica and love them dearly.. I know our girls will have the same!!

3. Josh & I are reevaluating our spending -- I am so lucky to work part-time, allowing me lots of time to play and raise my sweet girl. However, we never really made a change as far as money was concerned (despite taking a huge hit in our income) - we are now looking at our monthly spending and making sure not to be dumb or frivolous. Despite our love for going out to dinner every night , we will now meal plan to make sure we're prepared and not wasting food. We cancelled Sirius radio (I'll miss you Howard Stern!) and I cancelled Weight Watchers (I clearly know the program by now). We're being smart and proactive so we're able to save money rather then count pennies.

... that's that. Talks of snow are in the air - it's been a strange, strange winter and I wouldn't mind a BIT of snow here or there.

My sister & I are heading to NYC on Saturday to see Wicked and I can't wait - it's been too long for a sister day and Layla is excited for a Daddy day!! :)

Later gators!

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