My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

7 months!!! (and 31 weeks)

7 months - Florida edition!

7 months - Florida edition!

Mr Bear - how did you get to Florida?!

7 months - Florida edition!
7 month stats:
Weight: If I had to guess, at least 18 pounds - I should weigh her but she's happily playing right now.
Height: I swear she looks SO much longer to me - like 28 inches?! 
Eating: You continue to breastfeed every 2-3 hours (sometimes 4 hours or more) and you eat dinner every night (3 fruits or veggies!) - I'm adding another meal this week as well, you LOVE real food!
Clothes: I put away your 3-6 month clothes last week - so sad :( But exciting too! You are wearing 6 month and 6-9 month right now.
Diaper: Size 2. For MAYBE another week or two?? Size 3 diapers, here we come!! 

Little Layla,
7 months, seriously?!?! My little peanut is such a big girl!!!
I can officially say you are no longer an infant at ALL - you are independent, moving, learning, exploring, talking, yelling, screaming, rolling - it's so insanely amazing to see how much you grow everyday. The world is yours - you love to look around and take everything in, never missing a beat!

You sit completely unassisted - no help needed! You aren't crawling yet but you are certainly getting ready - if we put a toy a bit away from you, you use all of your might to try and get it - then eventually roll yourself over!! You love to play in the jumparoo - now that you mastered the "jumping"part, it's your favorite place! You love mission control and to sit on the blanket in the living room surrounded by toys. Your favorite toys are books, keys, water bottles, paper, remote controls, cell phones, spoons - and anything you can chew!! You also love the cats - you grab and pull them and they happily oblige. 

Sleeping has been an issue lately - and I think our most recent trip to Florida (we got back yesterday) really screwed up our schedule. I'm hoping and praying we can get back to it soon - last night you were up almost every hour crying. I think it may be teething (you got your first tooth a couple of weeks ago, on the bottom in the middle, how exciting!!) along with constipation (we give you prunes everyday now). I feel so bad but I think we need to re-sleep train you a bit. Prior to a couple of weeks ago, you were doing great sleeping!! Hoping we can get back there - we are so tired! You still take great afternoon naps and mini naps in the morning. Hoping to get you to sleep in your crib for naps too!

You are really, really loving all the different foods!!! It's so much fun - you have had rice cereal, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, avocados, pears, apples, prunes, squash -- I may even be missing some?? It's so much fun - overall I think you have liked everything (avocados and peas seem to be your least favorite) - it's so much fun. We make all of your food or you eat the organic jars - hoping to continue this for a LONG time - and hoping it influences the way I eat too!

You are a teething monster. I feel so bad. It was so exciting when the bottom tooth finally popped through - however I think you're working on a couple more!! It's really awful. You are generally happy but when you're fussy, I can almost tell it's due to teething pain. I feel so bad - the teething tablets, Motrin and Tylenol seem to help but mostly we are just pushing through and hoping they pop through quick!!!

You love the bath - we got you a new bath seat that allows you to sit up (we tried sitting you up in the tub but it didn't go well - it's slippery and scary!) - I teach you two new letters every time we take a bath. It's a great way to learn and it's so much fun too!

We just got back from your 4th trip to Florida - it was SO much fun and the family down there loves to see you!! You are a trooper - I know it's hard being away from home but you smile and love every second of it - especially the warm weather!! You have slept the entire time for every flight except yesterday - it's my own fault as we flew during a time you never nap. You slept about half the time and we tried to keep you happy the other half - it mostly worked!! ;) We are planning our next trip in April - I think we're heading to Disney World!!! You will never remember you first trip, but we will!

Despite the teething and sleeping issues, you are SO very happy and we are so lucky to call you OURS. You are so very beautiful. From your gorgeous face to your chubby thighs, I'm so glad you're mine. I picked a date for your 1st birthday party (June 9th) and I promise to make it a special day for my special girl.

i love you, my sweet!!!
Your mama

Sweet Potatoes - Ready to be made for Layla in the Baeba food maker!

Hair. Cheeks. Enough said.

Loving the jumparoo!

Playing in the nursery!

We love when Grandma visits!!

Testing out the new stroller - thanks to your great-grandparents for the City Mini!

Hanukkah! All your fun toys - what to play with?!

Hanukkah at the Barash's house!

You loved saying the prayers!

Abbey & Layla resting at Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house - one of my favorite pictures.

New Years Eve at Uncle Matt & Aunt Danielle's house!


Playing with Rigby!

Bath time fun!

Girly :)

Fun in Florida!

My curious little lady...

Celebrating your Great-Grandpa's 90th birthday!


Your first tooth!!!

31 weeks !! (Apologies for the lack of weekly update!)

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