My little family!

My little family!

Monday, January 30, 2012

34 weeks!!

I have a few quick minutes while Layla watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I am pretty much anti-television and try to play with her more but every so often I give her an episode - she SERIOUSLY loves TV but continues to play with her toys while watching :)

We had a great week despite NO sleep - I couldn't figure it out but was happily surprised to find NEW teeth!!! Another one on the bottom and two more up top!!! My poor little lady was teething BAD - hence the lack of sleep and middle of the night crying fits. I felt so bad for her but I'm so happy that she is back to her sleeping habits - she's still waking up around 4:30 AM to eat and I'm hoping to knock that feeding out soon but I'll take what I can get!!

This week's new foods were organic whole grain oatmeal (mixed with breast milk) and green beans - both huge successes!!

Also -- Layla is a moving machine!!! She now goes from sitting position to "all fours" - but quickly flops down to her belly. She is now rocking back and forth, rolling everywhere and will soon be crawling (If I had to guess...) - I'm SO proud of her!!

She is also a talking talking talking!! All new sounds - MAMAMA - DADADA - BABABA - GAGAGA - POPOPOPOP - yells, screams, screeches - it's so amazing and great.

Her favorite thing to do is DANCE!! Any sign of music (including Miss Sandy, our music class teacher just grabbing her guitar) and she is swaying side to side and moving her tushy! It's so cute, I could melt.

Two nights ago - around 6:30 PM - she was a laughing, silly, giggling machine and I almost wanted to freeze time. Josh and I were laying with her on the floor and I was a perfect moment.

A little bit ago, I tried to get Layla's footprints to make some fun arts and crafts projects - it was a big fat FAIL. They looked like blobs and she hated it. UHHH. Hope to try again tomorrow!!

We celebrated Aunt Kim's birthday and tomorrow is "Aunt" Rachel's birthday - wahoo!! The girls all went out to dinner to celebrate Ray's big day - it's so very wonderful to have my girls' nights and I cherish them dearly.

Mom-Mom Millie is currently in the hospital :( Nothing too serious and she's doing alright but as always we are thinking and praying of our dear, sweet Mom-Mom!! She should get to go home tomorrow or Wednesday so we're just excited for that!!

This weekend coming up should be lots of fun - We are going to the Sixers vs Heat Game on Friday and I'm going to NYC on Saturday with all my favorite ladies (Mama, sister, sister in laws) to see a show and have lunch - hoping for good weather and lots of fun!!


Layla  - the day she came home from the hospital!

Layla - almost 8 months old ... wowza!!

The many faces of Layla Jules.... <3 

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