My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

33 weeks!!!

A quick entry - 2 days late but here nonetheless!!

We had a LOVELY week & weekend. Layla slept fabulously several nights in a row - she had a rough night Sunday (and ended up in our bed) but went back to her normal routine the next night. She is now waking up at 4/4:30 AM again to eat but we did get a few nights of straight through sleeping - hoping it becomes permanent!!

Saturday, I went to NYC with my sister to see Wicked - we had the best day (despite snow and bitter cold temps!) while Josh & Layla hung out all day. It was hard being away from her all day (and she was sleeping by the time I got home) but it was so nice to spend the day playing with my sister.

Sunday, Layla & I went for brunch at my best friend Rachel's house - Shari & Amanda were there as well and we had so much fun schmoozing and eating and gossiping - is there anything better then girl time? Nope! Layla was a gem, per usual and I love seeing her with my girlfriends. Josh cooked us a yummy dinner that night and my parents, Melanie & Eric came over!! It was such a fun day seeing all my best friends.

Monday, we had music class - Layla's FAVORITE!!! Although we started at 3 months of age, I think she is really starting to love it now - she sits up, smiles the entire time, "dances" (rocks back and forth) and loves to dance!! It's so much fun and I hope to do it every semester! We had our usual weekly lunch with Pop-Pop (my dad) and napped in the afternoon.

Yesterday was another great day - the weather was IDEAL - warm (50's) and sunny - no jacket needed! My mom, Mom-Mom Millie, Mom-Mom Rose, Layla & I went to lunch at Tiffany's diner. YUM! Afterwards, I dropped Layla off at my Dad's house and the ladies went to the movies - we saw "The Artist" - a black & white silent film that blew me away. It was fun, different, silly, funny and touching - despite having to sit in the front row, we had a great afternoon. Layla never napped at my dad's so she was pretty miserable. Despite that, it was a great day!
Now it's back to work. Tomorrow is my sister's birthday - wahooooooo!! :) So excited!

Layla tried Broccoli this week (mixed with apples - weird) and loved it!! My amazing eater continues!! She also had frozen bagels for the first time this week - she loves them (shocking)!

Lots of fun coming up - celebrating Kim's birthday, Rachel's birthday on Saturday... and it's almost February. Time is FLYING! AHHHHHH!
In other (exciting) news, I think Josh & I are going to head to EUROPE next year!!! I'm thinking about going this time (Jan/Feb) next year. Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Barcelona... the options are endless and before we add another bambino to the mix, I think it's time we plan this trip!!!

Cheers & happy hump day!
First time in the top of the stroller - at Target - BIG GIRL!

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