My little family!

My little family!

Monday, January 16, 2012

32 weeks!!

32 weeks and ready for music class and lunch with Pop-Pop!!!  (Thanks for the outfit Danielle, Matt, Ava & Marley)

Impromtu Sunday family breakfast at Andy's Diner with the whole family and all the kiddies - so much fun!

First taste of pickle! She loved it!


Blogging on the day I want to blog - success!!

32 weeks - learning and growing everyday.

Fun things this week?

1. Finally getting back to normal with sleeping!!! PRAISE MOSES! (ha) - Currently sleeping 7 PM - 4 AM (give or take a half hour) - getting up to eat - then sleeping until 7 AM (mostly). Congestion is making it a bit difficult for you to fall back asleep after your 4 AM feeding but the humidifier and a bit of kisses seems to help. Figuring out how to get rid of the 4 AM feeding is my next step, along with naps in the crib.. all in due time! (One nap this week in the crib is success in my opinion).

2. New food this week - MANGO! Not by themselves, but rather mixed with bananas and pears. Love at first taste. You are obsessed with drinking water out of straws and little bits of bread are your favorite. Today at Ben & Irvs you had your first taste of matzah ball soup (YUM) and you were "teething" on a pickle, yummo!

3. I think you are THINKING about crawling. That's about it. You can stay on all fours (belly off the ground) if I put you like that, but your best means of transportation is rolling every which way. We can no longer leave you in the middle of the room - you will roll everywhere and FAST! Baby proofing soon!

4. Words this week? Mama, Dada, Baba and POP-POP. You don't know what you're saying so I'm not counting it (although if we're calling a spade a spade, your first word would be Dada) - You actually said Pop-Pop twice on the phone with the real Pop-Pop resulting in perhaps the happiest morning for him in a long time, haha.

5. Bath time is more and more fun now that we have your new tub - it lets you sit up but it's safe and comfortable. I teach you two new letters with each bath.

6. Teething pain seems to be on hiatus - thankfully. I give you teething tablets every night but for now, you get by with lots of drooling and eating/chewing on everything. I'm obsessed with your bottom tooth and I think you have one on top, one on bottom coming in.

7. You are so happy, so beautiful, so fun... the light of my life.

8. In mama news - I have 12 pounds (exactly) to go - March 1st is my goal and I WILL make it!!!

9. We finally started decorating the house - I am so excited. We will have the main floor complete by the year's end - it's really exciting and fun.

10. We are planning lots - possible Disney vacation in April - possible cruise in July - possible Anguila vacation in Fall. Fun FUN FUN!!!! :) Now we just need to hit the lottery, ha!! You only live once, right?

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