My little family!

My little family!

Monday, January 30, 2012

34 weeks!!

I have a few quick minutes while Layla watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I am pretty much anti-television and try to play with her more but every so often I give her an episode - she SERIOUSLY loves TV but continues to play with her toys while watching :)

We had a great week despite NO sleep - I couldn't figure it out but was happily surprised to find NEW teeth!!! Another one on the bottom and two more up top!!! My poor little lady was teething BAD - hence the lack of sleep and middle of the night crying fits. I felt so bad for her but I'm so happy that she is back to her sleeping habits - she's still waking up around 4:30 AM to eat and I'm hoping to knock that feeding out soon but I'll take what I can get!!

This week's new foods were organic whole grain oatmeal (mixed with breast milk) and green beans - both huge successes!!

Also -- Layla is a moving machine!!! She now goes from sitting position to "all fours" - but quickly flops down to her belly. She is now rocking back and forth, rolling everywhere and will soon be crawling (If I had to guess...) - I'm SO proud of her!!

She is also a talking talking talking!! All new sounds - MAMAMA - DADADA - BABABA - GAGAGA - POPOPOPOP - yells, screams, screeches - it's so amazing and great.

Her favorite thing to do is DANCE!! Any sign of music (including Miss Sandy, our music class teacher just grabbing her guitar) and she is swaying side to side and moving her tushy! It's so cute, I could melt.

Two nights ago - around 6:30 PM - she was a laughing, silly, giggling machine and I almost wanted to freeze time. Josh and I were laying with her on the floor and I was a perfect moment.

A little bit ago, I tried to get Layla's footprints to make some fun arts and crafts projects - it was a big fat FAIL. They looked like blobs and she hated it. UHHH. Hope to try again tomorrow!!

We celebrated Aunt Kim's birthday and tomorrow is "Aunt" Rachel's birthday - wahoo!! The girls all went out to dinner to celebrate Ray's big day - it's so very wonderful to have my girls' nights and I cherish them dearly.

Mom-Mom Millie is currently in the hospital :( Nothing too serious and she's doing alright but as always we are thinking and praying of our dear, sweet Mom-Mom!! She should get to go home tomorrow or Wednesday so we're just excited for that!!

This weekend coming up should be lots of fun - We are going to the Sixers vs Heat Game on Friday and I'm going to NYC on Saturday with all my favorite ladies (Mama, sister, sister in laws) to see a show and have lunch - hoping for good weather and lots of fun!!


Layla  - the day she came home from the hospital!

Layla - almost 8 months old ... wowza!!

The many faces of Layla Jules.... <3 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

33 weeks!!!

A quick entry - 2 days late but here nonetheless!!

We had a LOVELY week & weekend. Layla slept fabulously several nights in a row - she had a rough night Sunday (and ended up in our bed) but went back to her normal routine the next night. She is now waking up at 4/4:30 AM again to eat but we did get a few nights of straight through sleeping - hoping it becomes permanent!!

Saturday, I went to NYC with my sister to see Wicked - we had the best day (despite snow and bitter cold temps!) while Josh & Layla hung out all day. It was hard being away from her all day (and she was sleeping by the time I got home) but it was so nice to spend the day playing with my sister.

Sunday, Layla & I went for brunch at my best friend Rachel's house - Shari & Amanda were there as well and we had so much fun schmoozing and eating and gossiping - is there anything better then girl time? Nope! Layla was a gem, per usual and I love seeing her with my girlfriends. Josh cooked us a yummy dinner that night and my parents, Melanie & Eric came over!! It was such a fun day seeing all my best friends.

Monday, we had music class - Layla's FAVORITE!!! Although we started at 3 months of age, I think she is really starting to love it now - she sits up, smiles the entire time, "dances" (rocks back and forth) and loves to dance!! It's so much fun and I hope to do it every semester! We had our usual weekly lunch with Pop-Pop (my dad) and napped in the afternoon.

Yesterday was another great day - the weather was IDEAL - warm (50's) and sunny - no jacket needed! My mom, Mom-Mom Millie, Mom-Mom Rose, Layla & I went to lunch at Tiffany's diner. YUM! Afterwards, I dropped Layla off at my Dad's house and the ladies went to the movies - we saw "The Artist" - a black & white silent film that blew me away. It was fun, different, silly, funny and touching - despite having to sit in the front row, we had a great afternoon. Layla never napped at my dad's so she was pretty miserable. Despite that, it was a great day!
Now it's back to work. Tomorrow is my sister's birthday - wahooooooo!! :) So excited!

Layla tried Broccoli this week (mixed with apples - weird) and loved it!! My amazing eater continues!! She also had frozen bagels for the first time this week - she loves them (shocking)!

Lots of fun coming up - celebrating Kim's birthday, Rachel's birthday on Saturday... and it's almost February. Time is FLYING! AHHHHHH!
In other (exciting) news, I think Josh & I are going to head to EUROPE next year!!! I'm thinking about going this time (Jan/Feb) next year. Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Barcelona... the options are endless and before we add another bambino to the mix, I think it's time we plan this trip!!!

Cheers & happy hump day!
First time in the top of the stroller - at Target - BIG GIRL!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


1. I am proud to report Miss Layla Jules slept soundly from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM. No crying (minus one barely audible weep around 2:00 AM - she promptly put herself back to bed). No 4:00 AM feeding. Nothing. I, of course, woke up at 5:15 waiting for movement on the video monitor to make sure she was breathing - I'm so happy and proud. She woke up talking and babbling to herself (rather then her usual crying upon waking up). I think I scared her by how big I was smiling when I picked her up out of the crib. I hope this isn't a fluke although I'm mentally preparing myself that it may have been just that. Either way - my girl is a superstar!!!!

2. I can proudly (and officially) announce that Layla will be gaining TWO more baby cousins in APRIL!!! My sister, Kimberly & brother in law, Michael are due with their 3rd baby! She is having another baby girl. Abbey (4) & Max (2) are so excited! I'm a tad nervous Max will be a little jealous of the baby attention but he is very sweet with Layla which gives me hope he'll adjust quickly! ALSO -- My sister in law, Heather & my brother, Adam are due with their 3rd baby! They are ALSO having a baby girl - which is fabulous because they have two boys! Justin (3) & Andrew (1) are going to love their new little sister. This will bring my families total of babies to NINE!!! We are so very lucky and blessed. We have had a baby born every year since 2006. Kim & Heather were gracious enough to take care of the year 2012. Hopefully Josh & I can take care of 2013!! ;) I am so excited Layla will have two girl cousins close in age - I grew up extremely close to my cousins, Allison & Jessica and love them dearly.. I know our girls will have the same!!

3. Josh & I are reevaluating our spending -- I am so lucky to work part-time, allowing me lots of time to play and raise my sweet girl. However, we never really made a change as far as money was concerned (despite taking a huge hit in our income) - we are now looking at our monthly spending and making sure not to be dumb or frivolous. Despite our love for going out to dinner every night , we will now meal plan to make sure we're prepared and not wasting food. We cancelled Sirius radio (I'll miss you Howard Stern!) and I cancelled Weight Watchers (I clearly know the program by now). We're being smart and proactive so we're able to save money rather then count pennies.

... that's that. Talks of snow are in the air - it's been a strange, strange winter and I wouldn't mind a BIT of snow here or there.

My sister & I are heading to NYC on Saturday to see Wicked and I can't wait - it's been too long for a sister day and Layla is excited for a Daddy day!! :)

Later gators!

Monday, January 16, 2012

32 weeks!!

32 weeks and ready for music class and lunch with Pop-Pop!!!  (Thanks for the outfit Danielle, Matt, Ava & Marley)

Impromtu Sunday family breakfast at Andy's Diner with the whole family and all the kiddies - so much fun!

First taste of pickle! She loved it!


Blogging on the day I want to blog - success!!

32 weeks - learning and growing everyday.

Fun things this week?

1. Finally getting back to normal with sleeping!!! PRAISE MOSES! (ha) - Currently sleeping 7 PM - 4 AM (give or take a half hour) - getting up to eat - then sleeping until 7 AM (mostly). Congestion is making it a bit difficult for you to fall back asleep after your 4 AM feeding but the humidifier and a bit of kisses seems to help. Figuring out how to get rid of the 4 AM feeding is my next step, along with naps in the crib.. all in due time! (One nap this week in the crib is success in my opinion).

2. New food this week - MANGO! Not by themselves, but rather mixed with bananas and pears. Love at first taste. You are obsessed with drinking water out of straws and little bits of bread are your favorite. Today at Ben & Irvs you had your first taste of matzah ball soup (YUM) and you were "teething" on a pickle, yummo!

3. I think you are THINKING about crawling. That's about it. You can stay on all fours (belly off the ground) if I put you like that, but your best means of transportation is rolling every which way. We can no longer leave you in the middle of the room - you will roll everywhere and FAST! Baby proofing soon!

4. Words this week? Mama, Dada, Baba and POP-POP. You don't know what you're saying so I'm not counting it (although if we're calling a spade a spade, your first word would be Dada) - You actually said Pop-Pop twice on the phone with the real Pop-Pop resulting in perhaps the happiest morning for him in a long time, haha.

5. Bath time is more and more fun now that we have your new tub - it lets you sit up but it's safe and comfortable. I teach you two new letters with each bath.

6. Teething pain seems to be on hiatus - thankfully. I give you teething tablets every night but for now, you get by with lots of drooling and eating/chewing on everything. I'm obsessed with your bottom tooth and I think you have one on top, one on bottom coming in.

7. You are so happy, so beautiful, so fun... the light of my life.

8. In mama news - I have 12 pounds (exactly) to go - March 1st is my goal and I WILL make it!!!

9. We finally started decorating the house - I am so excited. We will have the main floor complete by the year's end - it's really exciting and fun.

10. We are planning lots - possible Disney vacation in April - possible cruise in July - possible Anguila vacation in Fall. Fun FUN FUN!!!! :) Now we just need to hit the lottery, ha!! You only live once, right?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

7 months!!! (and 31 weeks)

7 months - Florida edition!

7 months - Florida edition!

Mr Bear - how did you get to Florida?!

7 months - Florida edition!
7 month stats:
Weight: If I had to guess, at least 18 pounds - I should weigh her but she's happily playing right now.
Height: I swear she looks SO much longer to me - like 28 inches?! 
Eating: You continue to breastfeed every 2-3 hours (sometimes 4 hours or more) and you eat dinner every night (3 fruits or veggies!) - I'm adding another meal this week as well, you LOVE real food!
Clothes: I put away your 3-6 month clothes last week - so sad :( But exciting too! You are wearing 6 month and 6-9 month right now.
Diaper: Size 2. For MAYBE another week or two?? Size 3 diapers, here we come!! 

Little Layla,
7 months, seriously?!?! My little peanut is such a big girl!!!
I can officially say you are no longer an infant at ALL - you are independent, moving, learning, exploring, talking, yelling, screaming, rolling - it's so insanely amazing to see how much you grow everyday. The world is yours - you love to look around and take everything in, never missing a beat!

You sit completely unassisted - no help needed! You aren't crawling yet but you are certainly getting ready - if we put a toy a bit away from you, you use all of your might to try and get it - then eventually roll yourself over!! You love to play in the jumparoo - now that you mastered the "jumping"part, it's your favorite place! You love mission control and to sit on the blanket in the living room surrounded by toys. Your favorite toys are books, keys, water bottles, paper, remote controls, cell phones, spoons - and anything you can chew!! You also love the cats - you grab and pull them and they happily oblige. 

Sleeping has been an issue lately - and I think our most recent trip to Florida (we got back yesterday) really screwed up our schedule. I'm hoping and praying we can get back to it soon - last night you were up almost every hour crying. I think it may be teething (you got your first tooth a couple of weeks ago, on the bottom in the middle, how exciting!!) along with constipation (we give you prunes everyday now). I feel so bad but I think we need to re-sleep train you a bit. Prior to a couple of weeks ago, you were doing great sleeping!! Hoping we can get back there - we are so tired! You still take great afternoon naps and mini naps in the morning. Hoping to get you to sleep in your crib for naps too!

You are really, really loving all the different foods!!! It's so much fun - you have had rice cereal, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, avocados, pears, apples, prunes, squash -- I may even be missing some?? It's so much fun - overall I think you have liked everything (avocados and peas seem to be your least favorite) - it's so much fun. We make all of your food or you eat the organic jars - hoping to continue this for a LONG time - and hoping it influences the way I eat too!

You are a teething monster. I feel so bad. It was so exciting when the bottom tooth finally popped through - however I think you're working on a couple more!! It's really awful. You are generally happy but when you're fussy, I can almost tell it's due to teething pain. I feel so bad - the teething tablets, Motrin and Tylenol seem to help but mostly we are just pushing through and hoping they pop through quick!!!

You love the bath - we got you a new bath seat that allows you to sit up (we tried sitting you up in the tub but it didn't go well - it's slippery and scary!) - I teach you two new letters every time we take a bath. It's a great way to learn and it's so much fun too!

We just got back from your 4th trip to Florida - it was SO much fun and the family down there loves to see you!! You are a trooper - I know it's hard being away from home but you smile and love every second of it - especially the warm weather!! You have slept the entire time for every flight except yesterday - it's my own fault as we flew during a time you never nap. You slept about half the time and we tried to keep you happy the other half - it mostly worked!! ;) We are planning our next trip in April - I think we're heading to Disney World!!! You will never remember you first trip, but we will!

Despite the teething and sleeping issues, you are SO very happy and we are so lucky to call you OURS. You are so very beautiful. From your gorgeous face to your chubby thighs, I'm so glad you're mine. I picked a date for your 1st birthday party (June 9th) and I promise to make it a special day for my special girl.

i love you, my sweet!!!
Your mama

Sweet Potatoes - Ready to be made for Layla in the Baeba food maker!

Hair. Cheeks. Enough said.

Loving the jumparoo!

Playing in the nursery!

We love when Grandma visits!!

Testing out the new stroller - thanks to your great-grandparents for the City Mini!

Hanukkah! All your fun toys - what to play with?!

Hanukkah at the Barash's house!

You loved saying the prayers!

Abbey & Layla resting at Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house - one of my favorite pictures.

New Years Eve at Uncle Matt & Aunt Danielle's house!


Playing with Rigby!

Bath time fun!

Girly :)

Fun in Florida!

My curious little lady...

Celebrating your Great-Grandpa's 90th birthday!


Your first tooth!!!

31 weeks !! (Apologies for the lack of weekly update!)

Monday, January 2, 2012


...Happy new years everyone. 2012, is that true? Is it REALLY 2012? Seems impossible, seems insane that a whole year has come and gone.

We had a nice week - Layla can officially announce she has her FIRST TOOTH! It is on the bottom in the middle and it's sharp as a knife. Poor thing was in a lot of pain all week (along with severe constipation - possibly due to squash?) - but she's hanging in and pushing through. Her food choices are growing wider - this week we introduced prunes (to help things - um- move?) and pears which she loves. I'm really loving the foods - she seems to like everything she tries and loves to sit in her high chair. We are about 50% making our own food and 50% buying organic jarred baby food. It's a good mix and works well.

New Years Eve was fun - we went to Matt & Danielle's house for a party - all my siblings were there (first year we were all together!) and it was really great to be with the kiddies. We tried to put Layla to sleep in Matt & Danielle's room and she fell asleep but kept waking up - I felt so bad so we left around 9. :( I probably could have kept her on my lap and hope she fell asleep but we didn't think it was fair to her - besides, NYE isn't a big priority to  me so I didn't mind leaving. We came home, put the babe to bed, and I stayed awake as long as possible - Josh woke me a few minutes before midnight and we celebrated the new year with a smooch, then promptly passed out.

Being a parent changes everything - in the best possible way.

I'm so excited to see what 2012 has in store - I wish lots of health, happiness and love for everyone. We are starting the year off right with a trip down to South Florida on Thursday to celebrate Josh's grandpa's 90th birthday. What a wonderful celebration - I can't wait to see everyone! This is Layla's 4th trip to Florida (she'll be 7 months on Friday, pretty insane) - it should be a good time and of course we will enjoy some warm weather.

The baby is sleeping on Josh as we speak - her usual looong afternoon nap (I usually have to wake her after 3 hours) - it's been a rough couple of weeks of sleeping for her. I guess it's the teething? She seems to be waking up around 3:00 AM every night and crying - sometimes falling back asleep on her own, sometimes needing the pacifier and a quick pat on the back to let her know everything is okay. She still wakes up between 4-6 AM to eat once, then generally goes back to sleep and wakes up around 6:30 AM - 7:00 AM. I wouldn't mind her early wake up if she didn't have the two middle of the night wake-ups - buuuut - she goes down super easy thanks to bedtime routine (at 7 PM - 7:15 PM) and I know it could be worse - I'm just waiting for 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep - maybe one day?? ;)

After Florida, we are going to work on napping in the crib - her afternoon nap is almost on me and I can never get anything done. We'll work on that next and hopefully it goes well -she loves her crib at night so praying it's not too hard of a transition!!

I guess I should document my new year's resolutions -

1. EXERCISE.  We bought an elliptical this summer and I can (embarrassingly) admit I've been on it TWICE. Uh. I have another 12 or so pounds to lose from the pregnancy but I want my body back in shape. By this summer, I'd like to wear a bikini without feeling like a blimp.

2. DECORATE. I've lived in my house since March and the only room I feel is complete is Layla's nursery. This is fabulous but it's time for the rest of the house to follow suit! We have been to two furniture stores but I haven't found any pieces I love. I refuse to settle this time around - the townhouse, we basically furnished with what we thought was cheap, comfortable and easy - this time around, it's all about style! I decided to paint my dining room a gorgeous shade of turquoise - I'm going BOLD. I'm excited.

3. RELAX. I'm always feeling anxious about chores, the house being a mess, my body being fat, the dessert I ate 3 nights ago, etc. It's silly, really. These thoughts can be put towards much better use - like playing with Layla or watching a good movie.

4. READ. I've been on a huge reading kick lately and I LOVE it - I read the Hunger Games series in about 2 weeks and I can't stop thinking about it. I'm looking to make a list of books to read in 2012 and hope to accomplish it! I recently downloaded the Steve Jobs biography on my IPAD and I can't seem to get into it.

5. LOVE. It's all that matters.

Abbey & Layla - my darlings.