My little family!

My little family!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Week 29!!


Week 29 and feeling...FINE! ;)

We had a great week celebrating Hanukkah!! Layla got so many beautiful gifts from family and friends - we are so very lucky. We didn't go crazy spoiling her this year - just lots of books and lots of kisses ;) Next year I'm sure I'll have a lot more trouble retraining myself but for now, it was all about tradition - we lit the menorah every night and she loved it.

We successfully navigated through mama's first sickness with baby- what a doozy. I started feeling yuck last Sunday and by Thursday - it was full blown fever, chills, body aches - no fun. I researched and discovered the best way to keep Layla sick-free was to continue to nurse her. This was fine except really difficult - I had no energy - it was hard to hold her. I had to call out of work Friday and basically slept the day away - Josh woke me every 2-3 hours to feed her and we did okay. I'm so glad he was able to take care of her but I felt completely guilty not being able to hold her and hug her. I woke up Saturday still feeling pretty awful but as the day went on, I regained a bit of health. I was lucky enough to head over to Shari & Brian's house for our traditional get-together with all of my best friends. We've done it every year since middle school - always at Karen's house but a change of venue to Shari's this year. It was great - Layla had a tough time falling asleep and it ended up being an off-night for her but she was happy through it all! In our secret santa, Eric got me a Toppers gift card and a night of babysitting - WAHOO! I can't wait to get a facial and massage - mama spoiled day coming soon!

Yesterday was supposed to be our annual Christmas brunch at Matt & Danielle's but poor Ava caught a stomach bug :( I felt so bad. My sister swept in and took over - bought us yummy bagels and fish and we all spent the day there! It was great but we missed Matt, DD, Ava & Marley lots and lots.

And now here we are... Layla had squash last night for the first time (LOVED IT!) - Josh made her about 2 weeks worth in the baby-food maker last night. Abbey is on her way to sleepover tonight and we are babysitting Abbey & Max all day tomorrow - it should be fun and exciting! I desperately need to get my eyebrows waxed so I'm taking the girlies with me to the salon - Josh & Max can hang out for the afternoon.

Layla is looking more and more like a big girl everyday to me - I'm so torn. I LOVE this stage - she is so full of energy and loves to play and play - but when I see a squishy newborn, I can't help but miss that stage as well. It's so fun but is flying by - she's going to be 7 months in just a couple of weeks. AHHHHH!!

We went to the mall today and used our new stroller - the City Mini! It's really, really great but weird having her face out instead of towards me - she also sat in the high chair for the first time at Cheesecake Factory - grabbing everything in sight. Where is my little baby?!? :)

Her favorite toys this week? Anything paper, water bottles, cups, rattles, noisemakers and her jumparoo which she has now MASTERED!!

love my girl, oh yes I do!

...tomorrow is my mama's birthday. I LOVE YOU MOMMY. I'm so lucky you're all mine. Layla says "I LOVE YOU MOM-MOM!!" - hope you have fun down the shore and win enough so we can play together everyday :)

silly little L-dawg.

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