My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking back....

A look back at 2011...
Best because ... Our sweet girl was born on June 6, 2011.
Worst because ... We are so very blessed because I couldn't think of a single reason why this year was bad. We had our trials and sadness, but we are SO.VERY.LUCKY.
Colorful because ... The joy Layla brings makes my life colorful everyday. Her smile lights up a room.
Adventurous because ... We traveled LOTS & Lots!! (Key West in January, Miami in March, NYC in April for our 1st year anniversary, Fort Lauderdale in August, Sarasota in October, Fort Lauderdale in November and we're going again next weekend!) - plus lots of trips to Atlantic City and other assorted fun places!
Unexpected because ... We SOLD our townhouse completely unexpectedly, house hunted like mad for a long time and finally found our dream house - brand new construction and we love it!!
Fashionable because ... I realized I like to buy baby clothes waaaaaay more then clothes for me. I'm still getting used to my new "mama" body and can't wait to get back my old body!! Who would have thought I would miss my old body??
Sporty because ... We had lots of fun watching the Phillies, Heat, Eagles, Dolphins!! AND of course our beloved UCF KNIGHTS!
Educational because ... Becoming parents taught us how to be the very best people.
Unforgettable because ... I have amazing family and friends that support and love me. I have my health. I have a home I love (and can't wait to finally decorate!) I have a job that I love and I'm beyond lucky to be part-time. We have money in our bank account, food in our belly and love in our heart. I'd say this year was pretty unbelievable and I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!!!!!!!!

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