My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

27 weeks!! (yesterday)

27 WEEKS!!!

and suddenly, over the past few are no longer restricted to playing on your back or belly. Nowadays, Miss Layla Jules is able to SIT UP, unassisted, for loooong periods of time. The only way you seem to tip over is if there is a toy behind you and you reach to get it.

You continue to sleep great in your crib -- we are attempting to move your bedtime a bit later. The pediatrician said 7 PM was perfectly fine but you may sleep later if we try to move it back. We are starting this week with 7:15 and will try for 7:30 next week. It helps but you seem to still wake up around the same time, ha ha. Oh well. You slept until 5 AM this morning, ate, and fell back asleep cuddling with me in bed until 7:30! Love your morning smiles and kisses.

We are so excited for the upcoming holidays - I can't stop playing Christmas music!! I haven't really bought you anything for Hanukkah but I do plan on buying 8 (small) gifts so you have stuff to open every night!! I went to Target yesterday and completely forgot my plan to buy anything for you - oops, lol. That's okay!

Grandma is coming from Florida on Friday - it should be a great weekend! We also have our annual family Hanukkah party at Aunt Karen & Uncle Brad's house on Sunday - your first one! I think you will have a great time. I'm a little nervous because it's at 1 PM (your nap-time) but we'll make it work!

We ordered you a new stroller last week and it came yesterday - the City Mini! It's your Hanukkah gift from your great-grandma & Great-Grandpa. We are so lucky and thankful for so many lovely people in your life.

I have my work holiday party this afternoon so you'll have a play date with Pop-Pop. He's very excited to spend some time with you and I know you feel the same way! :)

Josh thinks your going to start crawling in 3 weeks. If he's right, I'm screwed. Baby proofing ASAP?? ;)

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