My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking back....

A look back at 2011...
Best because ... Our sweet girl was born on June 6, 2011.
Worst because ... We are so very blessed because I couldn't think of a single reason why this year was bad. We had our trials and sadness, but we are SO.VERY.LUCKY.
Colorful because ... The joy Layla brings makes my life colorful everyday. Her smile lights up a room.
Adventurous because ... We traveled LOTS & Lots!! (Key West in January, Miami in March, NYC in April for our 1st year anniversary, Fort Lauderdale in August, Sarasota in October, Fort Lauderdale in November and we're going again next weekend!) - plus lots of trips to Atlantic City and other assorted fun places!
Unexpected because ... We SOLD our townhouse completely unexpectedly, house hunted like mad for a long time and finally found our dream house - brand new construction and we love it!!
Fashionable because ... I realized I like to buy baby clothes waaaaaay more then clothes for me. I'm still getting used to my new "mama" body and can't wait to get back my old body!! Who would have thought I would miss my old body??
Sporty because ... We had lots of fun watching the Phillies, Heat, Eagles, Dolphins!! AND of course our beloved UCF KNIGHTS!
Educational because ... Becoming parents taught us how to be the very best people.
Unforgettable because ... I have amazing family and friends that support and love me. I have my health. I have a home I love (and can't wait to finally decorate!) I have a job that I love and I'm beyond lucky to be part-time. We have money in our bank account, food in our belly and love in our heart. I'd say this year was pretty unbelievable and I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Week 29!!


Week 29 and feeling...FINE! ;)

We had a great week celebrating Hanukkah!! Layla got so many beautiful gifts from family and friends - we are so very lucky. We didn't go crazy spoiling her this year - just lots of books and lots of kisses ;) Next year I'm sure I'll have a lot more trouble retraining myself but for now, it was all about tradition - we lit the menorah every night and she loved it.

We successfully navigated through mama's first sickness with baby- what a doozy. I started feeling yuck last Sunday and by Thursday - it was full blown fever, chills, body aches - no fun. I researched and discovered the best way to keep Layla sick-free was to continue to nurse her. This was fine except really difficult - I had no energy - it was hard to hold her. I had to call out of work Friday and basically slept the day away - Josh woke me every 2-3 hours to feed her and we did okay. I'm so glad he was able to take care of her but I felt completely guilty not being able to hold her and hug her. I woke up Saturday still feeling pretty awful but as the day went on, I regained a bit of health. I was lucky enough to head over to Shari & Brian's house for our traditional get-together with all of my best friends. We've done it every year since middle school - always at Karen's house but a change of venue to Shari's this year. It was great - Layla had a tough time falling asleep and it ended up being an off-night for her but she was happy through it all! In our secret santa, Eric got me a Toppers gift card and a night of babysitting - WAHOO! I can't wait to get a facial and massage - mama spoiled day coming soon!

Yesterday was supposed to be our annual Christmas brunch at Matt & Danielle's but poor Ava caught a stomach bug :( I felt so bad. My sister swept in and took over - bought us yummy bagels and fish and we all spent the day there! It was great but we missed Matt, DD, Ava & Marley lots and lots.

And now here we are... Layla had squash last night for the first time (LOVED IT!) - Josh made her about 2 weeks worth in the baby-food maker last night. Abbey is on her way to sleepover tonight and we are babysitting Abbey & Max all day tomorrow - it should be fun and exciting! I desperately need to get my eyebrows waxed so I'm taking the girlies with me to the salon - Josh & Max can hang out for the afternoon.

Layla is looking more and more like a big girl everyday to me - I'm so torn. I LOVE this stage - she is so full of energy and loves to play and play - but when I see a squishy newborn, I can't help but miss that stage as well. It's so fun but is flying by - she's going to be 7 months in just a couple of weeks. AHHHHH!!

We went to the mall today and used our new stroller - the City Mini! It's really, really great but weird having her face out instead of towards me - she also sat in the high chair for the first time at Cheesecake Factory - grabbing everything in sight. Where is my little baby?!? :)

Her favorite toys this week? Anything paper, water bottles, cups, rattles, noisemakers and her jumparoo which she has now MASTERED!!

love my girl, oh yes I do!

...tomorrow is my mama's birthday. I LOVE YOU MOMMY. I'm so lucky you're all mine. Layla says "I LOVE YOU MOM-MOM!!" - hope you have fun down the shore and win enough so we can play together everyday :)

silly little L-dawg.

Monday, December 19, 2011

28 weeks!

28 weeks!
Another week, come and gone... with Layla doing more 'tricks' then ever! She is no joke sitting up on her own - barely falling and getting right back up if she does (with a little help!) - she rolls all over and scoots her little bum to get anything she wants. Nothing is safe in the path of Layla - remotes, phones, blankets, bottles - she wants it all and immediately in her mouth! It's so cute and of course I give her anything she wants to play with.

We had a great weekend - Josh's mom came to visit on Friday! It was so much fun to spend quality time with her. Friday, we just spent the night in eating pizza and relaxing. Saturday, we were out all day (I got a much needed manicure/pedicure while they went food shopping, etc) - we met up at Babies R Us and later ventured to the mall. We were super successful and Layla was lucky enough to be gifted some adorable new outfits from Grandma - I think I'm going to have to put away her 3-6 month clothes within the next few weeks - she's growing fast!! We spent the rest of Saturday eating at Cheesecake Factory, relaxing and playing. 

Yesterday was Layla's first Hanukkah party at Aunt Karen & Uncle Brad's house - it was a really great time and I think she really liked it, although by the end she was sleepy, hungry and ready to go home. 

Today, I was so excited to take Josh & his mom to music class - we've missed the past few weeks and it was nice to go back. Miss Sandy, the teacher, kept saying how big Layla has gotten and how pretty she is. Very sweet! Josh's mom left after our lunch at Mad Mex - we miss her already and can't wait for her next visit. We are going to Florida in January for Josh's grandpa's 90th birthday party so it won't be too long before L sees her Florida family!

Hmm - what else.
We started Apples last night - the first food we didn't make ourselves (but it's organic so I'm okay with it) - she seems to like it a lot! So far her food list is:
1. Rice Cereal (her favorite)
2. Bananas
3. Avocado
4. Sweet Potatoes
5. Carrots (loved but we think hurt her belly - we'll try again in a few weeks)
6. Apples up, Pears! 

I am officially 13.0 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight. I haven't been on my best behavior food wise and it seems these last pounds don't want to budge - apparently when you breastfeed, this can happen? Annoying but I'll get there.

Lots to look forward to - play date tomorrow with Addison, Hanukkah starting tomorrow night and lighting the candles for the first time, Hanukkah party at my parent's on Thursday, dinner with the girls on Friday, X-mas eve at Shari & Brian's house on Saturday, Christmas brunch on Sunday at Matt & Danielle's and hopefully a movie after!

I've been feeling yucky since this morning but hoping a good night's sleep with do the trick!! Layla has woken up the past 3 nights at 3:15 AM and cried for about 30 minutes. We had to go in the first two nights but last night she managed to fall back asleep. Don't know what that's about but hoping it's a quick phase - I love that she is doing so well in the crib, although I won't be sad when she gives up her 4 AM feeding. I know she can go until closer to 6 AM (there have been a few nights she did this) so I'm hoping that becomes a more regular thing! 

Lots to be thankful for and lots of love going around - tis the season!

p.s. I'm officially in the beginning stages of planning her 1st birthday party. Moonbounce, check (thanks to Groupon!) - next up, picking the date and a photographer!

Theme? MUPPETS! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

27 weeks!! (yesterday)

27 WEEKS!!!

and suddenly, over the past few are no longer restricted to playing on your back or belly. Nowadays, Miss Layla Jules is able to SIT UP, unassisted, for loooong periods of time. The only way you seem to tip over is if there is a toy behind you and you reach to get it.

You continue to sleep great in your crib -- we are attempting to move your bedtime a bit later. The pediatrician said 7 PM was perfectly fine but you may sleep later if we try to move it back. We are starting this week with 7:15 and will try for 7:30 next week. It helps but you seem to still wake up around the same time, ha ha. Oh well. You slept until 5 AM this morning, ate, and fell back asleep cuddling with me in bed until 7:30! Love your morning smiles and kisses.

We are so excited for the upcoming holidays - I can't stop playing Christmas music!! I haven't really bought you anything for Hanukkah but I do plan on buying 8 (small) gifts so you have stuff to open every night!! I went to Target yesterday and completely forgot my plan to buy anything for you - oops, lol. That's okay!

Grandma is coming from Florida on Friday - it should be a great weekend! We also have our annual family Hanukkah party at Aunt Karen & Uncle Brad's house on Sunday - your first one! I think you will have a great time. I'm a little nervous because it's at 1 PM (your nap-time) but we'll make it work!

We ordered you a new stroller last week and it came yesterday - the City Mini! It's your Hanukkah gift from your great-grandma & Great-Grandpa. We are so lucky and thankful for so many lovely people in your life.

I have my work holiday party this afternoon so you'll have a play date with Pop-Pop. He's very excited to spend some time with you and I know you feel the same way! :)

Josh thinks your going to start crawling in 3 weeks. If he's right, I'm screwed. Baby proofing ASAP?? ;)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

6 months old (yesterday) and 26 weeks old! (2 days ago)

6 months old!!

HI! I'm good at waving!

I'm going to eat your face, Mr Bear!

Are you serious...??

6 month stats:
Weight: 17 pounds, 1 ounce. About the 65-70th percentile.
Height: 26 ½ inches. You are growing like a weed! I love it! 
Eating: Breastfeeding 2-3 hours every day with about 4-5 bottles of formula a week. You LOVE food as well and have a full “dinner” every night!
Clothes: I am putting away your 3 month clothes this weekend. You are wearing 3-6 month and 6 month perfectly.
Diaper: Size 2.

My Layla,
6 months – a half of a year!!!
I’m in awe of you. I know they say every age is the best – but I think this is my favorite so far. You are so full of personality, smiles, babbles, sounds. You are funny, calm– the happiest baby I’ve ever seen!!

You are becoming very independent. You are sitting up almost completely unassisted (and you sat up by yourself for a few minutes 2 nights ago!) – When we put you down on the blanket to play, you scoot yourself all around to get the toys you want. You roll every which way (belly to back, back to belly) and you are very determined. You love to play with toys, your jumparoo, exerciser – anything that makes noises and sounds. You love books, sunglasses, remote controls and mama’s IPhone. I think you’re favorite toy of all is a plastic bottle of water! It’s so funny to watch. It seems whatever I am holding, you want to play with – and of course I happily oblige J

We are so happy and proud of you – you are now sleeping in your crib ALL night long!!! It took ONE night of you crying from 10:30 – 2:30 AM, but by the next night you figured it out! We do bedtime routine (bath, play, book, sleep sack, eat, lullaby, bed) – and by 7:00-7:15 PM you are fast asleep! You sometimes cry out in your sleep but have (almost always) managed to put yourself back to bed. You wake up between 4 AM – 5:45 AM to eat and go back to sleep for a couple of hours (in our bed – I miss cuddling with you!). You take a nap every afternoon for 2-3 hours – almost always on me, on the sofa, in the living room. I plan on starting your naps in the crib soon so I can get stuff done but I do love our afternoon shluffy together.

You LOVE food!!! So far, you’ve had rice cereal (favorite), bananas, avocado (least favorite) and sweet potatoes. We are making all of your food using the Baeba food maker – it’s awesome and much healthier! I bought a few jars of organic baby food just in case – but we now have tons of frozen sweet potatoes in the freezer! Next up is carrots! You sit so nice in your high chair, play with toys and get really messy while we feed you. You also love to drink water out of a sippy cup AND a regular cup! For “dessert”, you have banana in a mesh contraption that allows you to eat it on your own. It’s amazing and so fun to watch!

You love the car and often fall asleep – I sing to you and you yell back at me while we drive – it makes errands so much more fun!

You are continuing to teeth but you would never know by your attitude! You stick anything you can in your mouth and drool all over – I love it. I give you Hyland’s (homeopathic) teething tablets when I can and they seem to help with the pain.
You finally love your bath!! You play, splash, yell and sing – it’s so much fun!!

While we were in Florida for Thanksgiving this month, you shouted (twice) Dada – we’re not quite sure if this was a fluke and I’m not ready to say it’s your first word… but we’re so proud of you. Even the doctor was surprised and happy! We love Dr Jaffe!

You are unbelievably full of smiles – everyone comments on it. You make me so proud – I can’t believe you’ve been in our lives for 6 months already – I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring!! You are my best friend, my everything. I’m so excited to plan your 1st birthday party and promise you’ll love it (even if you don’t remember) – we are thinking about a Muppets theme!

We love you, my sweet baby blue eyes. Happy 6 months.

Playing in your high chair!

Go Phillies!

Grandma & Layla in Key Largo!

Loving the sun - relaxing!

Watching the sunset in Key Largo with Dada, Grandma & Grandpa.

Incredible sunsets.

We love food!! Avocados aren't your favorite, but you ate them anyway!

Our Florida jumper - thanks Amy!!

Layla on the thanksgiving table - in leg warmers. Too cute for words.

"I Make Adorable Babies" & "Adorable Baby" - the shirts I bought Josh when we found out we were pregnant.

Layla's Florida nursery!


Fun with your great-grandparents!

First train ride to NYC!

Sitting up all by yourself!

My favorite picture of you, ever. ;)

Sitting with Grandpa!

Bum in the sand!


Hi, nice to meet you!

26 weeks yesterday! (I missed the blog yesterday, I promise I'll be better at doing this on time!)