My little family!

My little family!

Monday, November 28, 2011

weeks 24 and 25!!!

24 weeks in KEY LARGO!

Thanksgiving in Fort Lauderdale!!

25 weeks wearing her new winter jacket for the first time!

Bad blogger, right here.

The past two weeks have been lovely.

I have so much to write but I'm boiling her toys to sanitize, I'm watching her roll from back to belly on the floor (woo!!) and I'm trying to stay awake all at the same time.

Music class ended :( Holiday session starts next week and we can't wait - we were so excited we tried going today only to realize it starts next week - duh mama.

Florida was fabulous -- we were there for a week and had lots of England family time, lots of friend time, a wonderful mini-vacation to Key Largo where Layla LOVED the beach and sand, we took her 6 month pictures, we played, we tried avocado (and didn't hate it!), we tried a sippy cup (and loved it) and more!!!

Last night we started crib/sleep training - when I say it was one of the worst things I've ever done, I'm not kidding. She went to sleep great at 7 PM - slept until 10:30 PM - and basically cried from 10:30 - 2:30 AM, non-stop. It was terrible, awful, no good. We took turns going in every 10 minutes (after the initial 3 and 5 minute wait) - it was just bad bad bad. Everyone I talk to tells me to stick with it, stay consistent, so that's the plan!!! I may need to medicate myself with some wine tonight. Uhhhh.

OK - it's cyber Monday, I have holiday shopping to do and a baby to play with!!

A longer entry next week - especially since my girl will be SIX MONTHS OLD!!!!! 

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