My little family!

My little family!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

5 months!

5 month stats:
Weight: At her 4 month appointment, she was 14 pounds, 15 ounces (75th percentile). My guess is closer to 16 pounds by now!
Height: 25 1/4 inches (75th percentile) at her last appointment! Maybe 26 inches by now?? 
Eating: Still breastfeeding every 2-3 hours with about 4-5 bottles of formula a week from Brooke (Nanny) and my parents. Cereal for the first time this morning and will start eating more and more food everyday!
Clothes: 3 month (still fits although beginning to get small), 3-6 month and just beginning to wear 6 month!
Diaper: Size 2.

My Layla,

5 months and beyond amazing.  

It's crazy -- I CAN'T believe you are a big 5 months!!! You are so kind, sweet, loving, easy-going and full of smiles. 

This past month, we have seen the biggest changes in you. You are no longer a squishy little infant - you are a little person!! You love to play, relax, walk, stand, sit-up, all of it. Your Baby Einstein Exerciser (Daddy calls it mission control) is your favorite place to be. You have mastered all the toys on there including pressing the buttons, spinning the toys and moving around. It's incredible to watch you in there - you are very determined! I bought you a jumparoo a couple of weeks ago and you're not quite big enough for it yet -- we'll try again within the next few weeks. You are so good at head control, sitting up (assisted (barely!) and unassisted using your hands for support), and standing holding on to us. You have rolled over a few times (belly to back) but you don't do it often. You havent' yet rolled back to front but you get on your side. You also love your activity mat, bouncy seat, bumbo and crib (to play in, not sleep). 

You still sleep in our room, in the pink seat. I hate to admit it but you're becoming a terrible sleeper - I think it's teething combined with the pacifier falling out combined with the "4 month wakeful period". Mommy is very tired but pushing through. I am going to "sleep train" after we get back from Florida in 2 weeks. I'm nervous but I know it'll be better for me and you! You are napping better through the day which is a huge help - no set schedule but one morning nap and one afternoon nap. You have moved your bedtime up from 8:30 to 7:00! It's fun and you still go to sleep by yourself, very easily. You LOVE sleeping in our bed and seem to sleep best there (shocker!). You are so much fun to cuddle with though, how can I resist those sweet moments? 

You had cereal this morning for the first time - you LOVED it - it was so very exciting. You sat in the bumbo on the dining room table and Daddy fed you. You took to it right away - I am so proud! You also had a little taste of banana the other night twice and went crazy for it. I bought the Baeba baby food maker yesterday and plan to make all of your food (using organic fruits and veggies) - I'm excited! 

You're great in the car - we took out your infant padding in the car seat and it makes it much more roomy. You don't sleep as much in the car so we listen to your music and you smile and talk. 

You still love music class - it's so much fun! I think we will sign on for another 10 weeks - it's a great bonding time and we get to have lunch with Daddy afterwards! 

You are holding toys, grabbing anything and everything that you can reach - you are also teething so bad. I tried Natural orajel and you hated it (they gave it a weird taste). I've given you baby Tylenol 4 times and it seems to help. I feel so bad but you don't seem to be any fussier from it! Maybe a little more congested but that may be thanks to winter? 

You make the BEST noises nowadays - you talk, laugh, screech, giggle, growl. You are so sweet and stare right at whoever you are talking to - it's like we can all have Layla conversations!! 

You hate your bath but (not to jinx it) -- you were really happy the past 2 baths!! I'm hoping it's not a fluke. We gave you bath toys to play with and it seemed to distract you a lot - phew!! Maybe the days of screaming during the bath are behind us. 

You are so very special to us. You are the light of our lives and getting bigger and more beautiful everyday. Your hair is getting lighter but coming in thick! It sticks up all over the place and it's so cute. You also still have big blue eyes - SO weird as mommy and daddy both have brown, but we'll take it!! 

You've been to Florida (twice), Atlantic City (twice), countless restaurants, malls, stores and more. You make the best partner in crime!! We are going to NYC tonight to have dinner with Grandma and I think you'll really love the city!!! 

You have so many people that love you and we are so lucky to call you ours. Keep growing, playing, learning, singing, reading. 

We love you so much!
Mama (and Dada, Shluffy & Rigby)

Great Grandma and Layla 
Grandpa and Layla in Sarasota!

We love eating our shirt!



Always smiling!

Layla and her great-grandparents!

Ready for the SNOW!

We love to play!

Let me grab your face, ma!


Cutest cow!


Daddy and Layla eating grass?


Funny ;) 

Ready for cereal! And a good book!


num num num!

I won't waste a drop!

My favorite toy! "Mission Control"


My snow bunny!


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