My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

21 weeks - Happy Halloween!!!

21 weeks!

Another week, come and gone...but not without a little bit of excitement!! 

On Saturday, we (PA/NJ/NY) got a snowstorm. In October. Out of no where. And not just a little bit of snow... A LOT. During the day, it was beautiful. I took Layla outside in her bumbo and she did really well and loved watching the snow. Short after, our power went out around 1:00 PM. And it didn't return until Monday at 4:00 AM. We decided Saturday night while we still had to light to pack up and head over to my sister's house - it ended up being a fun 2-night stay but alas, annoying and frustrating! Layla, of course, was a champ and slept beautifully while we were there (in bed with me, ha). My little lady has now experienced an earthquake, hurricane AND snow-storm and she's not even 5 months old!!

Not too much else -- Layla's sleep is still up and down. I'm going to start sleep training after our week-long stay in Florida for Thanksgiving. I'm not looking forward to it but I know it has to happen - plus I said I'd do it no matter what by the time she is 6 months old. 

She is amazing. She's really into toys and has been grabbing at anything and everything she can see. She sticks everything in her mouth and LOVES to play. She has tried her jumparoo a few times but she's not quite big enough. I have so much to say but I'll save it for her 5 month entry on SUNDAY!

We're also excited for Layla's first trip to NYC on Sunday night - Josh's mom is coming up for a girl's weekend so we're meeting her there for dinner at Picolo Angelo - YUM! I'm excited.

ALSO -- while I was pregnant, I volunteered to take part in an awesome experience - a photographer I have worked with in the past made an awesome calendar of all pregnant bellies. I am the apple (September) - all proceeds go to a great cause if you want to buy one! Click here to see how to buy one! :) (That's the photographer's blog)

Okay... while the babe is sleeping I am going to do laundry and read HUNGER GAMES! It's so good!!!

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