My little family!

My little family!

Monday, October 24, 2011

weeeeeek 20!

Here we are, week 20.
Ironic as it feels like YESTERDAY I was celebrating reaching week 20 in my pregnancy and now my peanut is 20 weeks old!

We have successfully accomplished our second trip to Florida as a family of three. On Thursday night, we flew to Fort Lauderdale. Layla was perfect on the flight, woke up to greet her grandparents with smiles and laughs and promptly passed out in bed with me until 8 AM the next day.

Friday, we drove to Sarasota - a 3 hour car ride. Again, Layla was perfect - we stopped half way so I could feed her and while we drove, she played with her toys. She's seriously into her flowers and Sofie the Giraffe. It seems over this past week or so, she has really discovered she can use both hands to pick everything and anything up. She loves to have lots of toys and books to play with (she knows how to turn the page!) and it's amazing to watch. She also LOVES to make the loudest, silliest noises you've ever heard. She figured out how to growl while in Florida - it's a little scary but funny as anything.

Anywho - we made it to Sarasota and spent the weekend there for our friend Dan & Jen's wedding. It was an incredible weekend with all of our friends and Layla got to meet a lot of new people. Josh's parents were so sweet to babysit for us during the ceremony and wedding. They bonded and couldn't stop saying what a happy, fun baby she is :) The weather was odd for Florida - it was actually a little chilly! It was perfect nonetheless.

We're now back and I'm sad the weekend is over - we go back down in November for a week over Thanksgiving and I'm really excited! While we were back in Fort Lauderdale, she got to see her great-grandparents along with Aunt Sydney and Aunt Diane - always fun and exciting!

Lots of laundry to do, food shopping and dishes but it's always good to be back home.

I can't believe it's been over a year since we discovered we were pregnant (October 6th was our first positive test... October 8th was when we officially took another test and knew for sure!)

Halloween is next weekend, music class is wrapping up, Layla is now able to sit up (using her hands for support) and she rolled over again while in Sarasota and today she mimicked me waving!!  So much is happening, it's absolutely mind-blowing. 

...can't wait to see what she learns next!!

Fall is here!! This is around the corner from our house!

Loving the Sarasota weather!

A beautiful wedding, indeed!! 

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