My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

4 months!!

4 month stats:
Weight: Approximately 14 1/2 pounds but I'll get the official weigh-in next week at your appointment!
Height: I think around 24 1/2 inches? We will get the official height next week!
Eating: Exclusively breastfeeding every 2-3 hours during the day & 1-2 times during the night with the occasional bottle of Similac Sensitive formula while I'm at work.
Clothes: 0-3 month (getting to be too small), 3 month (still fits pretty well) and just beginning to wear 3-6 month!
Diaper: Size 2 beginning TODAY! (good timing!) (Pampers Sensitive).

My dearest Layla,

4 months today, how exciting!

I know I mention often how you are the most incredible baby I've ever met but I can't say it enough. You are the perfect addition to our family and make our lives so full of happiness and joy.

Your personality is really starting to shine through and it's so much fun to see. You are so very happy, easygoing and calm. When you are fussy, it's fairly easy to figure out why and fix! You still love pink chair and continue to sleep in it every night but I have a feeling you may outgrow it sooner then we are anticipating. I'm not ready to have you in your own room yet - and I recently read a study that said ideally babies should sleep in the parents room up until 6 months to prevent SIDS so I'm doing something right! You really love bouncy seat (I bought another one on clearance this week so we don't have to carry your first one all over the house). Your activity mat is your favorite spot most of the time - you've really learned to grab at the toys and it's fantastic to see! There are four toys that hang down but I'm going to attach more so you have a variety. You rarely go in the swing anymore but we put you in every so often. You also like sitting in your bumbo seat now that your head control is getting so good. You look so cute sitting up straight all on your own! You still love to rock on our rocking chairs outside - despite your fair skin, you love the sun! (Just remember to always wear sunscreen, please).

You still love the car and I've noticed you looking outside more & more. I wonder what you think of the big blue sky and the green grass? I can't wait until you start asking questions about everything you see. I know you are one curious little peanut and it will be amazing to show you the world.

You love your pacifier so much - I refuse to believe I need to take it away anytime soon! I keep buying more because your mama has OCD and is constantly sterilizing the pacifiers making it hard to be sure there is always one on hand. You have just started to figure out how to take it out of your mouth and you've also put it back in by yourself a few times! A fun trick, indeed. I can't wait until you can do this automatically so I don't have to pop it back in for you at night when you want it. You also love to suck on your hands!! They are always in your mouth. I think you may be teething but luckily you don't seem to be in pain, just a lot of drool and sucking!

You are sleeping well, keeping up with the same routine. You are starting to get sleepy earlier so I am thinking of moving your bedtime up a little bit. You wake up 1-2 times per night to eat and sleep from 8:30 PM - 8:30 AM. I can't wait until you sleep through the night although some may say you already are because you don't wake up to eat until 4:30 AM or so. Your nap schedule isn't much of a schedule at all but I hope to remedy this soon. I think you'd be happier with designated sleep times throughout the day but this may be hard to accomplish.

You take 2 baths a week because you hate them so much. I now have Daddy helping with every bath to make sure it goes as fast as possible. You cry the whole time and it's so very sad. I do love post-bath cuddles and you almost immediately go back to smiling once you are warm and dry.

You are excellent on your tummy even if you don't always love it. You push your head all the way up and can look all around. You love picking up toys, blankets, anything!

You are now into laughing really loud - when we do something funny like talk in silly voices, you crack up. It's so sweet. You are also learning to make new, fun noises!!

We had our first scary trip to the emergency room this past Monday because you were spitting up blood. Despite it all, you were SO very happy and adorable - smiling at the nurses and doctors! Mommy cried more then you did. You had an Xray and smiled the whole time. They did two other tests that were more invasive and you cried out so loud it hurt my heart. You looked right in my face and I swear you were asking me fore your help with your eyes. It was so awful but we're so lucky that it was nothing too serious. It turns out you have acid reflux! You were put on Zantac for 30 days, twice a day, and so far it's been fine. You haven't had any issues since our car ride to the hospital so I'm hoping it may have been a virus and past completely. Please don't scare Mommy & Daddy like that again!

You are experiencing your first taste of fall - the cool breeze is new and fun. We have so many fun things coming up this month including your second trip to Florida and Halloween!

I miss you so much while I'm at work. You really love Brooke, our nanny, and we're so glad you do! You also love your Thursdays with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop. I'm glad for that :)

Every Monday, we go to music class at 10:15 AM in Bensalem. You absolutely love it. You follow Miss Sandy (the teacher) around the room with your eyes as she plays the guitar. You are the youngest baby in the class but I have no doubt you're enjoying it as much as the older kiddies, if not more.

Two weeks ago, you rolled from your belly to back a few times and it was very exciting stuff! You haven't done it since but I have no fear the time will come when you will be rolling all over the house. Yesterday, while on your back, you almost rolled over to your tummy several times! You made it on your side and I'm thinking it will be anyday before you reach this milestone as well. You are so very smart, my darling girl.

I love you, always.
Your Mama

Your first time wearing jeans :)

I love this face.

You are so insanely beautiful.


You and your daddy love each other :)

We love when Grandma visits!

Sitting up so beautifully in your bumbo!


Swimming with Daddy in Atlantic City - you didn't love it but you didn't hate it!

Your first play date with Addison!

Family picture :) 


so cute.

so sweet.

cuddles with your toy!! 

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