My little family!

My little family!

Monday, October 3, 2011

17 weeks!!!

17 weeks - turning 4 months this week!!!!

We had a fabulous week. Fall is officially here and it's chilly!! Layla is slowly building a fabulous fall & winter wardrobe but I'm still sneaking in some dresses here and there on the warmer days.

Last week, we had a lot of fun shopping with Shari & Rachel on Tuesday. We spent the entire day at the mall and eating lunch - Layla was a piece of pie. Delicious, perfect, slept, smiled. The IDEAL shopping partner!!!

We celebrated Layla's first Rosh Hashana -- it was a great two nights with family. It's hard to keep her on schedule -- she always eats at 7 PM and again at 8:15 PM, bed by 8:30 PM - meaning we had to leave both dinners a little earlier then we normally would. It seems crazy but sleep is so important so I tend to keep her on nighttime schedule. I'm still trying to figure out when I'll start a nap time schedule (right now it's pretty much whenever she falls asleep) -- we'll see.

Friday, we went to the playground with Abbey & Max - it was a gorgeous day and Layla liked the swing!!

Saturday, we went to see Abbey's soccer game - she did amazing and Josh showed her some tips. He's so excited to coach Layla's team when she gets big enough. After the game, my sister watched Layla so Josh & I could go to the movies - it's so much fun to sneak away for a couple of hours every now and then. Later that night, we went to Shari & Brian's to watch the first Phillies playoff game (again, leaving early..) - we won, wahoo!!

Sunday was a LAZY day - after going out to breakfast, we all stayed home to clean, do laundry and watch football.

Layla still hates the bath - she cries every single time :( It stinks but I'm hoping she'll like it one day soon.

Lately (going on a week, tomorrow) - I've been having pain while breastfeeding. It's really frustrating - I went to the doctor last week and it seems to be a clogged milk duct (sorry if TMI) -- now it's hurting on both sides which stinks. I'm hoping the pain starts to subside soon - I refuse to give up breastfeeding anytime soon, I love it too much.

Layla will be 4 months on Thursday so I'll be updating again then -- I really need to dedicate more time to the blog but she's way too much fun ;)


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