My little family!

My little family!

Monday, September 26, 2011

16 weeeeeeks!!!

Another week, another season, another birthday.
My girl is 16 weeks!!

AND...moving right along! 

Layla is so incredible. A bright light. I don't know how else to put it - she's amazing.

Last week was my birthday and it was so special to celebrate with her and Josh. We went to dinner with some of my family on my birthday, we had cake with the rest of my family on Thursday, we did nothing but relax and eat pizza on Friday, I had an amazing girls night out on Saturday, we watched Football on Sunday, and before I knew it... another week had passed!!

Layla rolled over again last night but it isn't consistent yet. She did, however, sleep amazing last night (after a couple of nights of not-so-amazing)... she slept 8:30-8:30, only waking up ONCE to eat at 4:30..not too shabby at all! 

This morning we had music class for the 3rd time. She absolutely loves it - it's so sweet and I think we both really enjoy it. 

Tomorrow I'm SO excited -- we are going to the Philadelphia Zoo with Shari & Rachel!! I know Layla won't be able to appreciate it too much yet but I think it'll be a fun experience, nonetheless!!

This week is shaping up to be fun -- peanut's first Rosh Hashana, Shadybrook Farms on Sunday for some pumpkin picking - and of course lots of tummy time to perfect rolling over ;)

Nothing too exciting to report but we're having fun, ready for Fall and all the goodness October will bring (my best friend's wedding, a trip to Sarasota for a wedding, Halloween and L turned 4 months old!)



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