My little family!

My little family!

Monday, September 12, 2011

14 weeks!!!

14 weeks and the most delicious legs I have ever seen. 

Another fabulous week.

Layla is now 14 weeks and really filling out. See exhibit A above. ;) I love her delicious legs, her rolls, her face. Her eyes are still blue and staying strong - the dark hair, pale skin and blue eyes is so insanely beautiful.

We had a great week.

Tuesday, we went to visit Mom-Mom Millie and have breakfast with her and my cousin, Allison. Layla was a great girl and we spent the rest of the day at home napping and cuddling on the sofa. Layla's favorite place to be is her house - she is the most relaxed and happiest here. It's so sweet. That night, Josh & I went on a dinner date so Layla & her new nanny, Brooke could get to know each other. They had a great time!

Wednesday was Layla's first day full day with Brooke. It couldn't have been better - Layla was "perfect" according to Brooke. They played, napped, ate and watched 90210 reruns together :) I was able to come home at lunch and nurse Layla and squeeze in some kisses. I feel really comfortable leaving Layla with Brooke which makes me feel much better about going back to work. I'm currently pumping at work 3 times and it's working well. She had to have 3 bottles of formula last week but otherwise all breast milk -- not too bad!

Thursday Layla went back to Mom-Mom and Pop -Pop's house -- she talked the day away and was able to play with her cousins Max & Andrew! The rest of the kiddies were off to school so my parents only have the 3 youngest on Thursdays.

Friday I worked until 10:30 AM (and for some reason cried leaving Layla in the morning... I hope this gets easier) and later that night Josh, Layla & I were Atlantic City bound for a mini-vacation!! After a 2 1/2 trip thanks to traffic, we made it safe and sound and had a lovely weekend. We swam, ate, gambled and relaxed. Saturday night was my best friend, Rachel's bachelorette party. I was so glad to be able to go to the dinner part while Josh watched the baby - it was so fun to have a girls night and I'm SO thrilled for Rachel's wedding next month!!

This morning, Layla and I went to her first Mommy & Me Music Class! It was AWESOME - Sandy is the leader. She is so sweet - she plays guitar, brings instruments and all the kids and parents sit in a circle and join in. Layla was loving it - she was looking all around, playing, smiling and laughing! I promptly joined the class for the next 10 weeks. Layla loves music and this will be so fun for the both of us! The class is at a dance studio near Josh's office so hopefully we'll get to see him for some lunches after class on Mondays!!

Now it's a beautiful afternoon. Layla is napping, I'm enjoying my diet dr pepper and sitting in our new office. Yesterday, I put away Layla's newborn clothes. It was unbelievably bittersweet. I'm so excited for our girl to grow up but I am NOT ready to let go. I just made her first book of pictures on our Apple computer - the first 3 months of her life. It's a wonder I didn't cry while making the whole thing. Time is flying by and I really just want to press pause.

But alas... too many exciting things coming up to get nostalgic!! Grandma Lisa is coming on Thursday, my birthday is next week, fall is in the air and there are a million memories to make.

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