My little family!

My little family!

Monday, September 5, 2011

13 weeks!

13 weeks!

A quick entry because we just got home, we're sleepy and I'd rather watch Entourage and cuddle with my girl then blog (haha).

Well, we made it through my first week back at work!! I will say it was awful but necessary. It was good for me to be out of the house and getting my brain working. I think being part-time is the absolute best part of both worlds. I miss her DEARLY while I'm gone but I can't wait to see her and kiss her sweet cheeks when I'm home.

She did great, took her bottles perfectly and overall was excellent for her babysitters (my parents and Josh, lol).

She's been back and forth on sleeping well and sleeping okay, but nothing too terrible.

Time to go - it's not that this past week wasn't fabulous, it's just I'd rather make memories then write about them- a few quick pictures from this past week!!

her face after my first day of work. :)

ME as a baby - do we look alike???

my nephew Max turned two!!

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