My little family!

My little family!

Monday, September 26, 2011

16 weeeeeeks!!!

Another week, another season, another birthday.
My girl is 16 weeks!!

AND...moving right along! 

Layla is so incredible. A bright light. I don't know how else to put it - she's amazing.

Last week was my birthday and it was so special to celebrate with her and Josh. We went to dinner with some of my family on my birthday, we had cake with the rest of my family on Thursday, we did nothing but relax and eat pizza on Friday, I had an amazing girls night out on Saturday, we watched Football on Sunday, and before I knew it... another week had passed!!

Layla rolled over again last night but it isn't consistent yet. She did, however, sleep amazing last night (after a couple of nights of not-so-amazing)... she slept 8:30-8:30, only waking up ONCE to eat at 4:30..not too shabby at all! 

This morning we had music class for the 3rd time. She absolutely loves it - it's so sweet and I think we both really enjoy it. 

Tomorrow I'm SO excited -- we are going to the Philadelphia Zoo with Shari & Rachel!! I know Layla won't be able to appreciate it too much yet but I think it'll be a fun experience, nonetheless!!

This week is shaping up to be fun -- peanut's first Rosh Hashana, Shadybrook Farms on Sunday for some pumpkin picking - and of course lots of tummy time to perfect rolling over ;)

Nothing too exciting to report but we're having fun, ready for Fall and all the goodness October will bring (my best friend's wedding, a trip to Sarasota for a wedding, Halloween and L turned 4 months old!)



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

15 weeks and 28 years!

Are you in love with this face as much as I am?

Here we are.... 15 weeks (two days late) and 28 YEARS for me!!! ;) It's been a lovely birthday, thus far. I'm at work. I cried this morning while leaving Layla. I wish I could spend my birthday cuddling and playing but it just so happened that my birthday fell on a Wednesday this year. Oh well.

Another great week (is it getting redundant that I keep saying that? I don't care. ha!) -- last week included a big trip from Grandma Lisa. We have so much fun when she visits - I love seeing her with Layla. It is also really nice to have an extra set of hands around the house - Josh and I were able to sleep in and shower longer then usual, wahoo!

Saturday night, Josh & I went out to dinner to R2L - an incredible restaurant on the 37th floor of Liberty Place. The service, food, experience -- everything was top notch and I can't wait to go back!

Monday was our second music class - of course she loved it again. I'm so glad we joined. I haven't made any "mommy" friends yet but that's okay - I really enjoy going and I think the babe does too. Afterwards, we visited Josh at work, had lunch, ran errands and finally came home. I also got my dress altered for Rachel's wedding which is fast approaching - my best friend is getting maaaaaaarried!!  :)

Yesterday was possibly one of the most exciting days of Layla's life.....SHE ROLLED OVER!!! From belly to back - on the bed - THREE TIMES! Twice for me in the morning and again for Josh at night. I am so proud of her. I think she's clearly a genius.

She's very into belly laughs nowadays - it's the best sound EVER.

..... okay, better run. Here's hoping 28 is my best year yet! Cheers!

Monday, September 12, 2011

14 weeks!!!

14 weeks and the most delicious legs I have ever seen. 

Another fabulous week.

Layla is now 14 weeks and really filling out. See exhibit A above. ;) I love her delicious legs, her rolls, her face. Her eyes are still blue and staying strong - the dark hair, pale skin and blue eyes is so insanely beautiful.

We had a great week.

Tuesday, we went to visit Mom-Mom Millie and have breakfast with her and my cousin, Allison. Layla was a great girl and we spent the rest of the day at home napping and cuddling on the sofa. Layla's favorite place to be is her house - she is the most relaxed and happiest here. It's so sweet. That night, Josh & I went on a dinner date so Layla & her new nanny, Brooke could get to know each other. They had a great time!

Wednesday was Layla's first day full day with Brooke. It couldn't have been better - Layla was "perfect" according to Brooke. They played, napped, ate and watched 90210 reruns together :) I was able to come home at lunch and nurse Layla and squeeze in some kisses. I feel really comfortable leaving Layla with Brooke which makes me feel much better about going back to work. I'm currently pumping at work 3 times and it's working well. She had to have 3 bottles of formula last week but otherwise all breast milk -- not too bad!

Thursday Layla went back to Mom-Mom and Pop -Pop's house -- she talked the day away and was able to play with her cousins Max & Andrew! The rest of the kiddies were off to school so my parents only have the 3 youngest on Thursdays.

Friday I worked until 10:30 AM (and for some reason cried leaving Layla in the morning... I hope this gets easier) and later that night Josh, Layla & I were Atlantic City bound for a mini-vacation!! After a 2 1/2 trip thanks to traffic, we made it safe and sound and had a lovely weekend. We swam, ate, gambled and relaxed. Saturday night was my best friend, Rachel's bachelorette party. I was so glad to be able to go to the dinner part while Josh watched the baby - it was so fun to have a girls night and I'm SO thrilled for Rachel's wedding next month!!

This morning, Layla and I went to her first Mommy & Me Music Class! It was AWESOME - Sandy is the leader. She is so sweet - she plays guitar, brings instruments and all the kids and parents sit in a circle and join in. Layla was loving it - she was looking all around, playing, smiling and laughing! I promptly joined the class for the next 10 weeks. Layla loves music and this will be so fun for the both of us! The class is at a dance studio near Josh's office so hopefully we'll get to see him for some lunches after class on Mondays!!

Now it's a beautiful afternoon. Layla is napping, I'm enjoying my diet dr pepper and sitting in our new office. Yesterday, I put away Layla's newborn clothes. It was unbelievably bittersweet. I'm so excited for our girl to grow up but I am NOT ready to let go. I just made her first book of pictures on our Apple computer - the first 3 months of her life. It's a wonder I didn't cry while making the whole thing. Time is flying by and I really just want to press pause.

But alas... too many exciting things coming up to get nostalgic!! Grandma Lisa is coming on Thursday, my birthday is next week, fall is in the air and there are a million memories to make.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3 months!

Your first trip to Florida - You, Your Great-Grandma (GG) and Dada

Your wonderful Great-Grandparents!

Layla, Great-Grandpa, Great-Grandma, Grandma & Max!

A little birdie with Grandpa!

So happy at your baby naming!

Layla & Great-Aunt Diane

Napping in your crib!


Tummy time in the Pack'N'Play!!

So teeny on our big bed.

I love this butt!

Tummy time, you're getting so good!

Rigby & Layla Practicing Tummy Time!

3 months!

Always happy, always beautiful.

Intense conversations with Mr Bear

3 month stats:
Weight: 11 pounds, 15 ounces (at her last doctor's appointment- I swear she grows everyday!)
Height: 23 1/8th inches
Eating: Exclusively breastfeeding every 2-3 hours during the day & every 4-6 hours at night with the occasional bottle of Similac Sensitive formula while I'm at work.
Clothes: 0-3 month and 3 month.
Diaper: Size 1 (Pampers Sensitive).

Dear Layla,

My darling girl, you are getting so big! Now 3 months old and no longer a newborn - you're in the next wonderful category, infant! 

Our lives are so full with you in it. We can't remember life before you and frankly, we don't want to. I wake up every morning to your beautiful, smiling face and big, blue eyes--I can't believe you are ours forever. 

You continue to be the happy, easygoing baby you've been seen you were born. You are calm, collected, silly and alert. Lately, you've been crying very loud (when you do cry) - it seems you've figured out the louder you cry, the faster we'll fix whatever is wrong. It breaks my heart to hear you like this, luckily it's not very often! You still love your pink chair best (so much so that we bought one for Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house too!). You also really enjoy your swing, bouncy seat and crib (sometimes). Standing and swaying is your favorite and you're totally an outdoors girl - the second we step outside to rock on the front porch, you're relaxed. 

You like the car a lot and almost always fall asleep as soon as we start moving. You have two big flowers that hang on your car seat. They both have faces and you have intense conversations with them in the car. You still love music. 

You love your pacifier so much - the search for your thumb continues. You used to get extremely frustrated when you couldn't find it, but now you'll just suck on your fingers, fist - whatever you find first. I can't wait until you can put the pacifier back in your mouth yourself - sometimes when you're sleeping and it falls out, you cry out for help and we pop it back in. 

You are still sleeping really well, for the most part. We tried to have you sleep in your crib but it didn't go very well. It wasn't TOO bad, but you woke up a lot and you missed us. We decided to bring you back in our room (in the pink chair) and you're doing really well. Our bedtime routine is my favorite part of day. We feed you at 7:00 PM, again at 8:15 PM, I put on your sleep sack, I sing "You Are My Sunshine" and you go right to sleep, no questions asked! You tend to wake up around 3 AM and 5:00 or 6:00 AM. It's a little different the days I work but you are a trooper and go with the flow! Your nap schedule is still up in the air. You have been taking a lot of short naps lately with a longer nap in the afternoon. 

You take baths 2-3 times a week. You are starting to hate it again - you cry a bit and I try to finish as fast as possible. I am sorry you hate it so much but I LOVE that after bath smell! Your hair sticks straight up as soon as it dries. It's the cutest thing. 

You are getting really good on your tummy, able to lift your head and shoulders SO well. You have incredible head control, you love to keep your hands together and you are just starting to hold on to toys, your blanket, etc.

You love to have big conversations. You talk to me and Daddy for hours, it's so sweet and I think you will talk early. We make all sorts of funny noises at you and you laugh and smile wonderfully.

We still go on lots of errands together - most of the time, you're sleeping or taking in all the sights and sounds. If your belly is full and your diaper is clean, you're a happy camper!

This past month, you went on your first big vacation to Florida. You were amazing and had so much fun visiting your family. You've also been through your first earthquake and hurricane. Lots of crazy weather! 

I hate that I am back at work - you spend Wednesdays with a nanny, Thursdays with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop and Friday mornings at home. I miss you so much while I'm gone but I rush home to give you millions of kisses. 

My little Layla, I love you so much. I can't wait to see what memories we make this month! It's my favorite season - I can't wait to spend lots of time outside showing you all that Fall has to offer!

I love you, always.
Your Mama


Monday, September 5, 2011

13 weeks!

13 weeks!

A quick entry because we just got home, we're sleepy and I'd rather watch Entourage and cuddle with my girl then blog (haha).

Well, we made it through my first week back at work!! I will say it was awful but necessary. It was good for me to be out of the house and getting my brain working. I think being part-time is the absolute best part of both worlds. I miss her DEARLY while I'm gone but I can't wait to see her and kiss her sweet cheeks when I'm home.

She did great, took her bottles perfectly and overall was excellent for her babysitters (my parents and Josh, lol).

She's been back and forth on sleeping well and sleeping okay, but nothing too terrible.

Time to go - it's not that this past week wasn't fabulous, it's just I'd rather make memories then write about them- a few quick pictures from this past week!!

her face after my first day of work. :)

ME as a baby - do we look alike???

my nephew Max turned two!!