My little family!

My little family!

Monday, August 29, 2011

12 weeks!!

Moving right along...
this is the week I have been dreading all summer.
On Wednesday, I go back to work. I can't believe it. I can't imagine not spending everyday, all day, with my dear girl.  But alas.. due to our love of going out to eat and our numerous shopping trips to Target, to work we must return. Thanks to Dada, I'm able to go back to work part-time which is a HUGE relief. I'll be working Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings. Nonetheless, it's still very scary and I'm unbelievably nervous. This week, my parents are taking her so I can get used to work and not feel guilty calling 100 times to check on my peanut. She will need to learn to take a bottle for all day-time feedings -- I've been giving her a bottle a day of formula and she's been doing great. She'll be getting a mixture of formula and breast milk - hopefully I can start pumping enough so it's more breast milk but we'll see. I think the formula is causing her to spit-up excessively so I'm going to try the organic sensitive stomach - we will see. I know work will be good for me - it'll give me a bit of "me" time (even if I am sitting in a cubicle daydreaming about Layla) and all that jazz. Who am I kidding? I'm going to be miserable but I'll push through and rush over to see her everyday.

We had a very eventful week..

Layla experienced her first EARTHQUAKE and HURRICANE in Hatboro, PA?!? Bizarre, to say the least. We were very lucky to experience no damage and we are all okay. She did amazing and slept through it all. I hope to say the rest of the year is uneventful as far as natural disasters are concerned!!

The other day, we heard our first big belly laugh - it was the sweetest, most perfect sound. I've been trying ever since to get another big laugh but she's holding out. Hopefully today!!

I'm SO happy to write that Layla is back to her normal sleeping routine. She is back to going to bed at 8:30 PM, waking up at 3:30 AM to eat and 6:00 AM to eat and sleeping again until around 9:00 AM. It's a great schedule and I hope she continues. She's still in our room (in the Fisher Price sleeper) but we'll work on using the crib again soon.

I'm officially down 33 pounds and very proud. I wish my clothes were fitting better (I did manage to wear into a pair of my old jeans the other day) but I know I'll get there soon. Breastfeeding really is a huge contributor to my weight loss as I have yet to get back into a good exercise routine. Luckily, Josh is also working towards losing weight and he's down over 10 pounds! We are one fit family, haha!

That's about that... a few errands to run today, but mostly I plan on kissing Layla all day. :) 12 weeks, really?! Where did the time go??

(by the way, I know about 10 people that had babies the past couple of congrats to everyone!!)

First try in the Bumbo! She's a bit too little so we'll try again in a few weeks...

Dinner at my sister's yesterday. I love this face. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

11 weeks!!

Another week come & gone -- always exciting in our house!!

Today starts the last week of my maternity leave. I'm unbelievably saddened by this but feel so lucky to have spent an incredible amount of time with Layla. I love watching her grow and change everyday. My goal is to win the lottery so I can become a stay-at-home mama, but until then I'm very happy to go back to work part-time. We officially have the baby's schedule of babysitters for while I'm at work and I'm mentally preparing myself for the big change. I was switched to a new team while on maternity leave so I'm excited to learn something new when I get back.

Sleeping -- Post-Florida, Layla has had a hard time getting back to her prior (amazing) sleeping schedule. I tried the crib for 3 nights and we were semi-successful, but she never fully got into a deep sleep. It seems the major problem is finding her stinking thumb!! She wakes up and wants her pacifier or thumb but can't find either on her own -- this results in Josh or myself going into the crib. It was a rough 4 nights of sleep and I ultimately decided to bring her back in our room (the pack'N'play) for a little while longer. I know she'll make it to the crib eventually but probably not for a couple of weeks.

Eating -- I officially introduced one bottle of formula to Layla. At first she spit it out, then cried, then took the entire 4 ounces like a champ! While at work, I'll most likely have to supplement with formula so I feel good knowing she'll be okay taking it. We started with the Similac Advanced and I'll most likely buy the Similac Organic moving forward.

That's about it! I'm eagerly sitting by my phone waiting for a picture of the newest baby to the block - my best friend of many years Keith and his wife, Melissa are expecting their daughter today!! Layla will only be 2 1/2 months older so I know they'll be friends for life :) :)

No big plans for this week - lots of little outings. The weather is cooling down a bit this week so I hope to take some nice, long walks outside! I'm down 31 1/2 pounds (I fit into a REGULAR pair of jeans this week, finally!) and I can't wait to lose the rest.

I hope everyone has a good week - cheers!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

9 and 10 weeks!!!!!


this is the first time I've missed a blog and I am so sad!!

Weeks 9 and 10 have been amazing.

We had Laura visit for an entire weekend - then Layla had her first vacation to Fort Lauderdale!! It was a perfect week. She got to see her grandparents, great-grandparents, aunt, great aunt, uncle and friends!! The plane was easy as pie for her - she slept the whole time. We also had her second baby naming - the rabbi that married Josh & I (Rabbi Jonathan Kaplan) was able to perform the baby naming. It was VERY special and a fantastic party, put on by my mother and father in-law. We had an amazing time with family and friends. I'm so looking forward to our next trip down to sunny Florida!

Yesterday was her 2 month doctor's appointment. My peanut is growing FAST!! She was born 7 pounds, 12 ounces and 21 inches. She now weighs an astonishing 11 pounds, 15 ounces and is 23 1/8 inches long!!

That's my girl. She's smiling, laughing, searching for her thumb, sleeping like a champ 8:30 PM-8:30 AM (still waking up around 3 AM and 6 AM to eat) and amazingly beautiful. I'm so completely in love.

I only have the rest of this week and next week before I return to work. I'm NOT excited about it all but I know it will be good for me. I'm still exclusively breastfeeding but I don't think I'll be able to pump enough - I may need to supplement with formula. I'm okay with this and will most likely introduced formula this weekend. Tonight, Layla will attempt to sleep in her crib for the first time. I am excited at the prospect of a sounder sleep but saddened to think she won't be next to me in her pack'N'play. We'll see how it goes.

Today, we went to visit Mom-Mom Millie at rehab - she had some recent scary health complications but is now on the road to recovery. I hope to visit her a few times over the next few days - she lights up when she sees Layla and it makes me feel so good. Next time I go, I'm hoping to bring my good camera and get some nice shots of the two of them together.

That's about it... a million things to write about but of course my brain is mommy mush. (haha)

Yesterday at the doctor, Layla had 4 shots plus an oral vaccine - it was so sad :( She's doing well but sleeping more then usual today. I suppose that's better then a fever and crankiness!!

I'm going to feed her soon and have some playtime.


9 weeks and ready to fly!
10 weeks!! Mad at the world? lol

Great-Grandpa, Great-Grandma (GG) and Layla in Florida!

Great-Grandma (GG) and Layla in Florida!

BABY JOSH!!! I can't get over how much Layla looks like him!!

Laughing the morning of her baby naming!!

The necklace we got Josh's mom for her birthday - designed and created by my dear friend and the very talented Jaime Silverstein - gorgeous, huh?

At the doctor's office right before her shots - my favorite picture so far. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

2 months!!

Dancing with your daddy!!!


Our girl is 2 months old!!

Our perfect little lady. And her friend, Mr. Bear.

Love her.

They love to talk to each other.

Big girl!

I guess I was boring her... :)

2 month stats:
Weight: 8 pounds, 14 ounces (at her 1 month appointment - clearly bigger now!)
Height: 21 inches 7/8 inches
Eating: Exclusively breastfeeding every 2-3 hours during the day & every 4-6 hours at night.
Clothes: Some newborn, some 0-3 month, some 3 month. It seems 0-3 month fits best.
Diaper: Newborn and Size 1. The Size 1 are a bit big.

Dear Layla,

2 months have gone by in the blink of an eye!!

You are an incredible daughter and the perfect addition to our family. You are so much fun and changing everyday!! I think back to the past 2 months and I'm in awe at how much you have grown.

You are so very happy and content. You smile at anyone and you're just starting to laugh. You love when we stick our tongue out and make funny faces. You think it's SO funny when we make raspberry sounds. You don't cry very often and you're fussy only when tired, bored or hungry. You like it best in your pink chair or standing - your absolute favorite is to walk around outside! Once it cools down a bit, I'm sure we'll be taking a lot of walks in the neighborhood.

You still love the car - you hate when we're in traffic but as soon as we start moving again, you immediately calm down. We play music for you often - lately we've been listening to The Beatles. Of course you're a huge fan, like Mama and Dada.

The pacifier (soothie) is your favorite - but the past few days, your favorite past time is trying to suck your thumb. You've found it now 3 times and we're waiting for the day when you can find it right away. You are so smart and determined - I love watching you try and get it.

You stay awake longer and longer everyday, although some days it seems your taking 10 naps! You tend to take about 3-4 naps a day with your longest being in the afternoon. You're an AMAZING sleeper - getting better every night. Last night, you only woke up once at 3:00 AM to eat! This is so wonderful and we're so proud of you. You have slept in every chair in the house but the past 2 weeks, you've been sleeping in your pink chair (The Fisher Price Rock & Play Sleeper) - you sleep so soundly when it it. You have napped a few times in your crib and we're going to start having you sleep in there at night soon. You still like your Pack'N'Play but you're not very fond of the swing anymore. We no longer swaddle you and now you wear a long sleeve shirt and sleep sack to bed every night.

You don't hate the bath anymore - you don't cry but it doesn't seem you like it either.

You are so smart - you are just starting to grab at toys. You hate tummy time but you put up with it and you're doing wonderful! Your head control is so good!

We have so much fun going out to eat, going to the mall, visiting friends and more - you're always a sport and if your belly is full, you are happy as can be.

Your daddy is your best friend. You get so excited when he comes home from work. You love all of your cousins and family. On Monday, we're going to visit Florida for the first time and I know you are going to adore everyone there - they're all so excited to meet you!

Dearest Layla, you're so very special to me and your Dada. Keep on growing, keep on learning, keep on smiling. I am convinced I was born to be your mama - you're perfect in every way.

I love you to the moon!
Your Mama

Monday, August 1, 2011

8 amazing weeks.

8 weeks old and already perfecting her modeling pose ;)  (actually, she's staring at her brother, Shluffy the cat)
8 weeks old!

Happy Monday everyone! 
It's August. My girly is 8 weeks old and chugging right along. 
Someone seems to have pressed fast forward in our house because I SWEAR I blink and another week has gone by (bringing me closer to the end of maternity leave, uhhh).
I still have the rest of August and I'm going to soak up every second.

We had another great week - Layla is still congested slightly but you would never know it - she's ALWAYS smiling and we even heard her first little giggle yesterday! I'm still waiting for the full belly laugh but the giggle just melted our hearts.

Friday was Josh's 29th's birthday -- unfortunately, he caught whatever Layla had and did not feel well at all. :( We ended up cancelling our dinner plans that night and instead took it easy. 

I think the BIGGEST news of all is Layla's sleep is now amazing. It's been approximately 10 days. 

Fed at 7 PM.
Kept awake (by watching Josh & I play ping-pong every night!)
Fed again at 8:15 PM.
Put in her sleep sack.
Sung a lullaby.
Put to bed. With a pacifier. Which is amazing because it puts her right to sleep but awful because it wakes her up when it falls out. We go back and forth, putting the paci back in over and over again and she almost always falls asleep between 9:00-9:30.
she sleeps. until 2 AM. Yes, folks. Last night, I actually had to wake her at 3:15 AM because my boobs were so full I thought they'd explode (sorry. the fun of breastfeeding, lol).
After that, she sleeps again until 5:30-6:00 AM. Eats again.
We wake up around 800 AM.

This has been EVERY night, and she's amazing. 

Her nap schedule isn't quite there yet - probably won't be for a few months but that's okay. It works best when she takes a nice, long afternoon nap - I try to have that in the crib but it's sometimes easier in the living room. 

My video monitor is incredible - I feel so much better being able to see her in the crib!

SO..that's that. She's incredible. (I'll update fully on August 6th, her 2 month birthday!)

This morning, we went to visit an at-home daycare for Wednesdays. I was really nervous (I had 2 nightmares about it last night) - it was actually quite lovely! The woman has run the daycare out of her home for 27 years. She lives across the street from my parents and couldn't have been sweeter. They have about 10 kids there, but Layla would be the youngest. She said she's primarily keep Layla upstairs (all the kids play in the basement) - there are cribs, high chairs, schedules and lists everywhere! It's very organized and I think Layla would do well there. I may have my parents watch her first few Wednesdays I go back to work but there's a good chance she'll go here once a week. I like it much better then a regular daycare. 

Her schedule (once I return to work part-time) - 

Monday - With me :)
Tuesday - With Me :) 
Wednesday - Daycare (Unless I find a nanny to watch her at home)
Thursday - My parents
Friday Morning - It will vary.
Friday Afternoon - With me :)

So that's that. I'm SO nervous to return to work. It makes my tummy turn :(

We have a big, exciting week - 
Laura is coming on Thursday!! 
Saturday, I'm having dinner with my girlfriends while Josh watches the peanut.
Sunday is Rachel's bridal shower!
Monday - We are FLORIDA bound!!!


Last night was the longest we've been away from Layla - we went to Butcher & Singer to celebrate Josh's birthday. My sister watched her and she did amazing - took her bottles (pumped breast milk) like a champ!! It makes me feel much better about leaving her for long periods of time.

Also, on a yucky note - my niece Ava broke her clavicle this weekend :( Poor thing. She's in a sling for 4 weeks and it stinks. At 5 years old, in the middle of summer, she's restricted on what she can do. I feel so bad but she's doing really well - I knew she would. I'm hoping to take her (and everyone else!) to the zoo when I get back from Florida.

Ok.. must go. Lots of TV to catch up on, reading to do (The Help - it's incredible, I'm addicted) and kisses to give!!


My heart.