My little family!

My little family!

Monday, July 18, 2011

6 weeks - woah baby!!

I wrote an entire entry this morning and just came back and accidentally erased the entire thing. 

We had a great week.

I think the main reason is because our girl is becoming a great sleeper! (Knock on wood!)
While in Atlantic City, we had her sleep in the Pack'N'Play.. she did fantastic and we decided to bring that to our room and see how she did every night in it - total success. I guess the swing, Fisher Price seat and bassinet weren't the best thing for her! She likes to have a lot of space to sprawl out (and break out of her swaddle - we call her Houdini) -- so far, so good! She is going anywhere from 2-4 hours in between feedings and going right back to sleep (within a few minutes of eating) -- we actually went FIVE hours the other night and I nearly screamed when I realized she could actually go 5 hours in between feedings! (I also checked on her breathing about 90569 times in one hour). 

This past weekend, Josh's parents came into town - we had an amazing weekend with them. We have been trying to Facetime or Skype with them everyday but there's nothing like seeing her in person! Josh's dad hadn't seen her since the hospital so it was awesome for him to see her!! 

Our weekend included a lot of kisses and cuddles from Grandma and Grandpa for Layla, some amazing meals, lots of errands, LOTS of naps and sleeping in for Josh & I thanks to our guests (we are well on our way to catching up on sleep, haha!), our first date since the baby was born (movies to see "Horrible Bosses" -- so funny!), and lots of relaxing. 

While on our date, it was the first time I was away from Layla for a feeding - I had pumped 4 bottles ahead of time (2 ounces in each bottle) -- she did amazing!! Josh's mom gave her the first bottle followed by her pacifier - she was still fussy so she gave her a second bottle and that did the trick! I am now feeling more and more confident about leaving her for longer then 2 hours. Next Friday is Josh's birthday so we're going for a yummy dinner downtown. My darling sister, Kim, is watching the baby and I'm happy to know she'll do great!! 

I am trying to set up a schedule for Layla - more and more, she's getting into a routine.

We wake up around 8 AM (she comes into bed with us around 4AM-5AM.. I'm trying not to do this anymore but it's so much easier then hearing her cry. I think after 5 AM she does not want to be alone!)
She is awake until 11 AM (ish), although today she has not napped yet and it is almost 3 PM!
She usually takes another nap late afternoon (3 PM) ish.
Bedtime between 8PM-PM.

I'll get better at this schedule once I truly figure out what she likes. Everything I read says how important it is to set up a routine. Babies like routine and so does this mama!!

I am doing well - I'm still on the weight loss track and hoping to get back to pre-pregnancy weight by October 1st. I started working out on our elliptical this weekend - it was SO hard but I know it'll get easier. 

I am getting really excited for Laura's trip to see us in less then 3 weeks...
3 weeks from today we're FLORIDA bound!!

Lots of amazing things being planned as well (Sarasota in October, Florida in November including a vacation with Josh's whole family to Key Largo) - we are so lucky and blessed to have this amazing daughter and be able to show her the world!! 

She finally just fell asleep..time to balance the checkbook, pay some bills and squeeze in a nap!!


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