My little family!

My little family!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4 weeks on the 4th of July!

Family. This is what I woke up to this morning.

4 weeks old today. 
Where is time going...???

We had a great week. Highlights including...

*Visiting Mom-Mom Rose & Mom-Mom Millie. It was so great and I hope to visit them as often as possible - Layla's so very lucky to have 4 great-grandparents in her life.
*Going out to eat and OFTEN. Josh & I really need to learn how to cook more, ha ha. Layla does amazing at restaurants. Often sleeps and otherwise relaxes. 
*Lunch and shopping with Aunt Rachel Luber - she had a breakdown by the end of lunch but it's her mama's own fault for not timing it out better -- I almost had to  nurse her in the car but she made it all the way home without too much of an issue! Aunt Ray also bought Layla her first bikini - too cute for words. 
*Cheesecake Factory, twice.
*Josh's flag football game - he was INCREDIBLE! 
*Shari's 4th of July bbq, yummy cheeseburgers!

A big highlight includes Layla's baby naming yesterday at our house. It was a HUGE success. I was so nervous to have a big group of people over but we had the perfect amount - about 30 people. We invited double but due to the holiday weekend, several couldn't come. We had Ben & Irvs deli trays delivered, Mom-Mom Andi made pasta salad and we had a HUGE Hesh's chocolate chip cake for dessert. An intense amount of food but delicious!! The Rabbi, Jessica, was wonderful - the ceremony was so thoughtful and beautiful. I'm so glad we did it and it will be a wonderful memory for us. Layla's Hebrew name is "Lyla Channa", named for my Great Aunt Anna (Mom-Mom Rose's sister) and Josh's great-grandmother, Caroline (on his Mom's side). We will be having a second baby naming in Florida on August 13th and I can't wait!

Breastfeeding -- I have to admit. It's hard. It's really, really hard. A lot of pain, a lot of time and an overall huge commitment. I'm trying to stay strong and push through. Often, I wonder if I should supplement with formula at night to keep my sanity. I debate myself on this often. I am not a fan of the breast pump although I'm trying to get used to it. I don't know what I'm going to do when I return to work - I'm actually dreading this and think about it often. I am going to read about the possibility of supplementing with formula versus freezing breast milk. I am really, really conflicted. 

Pacifier -- The best invention known to mankind. Layla is seriously in love with her Soothies and it's an immediate relief for her. Last night, she couldn't calm down from 4AM-6AM. If it wasn't for the pacifier, I think I would have cried for 2 hours straight.

Nanny - We need a nanny for Wednesdays starting the end of August. I'm seriously worried about this and need to figure out a solution as soon as possible. 

Doctor's appointment - Layla's next appointment is on Friday. I love going to see how much she weighs!

Me - I'm doing well. I have my moments but overall I'm feeling more and more confident. I'm healing well and the bulk of my pain is gone (I haven't used any pain medication in over a week). My scar is red and ugly but Josh says it's beautiful. He's amazing. I'm down exactly 24 pounds -- 28.6 more to go!! I can't wait until I'm allowed to work out again... the elliptical is calling my name!! I hate my soft body and I'm ready to rid my closet of anything maternity!! I have my follow-up appointment on July 11th.  I barely sleep and sometimes I forget to eat. I need to remember to brush my teeth and make sure my boobs aren't hanging out of my shirt when we have guests over. I forget everything and I sometimes wonder if I have pants on but... She's so perfect. She's so worth it. I just can't get enough of her face!!! that's our week via a new mama's mind. She'll be 1 month in 2 days and I'm speechless. I'll write again on Wednesday, as I try to remember everything from our 1st month as a family of 3. Plus 2 furballs. 


4 weeks and cuter everyday!!


  1. Oh my, you have nailed it on the nose. I remember not getting a chance to brush my teeth and wondering..."what does the baby think of my breath?" I am sure many have given you advice on this and that so they only thing i will say is CHERISH EVERY SECOND!!! They grow up so fast with in the first year. It's so bittersweet

  2. I really love this blog! It's so wonderful you are keeping track of everything. Don't worry about hating breastfeeding, many women do - they just don't admit it. Hannah absolutely refused to nurse and we went through three lactation specialists and nothing worked. So I ended up pumping for 7 months, until I just couldn't take it anymore. I didn't have too much milk so once in a while we'd supplement. Don't worry, relax and know that whatever you do, she will love you for it!
    As for the pacifier, consider yourself lucky. Many babies wont take a pacifier and never learn how to self soothe. Personally, I think the pacifier is a life-saver (although I know many moms will disagree). Hannah was given a pacifier during naps/night and when she was extremely cranky. I took it away around 15 months and it was totally easy and simple. No harm done! Plus, sucking on a pacifier is better for their teeth than sucking on a thumb!
    Keep writing! Can't wait for the next one.