My little family!

My little family!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last blog with an inside baby...

Dearest Layla Jules,

Here we are. Less then 24 hours until we get to kiss your sweet face and hold you in our arms. The past 39 weeks have been an incredible journey. Despite feeling a little sick and a little sleepy, I've loved every second of pregnancy. I'll never forget the 2 positive lines on the pregnancy test (we jumped up and down on the bed), the first time we saw you on the ultrasound, the first time we heard your heartbeat (by far, the best sound in the world), the first time I felt you move or the first time I realized I'm going to have a daughter. You are so very loved and always will be. I'll miss you in my belly but we are ready to finally see your face!! 




I'm blogging a day early because at 6:30 AM tomorrow, we'll be leaving for the hospital. They were able to move up my C-Section time from 3 PM to 8:45 AM which is FABULOUS (no more fasting for an entire day!) - today we are relaxing. Josh's parents are coming into town from Florida this afternoon and tonight we're having dinner along with my parents. It should be a great way to celebrate our "last night". I'm trying to tie up loose ends (balancing the checkbook, doing laundry, cleaning) because i know the next week will be a little insane. 

I'm nervous for tomorrow but weirdly calm about it too -- I trust that everything will go okay. I hope the C-Section is uneventful and goes smooth. I pray that Layla is healthy and happy and lovely. I wonder if breastfeeding will come naturally or if I'll have to work at it? I wonder if I'll react weird to the pain medications? I wonder if Josh will pass out when he has to cut the cord? (hahaha - just kidding). I have a million thoughts zooming through my head but I'm trying to just GO.WITH.IT. All my planning, all my preparations will most likely fly out the window the minute she's in my arms.

Thank you to everyone that has read my blog each and every week -- it has been so much fun to document this crazy journey and look back to see how big my belly has gotten!! I hope to continue with this after she is born - it's a fun way to keep track and remember all the little moments that will go way too fast. 

For all the amazing people that have said they are going to visit in the upcoming weeks - we can't wait for you to meet our girl! Please be aware I'll probably look really ugly and may be a bit sleepy but it doesn't mean I'm not excited to see you. Please also be aware I'm going to ask you to wash your hands about 903 times and if you're sick, I won't let you within 15 feet of her.  Seriously though, we can't wait for Layla to meet all the fabulous people that we share our lives with. 

With love - 
Court <3


•How far along?: 39 weeks tomorrow.     

•How big is baby?: At my last doctor's appointment, she felt the baby was between 6 1/2 and 7 pounds. We shall see!! (I had a dream the other night she was 10 pounds, 4 ounces - I was really sad because she didn't fit into her newborn outfits, hahaha). 

•Weight gain: OFFICIAL WEIGHT GAIN -- 52.6 pounds. I should have gained between 25-35 pounds. So basically, I'm double where I should be. Luckily we are ordering the elliptical this week!! ;) Best push present ever! 

Maternity clothes?: I will packing away my maternity clothes ASAP - except my yoga pants. I think those will remain a staple in my closet for years to come - too comfortable!! ;)

.•Sleep?:  Hoping and praying to get some much needed sleep in the hospital this week! lol

•Food cravings?: This whole pregnancy has been one huge Dairy Queen festival. I think I alone have kept them in business the past 9 months.

•Gender?: Girl - hopefully. Otherwise, we have a lot of returns to make. ;) 

•Stretch marks?: I MADE IT STRETCH MARK FREE!!!!! 

•Movement?: I feel bad for her - I think she ran out of room in there!! She moves a lot but I think she'll be happy to stretch out her little piggies and fingers!

•Labor signs?: Pressure, pressure, pressure. Random contractions (I think??) but nothing otherwise. It would be really funny if I went into labor today.  

Belly button in or out?: Half in, half out. 

•What I miss: NOTHING!! I'm SO ready to meet my bee. 

•Milestone: We made it. <3

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  1. WAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait to meet her! We love you both. Right now the doctor is probably tugging around in your belly pulling out your biggest blessing!!!!!! :) :) :)