My little family!

My little family!

Monday, May 30, 2011

38 weeks.

(Thank you to the amazing men & women that protect our country, especially Mr. Jason Briggs - The England family favorite veteran!!)

I can't believe it. 
I can't believe that it's Memorial Day Monday.
I can't believe that I have one more doctor's appointment. 

Clearly there's a lot I can't believe ;) 

It's been a good week. I finished up my last day at work in the office (I'll be working from home this week). I'm not sleeping, I'm in a lot of pain, but overall the excitement and anticipation is winning in terms of emotions. I've had random contractions throughout the week but nothing too intense. 

Last Tuesday, we met with the doctor who will be doing my C-Section. He was VERY nice (if you're a fan of The Office, he looks/speaks/acts exactly like Oscar) -- we discussed the procedure and I feel good about it. I know recovery won't be the easiest but I'm surrounded by an amazing group of family and friends that will help me! I'm most nervous about being able to care for my sweet girl (I won't be able to drive, lift anything, etc) but I am confident it will be fine. 

So that's that! Josh is putting together the pack & play in our basement (which is now completely finished and FANTASTIC!!) -- I've been doing tons of laundry and cleaning as much as I can (without my feet swelling to the size of Arkansas). We are going to babies-r-us this afternoon to pick up some last minute things, having a nice lunch at Cheesecake Factory, taking a nap and heading to a BBQ or two if I feel good enough. 

Nothing else to report - I just can't believe it's here. Josh's parents are coming into town in 6 days. I'm trying to enjoy our last week of "freedom" but the truth is - I'm counting the seconds until she is here showing us her gorgeous face. 

I just wonder who she'll look like??!! ;) 



Out of the shower and back into PJs...I'm wearing my bat mitzvah boxer shorts in this picture. hahaha.

•How far along?: 38 weeks. I see the light!! ;)      

•How big is baby?: At my doctor's appointment on Tuesday, the doctor estimated the baby weighed around 6 1/2 pounds (just by feeling my belly!) -- My guess it still around 7 pounds, 11 ounces at birth :)

•Weight gain: I didn't weigh myself this past Friday. My eating has been intense appetite is out of control and I decided to enjoy these last couple of weeks of pregnancy!! I'll post my final weight gain at my last blog.

Maternity clothes?: It's comical, really. I'd be naked all of the time to avoid wearing clothes if I could.

.•Sleep?:  Awful. Non-existent.
 Hoping to squeeze a nap in today. Or two. Or three.

•Food cravings?: Yesterday I woke up craving bagels & fabulous mama picked it up for dinner last night and it was AMAZING!!     

•Gender?: Girl.  

•Stretch marks?: Still in the clear - I thought I found one last week but it was just a scratch, woo!! One more week to keep these puppies at bay!

•Movement?: I feel so bad for my peanut. I'm fairly certain she has no more room in there. Her kicks and punches are INTENSE! 

•Labor signs?: Tons of pressure, back pain, and a few contractions here and there. Josh doesn't think we'll make it another week but I do - we shall see.  

Belly button in or out?: Not the prettiest of belly buttons but it never totally popped. Hopefully it goes back to it's original state!  

•What I miss: The ability to relax.. laying, sitting, standing - it all hurts :(  

•Milestone: My darling, my girl, my love will be here in ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!! (If not sooner!)

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