My little family!

My little family!

Monday, May 16, 2011

36 weeks!


Welcome to 36 weeks, AKA... my 9th month of pregnancy. I still can't believe it - we made it through this insane, fabulous journey unscathed (generally speaking..) and now it's really here. Moving forward, any given day, we may meet our sweet pumpkin. I am a ball of emotions - I can't stop cleaning, shopping, thinking, eating (ha) and praying that we have a healthy, safe delivery.

We had our normal doctor's appointment last Monday - I didn't love the doctor and I was annoyed we had to wait so long for our appointment (what's the point of a schedule if you don't keep it...??) -- however, the baby sounded great (146 heart rate) and we discussed the C-Section. I have my ultrasound on Friday to determine what exactly is happening but it seems that we're still on track for June 6th - we shall see! (3 weeks from today. Um. Yeh.)

We have another appointment tomorrow and we'll see how baby is measuring, etc. I may have an internal as well - we'll see. Josh is leaving for Florida on Thursday for our dear friend's wedding (congrats Scott & Karen!) - I'm sad to miss it and doubly sad that Josh will be away Thursday-Sunday. In the off chance that Layla decides to make her appearance, anyone want to fill in for Josh?? KIDDING ;) I'm planning on sleeping at my mom's house or sister's house this weekend so I don't have to drive myself to the hospital in case my water breaks. BUT... let's hope she keeps on baking for at least another week!

That's about it -we had a great, relaxing weekend (I was actually bored yesterday.. weird) and I'm looking forward to a calm week. Our basement is almost finished - it looks amazing!!!!! I'm so excited. They will start painting tomorrow - Josh will now have his man cave back!

This weekend is my gorgeous nephew's 1st birthday - I can't believe Andrew is turning ONE!!! I'm excited to see everyone and take my mind off all the pain and swelling I have going on :)

Have a great week!!

36 weeks and starting to DROP!

•How far along?: 36 weeks.  9 months of pregnancy. AHHHH!

•How big is baby?: The baby is now the size of a CRENSHAW MELON! I can't wait to see what she weighs at the ultrasound on Friday! 

•Weight gain: I gained another 2.6 pounds. It's actually comical now. I'm up 44.2 pounds. Um. Yeh. AND I still have 3-4 weeks to go.

Maternity clothes?: At this point, whatever fits sounds good.

.•Sleep?:  Just bad. I slept amazing on Friday night and I suppose that's supposed to hold me over until next week? lol.. whatever. I'm getting used to it.   

•Food cravings?: Everything. However, I'm noticing I get fuller much faster... I guess there's not much room left??    

•Gender?: Girl.  

•Stretch marks?: I don't want to jinx it but this seems to be one pregnancy symptom I've missed!!

•Movement?: Hiccups, punches, rolls, jabs! Josh was talking to her last night and she was going crazy - she knows her Daddy for sure! :)

MILESTONE -- 9 months of pregnancy baby!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
•Labor signs?: Okay, so this weekend I called my mom due to an increase in pain, pressure, braxton hicks and assorted other labor goodness.... nothing more but we shall see! ;) 

Belly button in or out?: Basically popped. 

•What I miss: Feeling thin... but whatever. I'm so excited. I can't believe we're in the final stretch!!!


  1. Did your moms & sister's water break? Both my mom and older sister had their water break, so I figured mine would too & it did! Its totally anticlimactic, though. Lol. I was expecting this HUGE gush and it ended up being this trickle down my leg. Boringggggg.

    Anyway, 36 weeks?! SERIOUSLY? Enjoy the down time (I know everyone says this!), but in all seriousness. Rub your belly every second b/c it's uber weird at first having an outside baby! lol

  2. Hey court!! you look great! what a perfect preggo belly you have!! I'm getting so excited for you. Getting used to not sleeping is probably a good thing, especially if you are going to breastfeed. I haven't slept for more than 3 hours at a time in 4 weeks, and 3 hours is a good stretch!
    I can't believe your little girl is going to be here so soon! You are in the home stretch, hang in there :)