My little family!

My little family!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Apple Belly!!

Hello & welcome to week 34!!
I'm feeling pretty good and getting ready for the baby's big arrival.
The above picture was from a photo shoot I did yesterday - a photographer I previously worked with (Sarah Schulte) is putting together an awesome calender for charity. She & her husband are taking pictures of pregnant bellies with different things painted on them - her husband is a fantastic artist and when I heard about the opportunity to be involved, I quickly signed up! All the proceeds from the calender will go towards an awesome children's charity. I am the month of September (my birthday month!) and I can't wait to see the finished product! As a thank-you, Sarah took some maternity pictures of me - I'm feeling like a whale so I'm hoping for 1-2 decent pictures that I can frame for Layla's room :)
Last Monday, I had my regular doctor's appointment. The baby sounded great and the doctor was awesome at answering all my questions. Basically, she said the baby cannot be born vaginally given the current measurements of my placenta -- she felt it was best if we schedule a C-Section. After my May 20th ultrasound, we MAY cancel the C-Section but if not, Miss Layla has a BIRTHDAY!! June 6, 2011. (mark it in your planners!) I'll be 39 weeks and it will be at 3 PM. I received all my paperwork this weekend discussing the details leading up to the procedure. At this point in time, I'm really hoping they keep my C-Section so that I can stop worrying/wondering if we'll need it. I have a doctor's appointment a week from today and I'm going to discuss this option with the doctor - also, after next week my appointments become WEEKLY! We're seriously at the end of this amazing, incredible, fascinating journey!!!
No big plans this week - we officially selected a contractor and our basement will be a finished, beautiful room in about 3 weeks! Work starts tomorrow, can't wait!
We also got a home security system this weekend - I'm unbelievably excited about it. ADT rules!
Looking forward to next week (35 weeks, 35 days to go!) and hoping to feel good this week.
Current pregnancy symptoms?
1 - Heartburn
2 - Nausea
3 - Sleeplessness
4 - Lower back pain/lower front pain
5 - Swollen fingers and feet
Current state of mind?
Ecstatic and hopeful for baby's birthday!

34 weeks - noticing a change in the shape of my belly - lower? I don't know, but things are happening!

•How far along?: 34 weeks.  8 1/2 months preggo eggo.

•How big is baby?: The baby is now the size of a CANTALOUPE! She is gaining weight every week (average is 1/2 pound) and I'm guessing she will be anywhere between 7-8 pounds at birth (we hope!)

•Weight gain: I gained 0.6 pounds this week. WAHOO! With baby gaining 1/2 pound each week, I really didn't gain anything! (haha!) I'm up 39.6 pounds.

Maternity clothes?: This week, I found my most comfortable outfit is one of Josh's super soft, comfortable t-shirts. I'd wear those puppies everyday if I could.

.•Sleep?:  Sleep? What's that? I will NOT miss pregnancy insomnia, that's for sure!

•Movement?: My little gymnast? Moves all the time. And her new thing? Middle-of-the-night hiccups. Fun for all!

•Labor signs?: Nope, although I do have braxton hicks contractions more & more! ;) 

Belly button in or out?: Basically out. Kind of. 

•What I miss: Nothing. I want her here, safe, sound and healthy <3

•Milestone: I'd say scheduling a possible birthday is a pretty big milestone!!


•Food cravings?: Food. Food. Food. Give me it all. Today, I would like spaghetti.    

•Gender?: Girl.  

•Stretch marks?: So far, so good! I'm not out of the clear yet but I'd be so excited to avoid stretch marks!

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