My little family!

My little family!

Monday, May 30, 2011

38 weeks.

(Thank you to the amazing men & women that protect our country, especially Mr. Jason Briggs - The England family favorite veteran!!)

I can't believe it. 
I can't believe that it's Memorial Day Monday.
I can't believe that I have one more doctor's appointment. 

Clearly there's a lot I can't believe ;) 

It's been a good week. I finished up my last day at work in the office (I'll be working from home this week). I'm not sleeping, I'm in a lot of pain, but overall the excitement and anticipation is winning in terms of emotions. I've had random contractions throughout the week but nothing too intense. 

Last Tuesday, we met with the doctor who will be doing my C-Section. He was VERY nice (if you're a fan of The Office, he looks/speaks/acts exactly like Oscar) -- we discussed the procedure and I feel good about it. I know recovery won't be the easiest but I'm surrounded by an amazing group of family and friends that will help me! I'm most nervous about being able to care for my sweet girl (I won't be able to drive, lift anything, etc) but I am confident it will be fine. 

So that's that! Josh is putting together the pack & play in our basement (which is now completely finished and FANTASTIC!!) -- I've been doing tons of laundry and cleaning as much as I can (without my feet swelling to the size of Arkansas). We are going to babies-r-us this afternoon to pick up some last minute things, having a nice lunch at Cheesecake Factory, taking a nap and heading to a BBQ or two if I feel good enough. 

Nothing else to report - I just can't believe it's here. Josh's parents are coming into town in 6 days. I'm trying to enjoy our last week of "freedom" but the truth is - I'm counting the seconds until she is here showing us her gorgeous face. 

I just wonder who she'll look like??!! ;) 



Out of the shower and back into PJs...I'm wearing my bat mitzvah boxer shorts in this picture. hahaha.

•How far along?: 38 weeks. I see the light!! ;)      

•How big is baby?: At my doctor's appointment on Tuesday, the doctor estimated the baby weighed around 6 1/2 pounds (just by feeling my belly!) -- My guess it still around 7 pounds, 11 ounces at birth :)

•Weight gain: I didn't weigh myself this past Friday. My eating has been intense appetite is out of control and I decided to enjoy these last couple of weeks of pregnancy!! I'll post my final weight gain at my last blog.

Maternity clothes?: It's comical, really. I'd be naked all of the time to avoid wearing clothes if I could.

.•Sleep?:  Awful. Non-existent.
 Hoping to squeeze a nap in today. Or two. Or three.

•Food cravings?: Yesterday I woke up craving bagels & fabulous mama picked it up for dinner last night and it was AMAZING!!     

•Gender?: Girl.  

•Stretch marks?: Still in the clear - I thought I found one last week but it was just a scratch, woo!! One more week to keep these puppies at bay!

•Movement?: I feel so bad for my peanut. I'm fairly certain she has no more room in there. Her kicks and punches are INTENSE! 

•Labor signs?: Tons of pressure, back pain, and a few contractions here and there. Josh doesn't think we'll make it another week but I do - we shall see.  

Belly button in or out?: Not the prettiest of belly buttons but it never totally popped. Hopefully it goes back to it's original state!  

•What I miss: The ability to relax.. laying, sitting, standing - it all hurts :(  

•Milestone: My darling, my girl, my love will be here in ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!! (If not sooner!)

Monday, May 23, 2011

37 weeks!


I'm so thrilled to report we now have a full term peanut... while it's ideal for her to cook for another 2-3 weeks, she is considered full term. This means that she can come at anytime and (we pray) would be healthy and happy and big!!

We had our regular doctor's appointment last Tuesday - as of now, I'm not dilated at all but the baby is COMPLETELY head down and low. The rest of the appointment was good - my blood pressure is still normal (100/70) and my swelling is normal. The baby's heart rate was great as well.

Last Wednesday, we met with the Rabbi who will be performing our baby naming -- she was AMAZING! Our dear friend, Derek, introduced us to her and I'm so glad he did - she completely understood our vision for the baby naming and we're looking forward to giving Layla her Hebrew name. She will be named after my Aunt Anna (my Mom-Mom Rose's sister) and Josh's great-grandmother, Caroline. We are doing two baby naming ceremonies (one up here on July 3rd at our house and one in Florida in August) - I'm so excited!!

Josh left for Florida on Thursday - I was so nervous I would go into labor all weekend, but fears were silly.

On Friday, I had my ultrasound. My mom came with me and it was so great to see my peanut again. She looked fabulous and grew so much -- according to the ultrasound, she now weighs 6 pounds, 11 ounces!!! (Exactly 2 pounds more then 4 weeks ago!) They say, on average, the baby grows 1/2 pound per week so I'm expecting a 7 pound, 11 ounce peanut but we shall see! The ultrasound itself was a bit frustrating -- once again, she was in a position too low and the technician couldn't determine if my placenta previa had recovered. End result? We will be moving forward with our June 6th scheduled C-Section!! (TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!) We meet tomorrow with Dr. Ruiz who will be doing my surgery. I'm  very excited and beyond ready! I've been reading a bunch about C-Sections, breastfeeding, etc and I finally feel (somewhat) prepared!! This is also my last week of in-office working -- I will be working from home all next week, then I'm done!! Looking forward to maternity leave and meeting our girl <3

My brother Matt & I took this picture to show how far along we are! ;)

37 weeks!!

•How far along?: 37 weeks. FULL TERM BABY!!!!!!     

•How big is baby?: The baby is now the size of a WATERMELON!!!!! I've been so excited to reach the watermelon stage, haha! ;) 

•Weight gain: I gained 3.8 pounds. On one week. How is that possible? I have no idea. I think it's water weight and I'm just going with that. I'm up 48 pounds and will NOT be sad to have these weigh-ins over and done with!! Only 2 more to go!!!

Maternity clothes?: I dream of wearing non-maternity...haha.

.•Sleep?:  Bad weekend, sleep wise :( I slept at my mama's house on Friday and my sister's house on Saturday because Josh was in Florida..the pain in the middle of the night is really intense and I think I slept for a total of 2-3 hours both nights. Last night, back in my own bed, I slept a bit better (thanks to my snoogle) but overall, sleep isn't happening.

•Food cravings?: My most recent discovery...decaf mocha iced coffee with cream and splenda from Dunkin Donuts. I literally wake up thinking about it.    

•Gender?: Girl.  

•Stretch marks?: I thought I found one and cried (hahaha) but it went away! Just a scratch I guess?!! Still stretch mark free (KNOCK ON WOOD!)

•Movement?: Movement all day. She is REALLY far down so the movements are different. And hiccups at least once a day!

•Labor signs?: Braxton hicks but otherwise none..but any day, she could be here!!! :) 

Belly button in or out?: Popped-ish. 

•What I miss: Sleep and losing weight versus gaining...and pain free days/nights.

•Milestone: Our amazing girl is now full term and is welcome to show us her beautiful face any day!! I'm so proud!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

36 weeks!


Welcome to 36 weeks, AKA... my 9th month of pregnancy. I still can't believe it - we made it through this insane, fabulous journey unscathed (generally speaking..) and now it's really here. Moving forward, any given day, we may meet our sweet pumpkin. I am a ball of emotions - I can't stop cleaning, shopping, thinking, eating (ha) and praying that we have a healthy, safe delivery.

We had our normal doctor's appointment last Monday - I didn't love the doctor and I was annoyed we had to wait so long for our appointment (what's the point of a schedule if you don't keep it...??) -- however, the baby sounded great (146 heart rate) and we discussed the C-Section. I have my ultrasound on Friday to determine what exactly is happening but it seems that we're still on track for June 6th - we shall see! (3 weeks from today. Um. Yeh.)

We have another appointment tomorrow and we'll see how baby is measuring, etc. I may have an internal as well - we'll see. Josh is leaving for Florida on Thursday for our dear friend's wedding (congrats Scott & Karen!) - I'm sad to miss it and doubly sad that Josh will be away Thursday-Sunday. In the off chance that Layla decides to make her appearance, anyone want to fill in for Josh?? KIDDING ;) I'm planning on sleeping at my mom's house or sister's house this weekend so I don't have to drive myself to the hospital in case my water breaks. BUT... let's hope she keeps on baking for at least another week!

That's about it -we had a great, relaxing weekend (I was actually bored yesterday.. weird) and I'm looking forward to a calm week. Our basement is almost finished - it looks amazing!!!!! I'm so excited. They will start painting tomorrow - Josh will now have his man cave back!

This weekend is my gorgeous nephew's 1st birthday - I can't believe Andrew is turning ONE!!! I'm excited to see everyone and take my mind off all the pain and swelling I have going on :)

Have a great week!!

36 weeks and starting to DROP!

•How far along?: 36 weeks.  9 months of pregnancy. AHHHH!

•How big is baby?: The baby is now the size of a CRENSHAW MELON! I can't wait to see what she weighs at the ultrasound on Friday! 

•Weight gain: I gained another 2.6 pounds. It's actually comical now. I'm up 44.2 pounds. Um. Yeh. AND I still have 3-4 weeks to go.

Maternity clothes?: At this point, whatever fits sounds good.

.•Sleep?:  Just bad. I slept amazing on Friday night and I suppose that's supposed to hold me over until next week? lol.. whatever. I'm getting used to it.   

•Food cravings?: Everything. However, I'm noticing I get fuller much faster... I guess there's not much room left??    

•Gender?: Girl.  

•Stretch marks?: I don't want to jinx it but this seems to be one pregnancy symptom I've missed!!

•Movement?: Hiccups, punches, rolls, jabs! Josh was talking to her last night and she was going crazy - she knows her Daddy for sure! :)

MILESTONE -- 9 months of pregnancy baby!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
•Labor signs?: Okay, so this weekend I called my mom due to an increase in pain, pressure, braxton hicks and assorted other labor goodness.... nothing more but we shall see! ;) 

Belly button in or out?: Basically popped. 

•What I miss: Feeling thin... but whatever. I'm so excited. I can't believe we're in the final stretch!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Here we are. 35 weeks, 35 days until due date.
I can't believe it.
This week was fabulous -- time is zooming on by and LJE will be here before we know it!

The nursery is almost complete -- I just need to find an area rug I like and hang some art on the walls. I also need my brother in law to hang the curtains (hint, hint Michael!) ;) It's really sweet and the room feels so warm and comfortable.

I set up maternity leave through work -- my last day will be June 3rd and I'll be taking 12 weeks. Can't wait!!

We had a really fabulous moment this weekend and it made me realize how much I'll miss being pregnant. Josh & I were laying on the sofa with all the windows opened, relaxing and enjoying our lazy afternoon. We always have music playing and it's clear Layla LOVES to have music playing -- Josh was playing "Waste" by Phish and she was rolling around in my tummy. Josh & I were sitting, watching my belly move with the song and I began to cry. (Shocking). I will really miss these moments. Pregnancy is incredible and I can't believe she'll be in my arms instead of in my belly soon enough. AH!


I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and we'll start going weekly from now on. I'm going to discuss my pending June 6th C-Section and I hope to find out if that is still the plan.

Cheers to a great week and a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the ladies in my life!!!! I'm lucky to be surrounded by so many powerful and incredible mamas.
... of course, a special happy Mother's Day to my mama. <3 (And mother-in-law. And Mom-Mom Millie. And Mom-Mom Rose. And Grandma Rita. And Kim. And Heather. And Danielle.)


35 weeks!

•How far along?: 35 weeks. 35 days until due date. I can't believe it - I've been thinking this day was SO far away and now I'm here!

•How big is baby?: The baby is now the size of a sheet cake - hahaha. No joke. Baby can be as long as 22 inches and around 5 pound, 5 ounces. We'll find out how big she is soon enough!

•Weight gain: I gained an additional 2 pounds this week. I'm up 41.6 pounds. Yes. You read that correct. This 3rd trimester weight gain is extraordinary.

Maternity clothes?: I love dresses, yoga pants and big t-shirts.

.•Sleep?:  I think she is using my bladder as a trampoline, especially at night. I barely sleep :(

•Movement?: Hiccups, hard jabs and overall movement.. I LOVE IT!

•Food cravings?: Peanut butter.    

•Gender?: Girl.  


•What I miss: I'm sleepy but I'm getting so excited. I don't miss anything.
•Labor signs?: No but I'm FINALLY feeling comfortable with the fact that if I went into labor, with the help of the NICU, she'd be okay! I'd like her to bake for at least 2 more weeks. 

Belly button in or out?: I would say I popped. I look like a turkey. 

 •Milestone: 35/35!! 

The bump with a shirt!

My other children :) Shluffy & Rigby.


Monday, May 2, 2011


Apple Belly!!

Hello & welcome to week 34!!
I'm feeling pretty good and getting ready for the baby's big arrival.
The above picture was from a photo shoot I did yesterday - a photographer I previously worked with (Sarah Schulte) is putting together an awesome calender for charity. She & her husband are taking pictures of pregnant bellies with different things painted on them - her husband is a fantastic artist and when I heard about the opportunity to be involved, I quickly signed up! All the proceeds from the calender will go towards an awesome children's charity. I am the month of September (my birthday month!) and I can't wait to see the finished product! As a thank-you, Sarah took some maternity pictures of me - I'm feeling like a whale so I'm hoping for 1-2 decent pictures that I can frame for Layla's room :)
Last Monday, I had my regular doctor's appointment. The baby sounded great and the doctor was awesome at answering all my questions. Basically, she said the baby cannot be born vaginally given the current measurements of my placenta -- she felt it was best if we schedule a C-Section. After my May 20th ultrasound, we MAY cancel the C-Section but if not, Miss Layla has a BIRTHDAY!! June 6, 2011. (mark it in your planners!) I'll be 39 weeks and it will be at 3 PM. I received all my paperwork this weekend discussing the details leading up to the procedure. At this point in time, I'm really hoping they keep my C-Section so that I can stop worrying/wondering if we'll need it. I have a doctor's appointment a week from today and I'm going to discuss this option with the doctor - also, after next week my appointments become WEEKLY! We're seriously at the end of this amazing, incredible, fascinating journey!!!
No big plans this week - we officially selected a contractor and our basement will be a finished, beautiful room in about 3 weeks! Work starts tomorrow, can't wait!
We also got a home security system this weekend - I'm unbelievably excited about it. ADT rules!
Looking forward to next week (35 weeks, 35 days to go!) and hoping to feel good this week.
Current pregnancy symptoms?
1 - Heartburn
2 - Nausea
3 - Sleeplessness
4 - Lower back pain/lower front pain
5 - Swollen fingers and feet
Current state of mind?
Ecstatic and hopeful for baby's birthday!

34 weeks - noticing a change in the shape of my belly - lower? I don't know, but things are happening!

•How far along?: 34 weeks.  8 1/2 months preggo eggo.

•How big is baby?: The baby is now the size of a CANTALOUPE! She is gaining weight every week (average is 1/2 pound) and I'm guessing she will be anywhere between 7-8 pounds at birth (we hope!)

•Weight gain: I gained 0.6 pounds this week. WAHOO! With baby gaining 1/2 pound each week, I really didn't gain anything! (haha!) I'm up 39.6 pounds.

Maternity clothes?: This week, I found my most comfortable outfit is one of Josh's super soft, comfortable t-shirts. I'd wear those puppies everyday if I could.

.•Sleep?:  Sleep? What's that? I will NOT miss pregnancy insomnia, that's for sure!

•Movement?: My little gymnast? Moves all the time. And her new thing? Middle-of-the-night hiccups. Fun for all!

•Labor signs?: Nope, although I do have braxton hicks contractions more & more! ;) 

Belly button in or out?: Basically out. Kind of. 

•What I miss: Nothing. I want her here, safe, sound and healthy <3

•Milestone: I'd say scheduling a possible birthday is a pretty big milestone!!


•Food cravings?: Food. Food. Food. Give me it all. Today, I would like spaghetti.    

•Gender?: Girl.  

•Stretch marks?: So far, so good! I'm not out of the clear yet but I'd be so excited to avoid stretch marks!