My little family!

My little family!

Monday, April 18, 2011

8th month!!!

An amazing bib - a gift from my dear friend, Amy -- could it be anymore perfect?!
 Hello & welcome to the 8th month!!!
I'm at week 32.
I'm counting in DAYS until her due date.
This past week was good!

I had a doctor's appointment last Wednesday -- I had been experiencing some pain so I had my first "internal" -- due to placenta previa, it was a modified internal (and not very fun at all) - however, everything looked good! I am not dilated at all nor having contractions, phew! Apparently my body is preparing for birth, hence the pain... awesome! ;)

Saturday, I made a Babies-R-Us trip to buy the ottoman for our glider, a breast pump, a changing table mattress and a mattress pad for the crib -- I'm feeling more & more prepared. The nursery needs a few more things but overall is ready for the peanut! I'm on the hunt for the perfect floor lamp - I'm heading to Home Goods this week to check out the scene.

Yesterday, my brother-in-law Michael installed our window treatments at the house - what a relief! The neighbors can no longer see in all of our windows - oh yeh! They look BEAUTIFUL - we still need to hang the curtains in Layla's room but otherwise it looks so great. IF you need window treatments, let me know - Michael is fabulous!!

... so that's that. This is a big week. Tonight & tomorrow, we have our Passover Seders (woo!) - and Wednesday is our big ultrasound. If the placenta previa hasn't moved, we will be scheduling our C-Section at the next doctor's appointment (a week from today) -- I'm fully prepared for that and ready to know the birthday!!

Next weekend, Josh & I are heading to NYC to celebrate our 1 year anniversary... I can't believe it!!! We have plans to see a show "The Book of Mormon", dinner at our favorite restaurant & a sleepover at a fancy hotel ;) Sunday (our actual anniversary), Josh & I will be sitting 3rd row court side to watch the Heat vs Sixers playoff game (Josh's anniversary gift) - very exciting stuff!!!

Getting excited... less anxiety, more anticipation -- time is flying by and moving awfully slow, all at the same time.

On a side note - I'm sending lots of love and well wishes to my dear friend Vanessa who is due ANY day -- can't wait to see pictures of your darling Nat-Tat! :) :)

Apologies for the pajamas shot! ;)

•How far along?: 32 weeks. HELLO 8TH MONTH!! AHHHH!   

•How big is baby?: "Your baby will weigh about 4 pounds and measure over 17 inches long—about the length of a hot pair of above-the-knee boots." --HAHA.. I have my ultrasound on Wednesday, we'll find out how big the little lady is!

•Weight gain: I gained 3.8 pounds this week - literally. In one week. I cried, I sobbed, I ruined a perfectly good Friday morning and I decided that this whole weight gain thing is bizarre and happens for no good reason. I'm up 37 pounds and mentally prepared for a 50 pound gain. UHHHH.

Maternity clothes?: Clothes? Ha. I'm starting to realize nothing looks "good" - I'm trying to accessorize my huge bump. It's hard not to look like a whale. But maternity jeans all the time... still regular dresses and shirts.

.•Sleep?:  I slept GREAT this weekend - especially Friday night. It felt so good to sleep through the night (well, until 6 AM)

•Food cravings?: Just food! lol... I love food. Fruit (pears, oranges, bananas) especially.   

•Gender?: Miss Layla Jules England <3  

•Stretch marks?: Bio-Oil -- need a new bottle!

•Movement?: It seems like all day, everyday - and these punches and kicks are HARD!  I told Josh I think she bought a swing set and has friends over daily in there! haha!

•Labor signs?: Keep on baking my little ladybug. 

Belly button in or out?: Starting to pop out - it looks so funny. 

•What I miss: I am losing energy and it's hard to get comfortable but I feel good otherwise - I don't miss a thing - I'm so excited and anxious and ready to kiss her cheeks!!

•Milestone: 8th month of pregnancy!!!! AND... if I have to have a C-Section, 6 weeks to go!!!


  1. the weight gain means absolutely nothing when everything other than your belly looks like you have practically gained nothing. Consider yourself lucky and enjoy this time. Dont worry about how you look, to me you look as beautiful as ever. I love you.


  2. Layla Grace totally has that bib! So cute! And don't stress over the weight. Remember baby will be about 7, plus the weight of placenta and blood. You will lose it in a flash! I will warn, tho, that BFing does cause you to hold on to 5-10lbs. You eat like your pregnant but don't gain anymore weight!

  3. court and josh have a happy passover!!!!