My little family!

My little family!

Monday, April 25, 2011

"365 days and a lifetime to go"


Good morning - welcome to 33 weeks.

This will be a very picture-heavy post, although I'll try not to go too crazy.

First, baby update -- last Wednesday, I had my ultrasound. It went really well...the baby's heart rate was 152 and she weighs a whopping 4 pounds, 11 ounces (54 percentile!). She looks great and is completely head down (preparing for birth) -- the technician was really sweet but couldnt' get good enough pictures at first to determine the status of my placenta previa. After pressing on the baby (ow!) and trying several times, we basically have been determined to NOT have placenta previa anymore (meaning NO scheduled C-section as of now!!) - I now have a "low-lying placenta" - I'll find out what all of this means today at my doctor's appointment, but it seems that we will be shooting for a regular labor and delivery!! I was shocked, to say the least. I am very curious to see what the doctor says. They want me to go for one more ultrasound in 4 weeks (May 20th) so we'll see. 

Josh & I gave our baby predictions... here we go.

Josh - June 11th, 8 pounds, 8 ounces, 19 inches, 3:36 PM.
Me - June 6th, 7 pounds, 11 ounces, 20 inches, 9:29 AM.

If you have any guesses, we'd love to know (leave it in the comments)! I hope to do an official baby pool with the family - I'll even give away  prize to the winner! :)

Now...moving on to something very special and exciting.

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary. I can't believe it. 1 year since the best day of my life. We were engaged for 18 months and I loved EVERY second of wedding planning - I threw myself into the process and ate up every second. I actually miss the planning and I think if given the chance, I'd plan weddings for the rest of my life!!

We exchanged cards - the messages were so sweet, I cried! It's customary to give "paper" gifts for the 1st year, so I gave Josh the best kind of paper possible - toilet paper! :)

This weekend, we celebrated in the best way possible. On Saturday morning, we took the train to NYC. I planned this months ago and was so excited. We got into NYC and hopped in a cab over to the theatre district to meet my cousin, Allison, for lunch. It was POURING rain and the restaurant we had chosen was closed for Easter (oops!) so we scooted next door to a little place (I already forget the name) but it was really good! 

After lunch, Josh & I walked over the theatre and saw "Book of Mormons." If you are a fan of South Park and don't get offended easily, RUN (don't walk) to NYC and see this show. It was fabulous. Hilarious, entertaining, the music was awesome and the talent was SO great. My cheeks are still burning from laughing so hard!!

When the show was over, we got in a cab and went to our hotel. I was nervous because I booked through (a division of Gilt if you are familiar with that website) -- well, turns out I had nothing to be nervous about. The hotel was INCREDIBLE. It was on Wall Street in the Financial District and possibly the nicest room I've ever stayed in. We were so shocked! We relaxed for a bit before heading to our favorite NYC restaurant for dinner - Piccolo Angelo in the West Village. Yum. No other words to describe. Josh had a 2 1/2 pound lobster, I had spaghetti and meatballs and we split Oreo cheesecake for dessert. Every bite was better then the last and the whole dinner was divine. We took a cab back to the hotel where I was sleeping before my head hit the pillow. 

Yesterday, we woke up and our breakfast was delivered to our room (love room service!!) - we got ready, took a train back to Trenton, got in my car and went right to the Wells Fargo center for the Sixers vs Heat playoff game...3rd row seats (Josh's gift). Incredible. We were so close to the players, we could practically smell their sweat. It was insanely exciting and so much fun - the Sixers won and Josh was very sad but it was still fabulous and I think he really loved it. 

Pictures do no justice but look how cute he looks :)

We got home, realized we needed dinner and went to PF Changs... it was yum, of course. Our waiter was the sweetest and gave us a free yummy dessert for our anniversary :) 

A perfect weekend to celebrate a perfect 1st year. 

Here are some pictures from our very special weekend last year... I love you Joshua. You are my best friend, my other half and Layla is beyond lucky to have you as a Dada. :)

Rehearsal Dinner - 4/23/10
Rehearsal Dinner - 4/23/10
Rehearsal Dinner - 4/23/10

handsome groom getting ready for the wedding!
The dress ;)
Ready for my groom!

Just relaxing until our first look ;)

A smooch after our first look!

Best. Bridal. Party. Ever!!

A little dip ;)

Some photo booth fun!!


Toasting to the end of an insanely perfect night!!!

Our Jamaica honeymoon... a fantastic week!!! 

Okay.. I'm done before I add all my wedding pictures!! ;) I haven't made my wedding album yet -- I really need to do this before the baby is born!! :) 

33 weeks - excuse my pajamas ;)

•How far along?: 33 weeks.    

•How big is baby?: The baby is now the size of a HONEYDEW! Seriously, pick up a honeydew the next time you're in a super market and stick it under your shirt. It's big. ;) 

•Weight gain: I gained 2 pounds last week for a total of 39 pounds. No comment.

Maternity clothes?: I'm finding dresses to be the most comfortable by far -- with this 80 degree weather all week, it seems I'll be wearing dresses everyday! Too bad my legs are the color of Casper, the friendly ghost.

.•Sleep?:  Awful. I've basically lost any ability to sleep more then 2-3 hours at a time - it stinks :( It hurts for me to change positions and I can't find a comfortable way to sleep. Did I mention I got up to pee 6 times last night? (a new record!)

•Food cravings?: Still finishing my plate at every.single.meal. Whatever man...come 6-weeks post baby, it's weight watchers time! ;) Might as well enjoy it now. (YES, I know I have to wait 6 weeks and YES, I plan on breastfeeding!)    

•Gender?: Girl.  

•Stretch marks?: Bio-Oil -- bought a new bottle and I'm going to invest in their stock if it continues to keep these suckers at bay, fingers crossed!!

•Movement?: HA! She is beating me up from the inside -- Josh's grandma told me she used to laugh every time the baby would kick her because it was so exciting. I still laugh and I still love it but man, it does hurt!

•Labor signs?: No...I want her to cook for another 5 weeks. Then I think she's welcome anytime ;) 

Belly button in or out?: STILL sporting a weird, odd, "not quite popped" look. 

•What I miss: Sleep and a painless wake-up but I'm just so excited. With each day, I realize how much closer we are to kissing her cheeks!!

•Milestone: Celebrating 1 year of marriage to the love of my life... after this, the focus is all baby, all the time! :)

32 weeks, 2 days. Can you get over these cheeks?? They go on for days, I'm so in love.


  1. Heres my prediction for my little princess

    June 3rd 7lb 6oz lets say 8:52am

    Cant wait for her to see the world and the wonderful fam she is being brought into!

  2. Sorry, but usually the dad's are right on the predictions! lol Joe got Layla Grace's basically 100%. Said she was going to come on Nov 17th in the evening & weigh 7lbs. Yes, he predicted the future!