My little family!

My little family!

Monday, April 11, 2011


What a week....ending in a positive and fabulous weekend!!

I had the pleasure of hosting a stomach bug beginning last Monday. I was overwhelmed by nausea and exhaustion and ended up missing 3 days of work (putting in a few hours both Monday & Tuesday morning). It hit me like a ton of bricks and I was terrified it was 3rd trimester fun, but by Wednesday afternoon I was feeling mostly better. I've now officially had a virus in every trimester - fun fun! Hopefully I'm healthy from here on out until she comes.

This weekend was fabulous.

Friday night, we had dinner with one of my best friends of many years, Keith & his wife Melissa. They are pregnant with a girl as well, due in August - it's so unbelievably exciting and great to swap pregnancy stories with Mel. We got to show them the start to our nursery and it made me realize how much more I need to do! We're so excited for Keith & Melissa and it'll be great to raise our babies together :)

Saturday, I was Atlantic City bound for my dear friend Shari's bachelorette party. We started out with manicures & pedicures (heaven), a lot of girl time, a fabulous dinner for 12 at Carmines, gambling (I won $37) and sleep (for me, a club for the girls!) -- it was SO much fun and well needed. I hope we can make this a regular occurrence - not too expensive and so great to have a huge sleepover with all of my best friends. I'm so excited for Shari & Brian and devastated to be missing their Mexico wedding next month -- I can't wait to see pictures!!

Shari, The Bride & I before heading out to dinner!

This week is pretty low-key... we are going to pick up the glider (we tried yesterday but it wouldn't fit in my car) - I have some things to return to babies-r-us and even more to buy -- I need to do Layla's laundry (although I've been told by numerous parents not to wash everything in case she grows out of it too fast!) - I have my regular doctor's appointment on Wednesday -- and we're really starting to get the house prepared for her arrival!

A couple of things I need for the house -- a locksmith, a security system and a screen door.

I want Josh to set up the mobile, baby monitors and swing this week if possible -- he's fabulous at putting things together.

I also need to decide where Layla will sleep the first few months - we were lucky enough to get the Arm's Reach bassinet from Josh's parents, however I recently found out some of these were recalled due to baby injuries and death. Luckily, ours wasn't recalled but now I'm too nervous and thinking about exchanging for a regular bassinet instead of the Arm's Reach -- decisions, decisions!!

As you can tell - my mind is all over the place. I'm an emotional mess the past few days and nervous/excited/terrified for the next few weeks.... I just can't wait to kiss her cheeks.

31 weeks - ahhhh! ;)

•How far along?: 31 weeks. I'm pretty sure this is what they call the "freaking out" period -- my anxiety is growing everyday with preparations for baby's arrival.   

•How big is baby?: "Weighing in at three-plus pounds and measuring 18 inches long, your baby is quickly approaching his birth length — though she's got to pack on another three to five pounds before D-day." (a random website)

•Weight gain: I gained 0.4 pounds this week - phew! Not too bad. I'm up 33.2 in total.   

Maternity clothes?: All maternity, all the time.  I was drooling over the girl's clothes this weekend and can't wait to shop post-baby for some fabulous and fun new (non-maternity) dresses!

.•Sleep?:  Insomnia.  Peeing 2-4 times per night. Planning, creating, thinking all night long ;)   

•Food cravings?:My heartburn is wicked bad this point, anything to help with the burn (which isn't much - bummer).   

•Gender?: Princess.  

•Stretch marks?: Bio-Oil is my savior, so far. 

•Movement?: Tons of movement. It's intense sometimes!    

•Labor signs?: No.. I do have pain below but it's apparently due to the weight of my darling girl. 

Belly button in or out?: In but raised -- STILL hasn't popped! 

•What I miss: Nothing really! I know I complain about the lack of sleep, pain, backaches, etc - but now that I'm counting down in single digits, I can't believe I'll be holding my girl soon -- I do love pregnancy, it's a magical and amazing time.

•Milestone: I'm counting in terms of Mondays... not including today (and assuming I have to have the C-Section at 38 weeks) I only have 6 more to go!!

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  1. Getting excited for you Court!!! Can't believe you got sick again, poor girl. Sheesh! Make sure you leave things to do for you and Josh the last 2-3 weeks. It's been great that we procrastinated on some stuff because it's keeping us busy, and keeping this last week or so moving!!