My little family!

My little family!

Monday, March 7, 2011

helloooo 26 weeks!

A great week indeed!!

I'm feeling MUCH better post-stomach virus (a full week to recover) and I'm now sporting a lovely cough every few minutes. This cold is annoying but I feel fine otherwise!

Last week, I went to get my bridesmaid dress fitted for Laura & Clay's upcoming wedding (next weekend in Miami!) - I was SO nervous because my body is so different from when I ordered the dress...but Maria, the amazing seamstress, worked her pinning magic and I think it will be okay! I go again on Wednesday for a follow-up fitting and I should be able to pick up the dress this weekend or early next week. We're getting so very excited for Florida next weekend but more on that next Monday :)

Josh & I finished up all the tasks needed to sell our house (a few things found on the home inspection) - with everything complete and our mortgage commitment for our new house ready, everything is flowing along nicely and we should make settlement on March 23rd! (3 weeks from Wednesday). We officially started the packing phase this weekend... I would say we're 40-50% done! It was hard work and by the end, I needed to rest for sure -- I'll be happy when we're packed and ready to go! We hired movers so it shouldn't be too bad. We have about one full week in between the two houses so Josh is hoping to paint a room or two prior to furniture - we'll see!
This week is my glucose screening test on Wednesday - I'm so nervous (I reaaally don't want to do that 3 hour test!) so I'm watching my sugar over the next couple of days. Hoping I pass with flying colors :)

I had a fabulous weekendwith some of my best friends - Friday, Josh & I had a date night - we saw an amazing movie (The King's Speech) and a decent dinner at Longhorne Steakhouse.

Saturday, 4 of us went to see "Swan Lake" at the Academy of Music - it was a beautiful ballet and LJE loved the music!

Sunday was one of my best friend's bridal showers - Shari & Brian are getting married in Mexico on May 13th. Josh & I were booked and ready to go but my doctor told me I'll be too far along to fly international by then :( I am so sad to miss her wedding but I know they will have an incredible time. I've had the honor of being her bridesmaid and was there to help with all the fun games and such at the bridal shower yesterday! :) We have her bachelorette party on April 9th in Atlantic City and I can't wait!

So that's that.... busy, busy, busy month and just in awe that the baby will be here so soon!!!!


•How far along?: 26 weeks. 1-2 more weeks left of the 2nd trimester (there is no exact time but some books state 27 weeks and some state 28 weeks) - and LESS THEN 100 DAYS UNTIL DUE DATE! (98, to be exact).

•How big is baby?: The baby is now a English hothouse cucumber!!  

•Weight gain: Thanks to a lovely stomach virus, I lost 0.4 pounds. Earlier last week, I was down a scary 5 pounds but my appetite made a quick recovery ;)  

Maternity clothes?: All pants, a few shirts... I wore all maternity this weekend and I have to admit it's a lot more comfortable when the clothes are meant for an expanding belly!


.•Sleep?:  Insomnia. Bad.   

•Food cravings?:  Now that I'm feeling better, I'm eating a lot again...bagels, chick-fil-a and fruit are my go-to! AND of course my daily glass of organic soy chocolate milk. YUMMO!

•Gender?:  Lady, despite 2 people recently telling me "Oh, it's a boy!" No ma'm, it's not.

•Stretch marks?: I have a couple on my sides but as a whole, I'm doing okay so far. 

•Labor signs?: nope!

Belly button in or out?: Flat, weird and funny looking.  

•Milestone: Perhaps the LAST WEEK of my 2nd trimester!!! ;)

•What I miss: Feeling healthy - pregnancy takes a huge toll on your immune system - I went from a cold, to a stomach virus and now back to a cold!
•Movement?: Lots :) Especially when music is playing.   

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