My little family!

My little family!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blogging from my Ipad 2!

Yesterday, my fabulous husband waited in line with several other nerds fabulous people to try and grab a brand new, amazing iPad 2. We were 18 out of 20 in line and we were told there were only 20 iPads total at the Best Buy store. Eventually, we scooped up one and bought a beautiful, white 16 GB version -- it's glorious. This will be so fun to use when the baby comes. The possibilities are endless!! Did I mention I also got an iPhone this week? Apparently I want to become the biggest Apple household in Hatboro.

To celebrate our success, we went to dinner at a fabulous restaurant close to our new house. Topping eggplant parm off with a cannoli seemed like the perfect idea.

Fast forward 2 hours and my belly looked like a circus, dancing and shaking and moving. Our darling girl clearly loves sugar! Josh took this video with my phone and I had to share. These moments are amazing and I love the feel of my daughter moving. Enjoy! See you on Monday from the 3RD TRIMESTER!!!

(While I type this, I'm watching horrific video from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. This is so scary, so unimaginable. Say a prayer, donate and realize how lucky we are...)

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