My little family!

My little family!

Monday, March 28, 2011


A big and eventful week for The England Family.

Rewind to last Tuesday... we had our final walk-through of the house with the builder. He was amazing (we met the owner of the company that built our house but this particular man spent the most amount of time working on our specific home) - he was so nice and it was clear he LOVED the house. He took such pride in it and kept calling it his "baby". So cute. He showed us things we didn't realize about the house - we also had a home inspection which was fantastic - a few minor things but overall, he gave the house a 9 out of 10 (the inspector said he usually rates new construction 3 or 4 out of 10, ironically). It was a great experience and we were so excited for closing!

Wednesday was closing. It was flawless! 45 minutes of signing our names 100 times and we were given the keys! So exciting. We went to the new house and couldn't believe it - we seriously own our dream home. We are so very lucky. After our quick visit to the house, we went to Best Buy and bought a new TV, washer & dryer (obsessed with the front loading high efficiency!) and a fridge. From there - we went to our ultrasound!! It was great except my darling girl was sitting exactly where the technician needed to see.. so as of now, I still have placenta previa and need to go back at 32 weeks for another ultrasound. Bummer but it's okay - I am going to ask the doctor at my regular appointment on Thursday when we will need to discuss the real possibility of a C-Section. The baby weighs a whopping 2 pounds, 12 ounces -- her heart rate was 137 and she has HAIR!! I'm not surprised because I was born with a mop of black hair on my head. Love that little darling.

The rest of the weekend was spent packing and getting ready for our big move on Saturday... it was hard work but Josh really was incredible and our move was great. The movers on Saturday did an awesome job and we're now officially in the house!! We have a lot of work to do but it's been fun and exciting. A special thank you to Maleek, Keith & Adam for helping us!!!

I can now officially begin the nursery and I can't wait. Josh's parents are coming up on Thursday and I'm beyond excited - I'm hoping to have the crib, changing table & room painted if time allows!!

So that's that - a very exciting and crazy (sometime overwhelming) time.

It's all happening.... :)

Big, round and fabulous lol

•How far along?: 29 weeks -- next week I'm in the 30's! WOO!  

•How big is baby?: The baby is now the size of a SQUASH!! Wowza that seems big. She is approximately 17 inches already - that's insanely long.

•Weight gain: I've been honest thus far on here with my weight gain so why stop now?  In the span of two weeks (including the consumption of more Dairy Queen then one should have...) I gained a whopping 5.2. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm now up 31.4 pounds and praying I just stop gaining from now on. Like I've said (repeatedly) I'm not going crazy but I am extremely hungry all the time and avoiding the junk and processed at all costs. Nothing more I can say on that.   

Maternity clothes?: All maternity pants, mostly normal shirts but I do feel more comfortable in maternity shirts. I can't wait to start wearing dresses (hello Spring, where are you??? Sick of the cold!) 

.•Sleep?:  Doing okay! Still waking up for the potty often and having trouble falling back asleep but overall, getting used to insomnia.     

•Food cravings?: Orange Juice. Dairy Queen. Chick Fil A.   

•Gender?: Painting her room "Be Mine" paint color this weekend!  

•Stretch marks?: Not yet...

•Movement?: Tons of movement. I'm going to start my kick counts tonight!   

•Labor signs?: None although I THINK I may sometimes have braxton hicks? Not sure. 

Belly button in or out?: In but raised? So funny. 

•What I miss: Energy..haha. I'm losing mine, fast. I'm also swollen and my body is beginning to hurt more and more everyday. I suppose it's the extra weight I'm taking around with me.

•Milestone: We bought our second home - a huge, single house! The home miss LJE will grow up in.


  1. Court!! You look fantastic!! Congrats on the house again, so happy everything went smoothly for you guys. The nursery stuff is so much fun, have a blast, cant wait to see pictures. If you haven't already find yourself a pottery barn kids. Best. Store. Ever. Such cute, good quality bedding!! The blackout curtains they carry are amazing. Anyway have fun with decorating this wknd, feel good :)

  2. Cutest belly ever!!!!! Congrats on the new house i know how stressful that was for you. Im so happy it all fell into place and you can finaly RELAX and enjoy the last few months of preggoness. love you so much