My little family!

My little family!

Monday, February 21, 2011

week 24.


Welcome to week 24 - a very exciting time in the pregnancy. I'm in my 6th month and feeling very good. Overall, the heartburn has ceased (knock on wood) - I started to not feel well yesterday (body aches, sore throat) but I am sucking it up and assuming it's just a little cold. 

Baby news - I had my normal doctor's appointment. The baby sounded great (146 heart rate!) and my belly is measuring exactly on time. The doctor was awesome and the whole appointment was fast and easy. Next up is my ultrasound on Thursday to see how my placenta previa is going, in a couple of weeks is my glucose screening test (fun times), followed by by regular doctor's appointment. After the next one, I start going every 2 weeks. EEEEK!

House news - WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!! And not just any house, but the most beautiful, perfect, fabulous house for us!! We decided last week to start the search over - our 5th house was the one. It's brand new construction on a brand new street. We couldn't believe our eyes! We are working this week on getting our mortgage and hope to move in within the next month - I am still in shock and so excited. A little nervous (moving, money, time) but I know it will all work out. Yesterday,we showed the house to Rachel, Jason, Ross & Avi - they all loved it too! I can't wait to show the family... hopefully this week!

Our new home!! 

24 weeks. My shirt reads "Pregnant (Not Fat)" ;)

•How far along?: 24 weeks and loving the 2nd trimester!! 112 days until due date, although for some reason I have a feeling I will go prior to that date. I'm thinking closer to June 5th or 6th. No idea why? 

•How big is baby?: The baby is now an EAR OF CORN!  I can't wait to see how much she weighs this week at our ultrasound.

•Weight gain: I gained 2.8 pounds this past week for a total of 24.6 I think). I don't even want to chat about it anymore. I don't get it?! I don't eat bags of chips or plates of cookies for every meal. I had a chat with my doctor about my fear of gaining so much weight at my appointment last week. He was completely sweet and comforting and told me NOT to stress about it. That the whole "25-35 pound" gain is an average but some women need to gain more for baby's sake (lucky me!) and I need to just push forward and know that I'll lose it. His exact words? "Eat all the fruit, veggies, meat, pasta and carbs you want....just don't gain 50 pounds worth of twinkies." Wise words to live by! 

Maternity clothes?: All pants. I am ready to start wearing dresses all the time! 

.•Sleep?:  On and off...I wake up every night for one reason or another. Sometimes I can go back to sleep and other nights (like last night) I'm up, awake and watching shows about girls eating toilet paper and soap. Strange addictions? So bizarre.   

•Food cravings?: I finally realized what my addiction is. It's chick fil a. It's what I eat twice a week. I resist the fries and I can't get enough of their yogurt parfait.  

•Gender?:  Getting ready to pick out pale pink paint this week for her room!

•Stretch marks?: I reallllly want them to stay away!

•Movement?: She is a mover and a shaker. She hates if I don't eat every 2-3 hours!   

•Labor signs?: nope!

Belly button in or out?: Still in. We will see how long! 

•What I miss: I do miss the ability to feel skinny at times... and I miss not being hungry all the time, and perhaps sleeping through the night. BUT....I wouldn't trade this for anything. 

•Milestone: This is a big week - 24 weeks is considered a milestone - if baby is born she is considered viable and should be able to survive (god forbid but every exciting!) - from here on out, every week is a step in a fabulous and successful birth. 

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