My little family!

My little family!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hospitals, ultrasound, weight gain and flutters.. OH MY! ;)

Well hello again and welcome to 18 weeks!
...What a crazy few days we had, baby wise.
  • Weight gain - I weigh myself every Friday to keep track of my weight and be sure I'm gaining enough. Prior to this past Friday, I was below target but knew I'd catch up. I was NOT prepared for the number on the scale.. 4.4 pounds in TWO WEEKS?! I couldn't believe my eyes! I suppose the holidays combined with a huge appetite is to blame... I cried for a long time but Josh assured me I need to realize I'm supposed to be gaining weight. I have been seriously body-conscious the past 10 years or so and it's hard to come to terms with the fact that gaining weight is a good thing. Don't get me wrong... I'm so happy and lucky to have this beautiful peanut growing away and I'm learning that I will lose this weight after baby is born. BUT.. I may need to let those cookies be eaten by someone else. :)

  • Flutters - I can now feel baby in my belly, all day... everyday!!! SO COOL!!! So fun! I love it and can't help but smile every time I feel the babes.

  • Hospital Visit - On Friday, in the midst of a snowstorm... we had a baby scare. After a hysterical call to my doctor (and sister...), we were off to check on baby. After hearing a solid heartbeat (149 beats/minute) and assorted other tests, we were relieved to find out baby was fine. I hope and pray we won't be back at the hospital again until June!!

  • Ultrasounds - On Saturday night, after the snow calmed down and the roads were cleared up... Josh & I (on a complete whim!) decided to get an elective ultrasound to determine the gender. No lie... we could not wait the additional 11 days until our anatomy scan. We didn't tell anyone and just went. The woman took us on extremely short notice and could not have been sweeter. However.. it seemed that peanut was not ready to show us the goods!!! We tried for an hour.. literally, an hour. I ate chocolate, I walked around, but baby sat beautifully with his/her legs crossed... eventually opening up but not revealing what we needed to see. It was quite funny.. amazing as well. We saw the baby's hands, feet, head, hurt and spine... so so cute. At first, the ultrasound tech thought she saw a penis... "That's a wiener!" (her exact words). After not seeing testicles and checking for 45 minutes, the tech said she was 75% positive it was a girl. She then offered us another shot! SO... tonight, at 6:45... we're going again for another few minutes to see if baby is willing to show us the goods. I can't wait to know for sure... it's so very exciting!!!

SO that's that. Week 17 was eventful but good.. Josh is going to Key West this weekend for a bachelor party and when he gets back, it's anatomy scan time! Hope everyone is having a good week... to my (many!) pregnant friends... feel good!!
18 weeks....(ALMOST half way there!)

•How far along?: 18 weeks today! The baby is now hiccuping, rolling, yawning and kicking in there!!!

•How big is baby?: The baby is now a SWEET POTATO! That's big.. really, really big! I mean...this little poppy seed is growing fast.

•Weight gain: The cause of a solid 30 minute cry. In two weeks, I have gained 4.4 pounds for a total of 10.6 pounds in 18 weeks. I'm eating more but not an insane amount and I'm making sure it's all healthy and good for baby (with the occasional cookie!)

•Stretch marks?: Praying bio-oil helps in some form.

Maternity clothes?: All maternity pants, all the time - still wearing normal shirts.

•Sleep?: Insomnia decided to make it's way back in my life like an old friend. Lovely. Maybe I'll sleep after the baby is born? ;)

•Food cravings?: I love food. Hummus, cereal, bagels, fruit, shrimp cocktail, pizza. I love food. OH! And orange juice.

•Gender?: Less then 12 hours until we know... if peanut lets us see!

•Movement?: Flutters EVERYDAY! I love this so much. I am waiting for a big ol' kick so Josh can feel it but the flutters are incredible. Mostly in the morning and if I'm laying on my left side.

•Labor signs?: Thankfully, no. 

•Belly button in or out?: In. But feels so weird.

•What I miss: Nothing at all.. the only thing I begin to worry about is having enough time to get the nursery together. But that's silly. We'll get it done.

•Milestone: Well... it was a big weekend of hospital visits and ultrasounds.. I'd say the big milestone is feeling good, feeling baby and feeling happy! :)


  1. Hope everything is ok with baby! Good luck tonight, hope he/she (she) spreads those legs. The only time we will be saying that haha.

  2. When I was pregnant, I was in the middle of my 2nd trimester during the holidays. I gained about 12lbs in 4 weeks!!! So don't feel sad over your 4.4 :)