My little family!

My little family!

Monday, January 24, 2011


(An open letter to my daughter....that's right folks, out peanut is a GIRL!!! We have a name but it will most likely be announced after baby is born...somethings need to remain a bit of a surprise!)

Dear Peanut,

Here we are. 20 weeks along. A mere 16 weeks (or so) ago, your daddy and I woke up on a Friday morning and got the best gift a person can ask for - two pink lines. We jumped up and down in disbelief. And just like that, our lives were forever changed.

It's unimaginable how much you are loved. We say your name 100 times a day. I talk to you as soon as I wake up and see the first star in the sky. You move all around and I stop whatever I'm doing so I can feel you. I think often about what you will be like and can't wait to see your beautiful face. I worry about you all the time as well. Your anatomy scan was fascinating and terrifying all at the same time. We were so happy to see you moving around and showing us your 10 toes, 10 fingers, 2 arms and 2 legs. We have a follow-up ultrasound this week to ensure everything is okay but I know in my heart it will be, no matter what. 

I have to admit that I love taking you with me at all times - I never have to worry about changing your diaper, feeding you or making sure you're warm! (Not that I won't love these parts as well). But for now, my ever-expanding belly is a constant reminder of this beautiful girl growing away.

Our huge family is so excited to meet you as well. You already have 6 older cousins to watch after you, play with you and show you the ropes. (Ava, Abbey, Justin, Marley, Max & Andrew). Abbey was very convinced you were a girl and Ava was sure you were a boy - Abbey keeps reminding me she was right in the argument. It's very funny. You have 4 grandparents (Grandma Lisa, Grandpa Levi, Mom-Mom Andi & Pop-Pop Ron) and 4 great-grandparents (Grandma Rita, Grandpa Sandy, Mom-Mom Millie & Mom-Mom Rose) that love you beyond words and can't wait to take turns holding you. I have a feeling it will be a fight - hopefully Aunt Kim learns to share you! ;) You also have two furry brothers that are going to protect you from everything - Shluffy & Rigby are the cutest, fattest cats around and will love you immensely.

Keep on growing and know that we can't wait to meet you in June -- and remember, I loved you from the second I knew you were there.

Um, I don't think there is any question. Yes. I am pregnant! Haha!

•How far along?: 20 weeeeeeeks!!!! I'm so happy and excited we are half way there. My mom informed me I'm going into my 6th month of pregnancy...I find this very amazing and very confusing. Where is time going?! 

•How big is baby?: The baby is now a CANTALOUPE!! About 6 1/2 long and weighing over 10 ounces (she was 10 ounces as of our anatomy scan). 

•Weight gain: After my fabulous weekend in Key West complete with an obscene amount of calories taken in, my guess is a large weight gain. Vacations + pregnancy? Not good for the girl trying to watch her food intake. I didn't weigh myself due to being in Florida.. we'll see what happens on Friday.  

Maternity clothes?: All maternity pants, regular shirts are still working but I'm noticing things that used to fit like a glove are beginning to make me look..well..really pregnant! 

.•Sleep?:  Still waking up several times a night.. I'm hoping and praying I sleep good tonight due to lack of sleep this weekend.   

•Food cravings?: Lately? Meat. And fruit.  

•Gender?: Our darling is a LADY BUG!! <3 

•Stretch marks?: Still praying to the stretch mark gods that I'm left out of that fun pregnancy symptom.

•Movement?: My favorite part of pregnancy, by far. She is most active in the morning. I think she hates being hungry, like her mama (and dada).  

•Labor signs?: Negative! KEEP ON COOKING MISSY!

•Belly button in or out?: In. I wonder how much longer. It feels like it's going to pop out and hit my cat in the eye.

•What I miss: I will admit while being away this weekend, it was a LITTLE hard not to share a cocktail along with the ladies and wear something a little tight and short. I felt fat and bloated all weekend...but I wouldn't give this up for anything. 

•Milestone: We have made it half way! This, my friends, is very exciting. Before I know it, my darling will be in my arms. 

(Josh & I are going to register at Babies R Us - wahooooo!!)

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  1. Courtney! You look so cute and definitely pregnant here! I loved the letter - you definitely got me teary eyed!