My little family!

My little family!

Monday, December 27, 2010

4 months, grow baby grow!

So, here we are...
another week, another blog, and I have a feeling -- before we know it -- our baby peanut will be sitting next to me on the sofa!!
We had a great week -- spent a lot of time with family and friends enjoying the holidays. It was my 12th year (I think?) going to my friend Karen Connor's house on Christmas Eve. It's amazing to see our group grow and include new friends and husbands :) It was so bizarre to think that next year, the baby will be with us - amazing feeling.
I have felt pretty good this week -- my energy is slowly returning, along with headaches, back pain and a bit of nausea ;) I'm dealing and excited to feel better and better everyday.
We had our first major snow storm last night - 12 inches! It's beautiful and I'm lucky to be able to work from home today.
We got our first piece of baby furniture this weekend as well - Matt & Danielle were awesome enough to give us a changing table for our basement. It's adorable and I can't wait to fill it with newborn diapers and lotions and baby wipes :) The baby also has 3 books to go in it's library (thanks Danielle & Heather!!) and I'm beginning to seriously think about how I want to set up the nursery.
So many exciting things to come..... bring on 2011!

16 weeks. Please excuse the bad picture but it's official.. My bump is starting to round out (albeit a little lumpy...!) :)

•How far along?: 16 weeks today! 4 months...insane. Just insane! Time was SO slow in the 1st trimester but now it's getting back to normal zoom speed. The baby is beginning to get hair & eyelashes..I wonder if he/she will be blond or brunette!

•How big is baby?: The baby is now a LARGE avocado!! 4 1/2 inches long (head to rump) and 3 1/2 ounces.

•Weight gain: With my scale back in order, I am officially up 6.2 pounds. (I gained a solid 3 pounds the past 2 weeks thanks to feeling better!) I'm exactly where I need to be, weight wise. From here on out, I'm supposed to gain approximately 1 pound per week.

•Stretch marks?: I'm beginning to notice these puppies slightly. I'm pretending it's not happening.
Maternity clothes?: I'm just about officially in maternity jeans all the times - I can still use my belly band but it's not as comfortable. My sister in law, Heather, gifted me with two pairs of her own maternity jeans which is amazing!

•Sleep?: So, so. My back pain wakes me up often (along with the urge to use the potty every 3 seconds) but it's better then it was in the 1st trimester.
•Food cravings?: I had my first official craving last week... shrimp cocktail! Bizarre, I know! I woke up thinking about it and couldn't stop. Josh ran out to the grocery store that night and I ate 16 of them. They were divine.

•Gender?: Just another 3 weeks and a couple of days until we find out! I'm still fairly certain it's a girl!

•Movement?: I'm JUST starting to feel little flutters.. I can't tell if it's baby yet but according to my books, last week I could have felt baby--I'm waiting for a solid kick!

•Labor signs?: Nope..stay in there for another 5 months nugget.

•Belly button in or out?: In.

•What I miss: Nothing. Even with the random bout of nausea, extreme lower back pain and daily headaches, I'm happy to have more energy and feel better then I did. I'm just so excited.
•Milestone: We are officially 4 months along...this is a huge milestone and baby is growing more and more!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Feeling NORMAL! ;)

Hi everyone!

First & foremost, I wanted to thank you all for reading. I figured out how to check the stats on this blog and am astounded by the numbers of hits it gets per day - we're so beyond lucky to have so much love for our little growing family!

SO - here we are, 15 weeks. Last Tuesday (14 weeks, 1 day) - I woke up feeling pretty good. Nausea at bay and a little more energy. I was nervous to admit this out loud (for fear it would jinx it).  We went out that night for our weekly dinner with my sister, brother-in-law, niece & nephew. We decided on Mexican -- as soon as we got there, I couldn't eat fast enough. My appetite was back! AND better then ever. I smiled and stuffed my face. This was just the beginning... the past 6 days, I've felt better & better each day! The nausea is (almost) a distant memory. The fatigue is still here but my energy level is slowly rising. Other then persistent lower back pain, I'm feeling pretty good! AHHHH! SO.. this is what the 2nd trimester bliss is supposed to feel like. I ate like a machine this past week and despite a possible large weight gain, I'm happy with it. I've now taken to snacking on hummus and fruit and limited my sugar intake. I also will admit I had taco bell for dinner this weekend and wanted to vomit everywhere - I'll never make that mistake again.

On December 16th, I had my 4 week check-up with the doctor. Everything looked great! We finally got to hear baby's heartbeat with the Doppler (it took a few minutes but then we heard the sweet gallop) - it was a solid 154 beats per minute. The doctor said everything was looking good and to keep up with whatever I was doing - success! We also made our anatomy ultrasound appointment... this is the day we'll get to answer the ultimate question... boy or girl! January 19th - can't wait!!

On Saturday, my sister & I went for massages - I had my first maternity massage and it CERTAINLY will not be my last - it was magical. I laid on my side (with a heated body pillow!) and it was perfect. I plan on getting another one sometime in February!

15 weeks. I officially no longer have a (semi) flat tummy anymore... bring on the baby bump! ;)

•How far along?: 15 weeks!! Baby's legs are out-measuring his/her arms for the first time. NICE!

•How big is baby?: The little bean is now a NAVAL ORANGE!

•Weight gain: HA! Well - I weigh myself every Friday. I was nervous for this past Friday (thanks to a week full of fattening and yummy goodness) - when I step on my scale, it flashes LOW BATTERY then SHUTS OFF! SO.. I wasn't able to weigh myself. Blah. We'll try again this Friday. Maybe it was a blessing?

•Stretch marks?: None but I'm getting to be really itchy...belly, legs, back, all of it. Lotion is the only thing that seems to help.

Maternity clothes?: Yes. My jeans still fit but not comfortable anymore - I have been using the bellyband, the rubber band trick or just keeping them unbuttoned (shh!) but my two pairs of maternity pants are much more comfortable. Shirts are still fine.

•Sleep?: I'm finally starting to sleep through the night a little easier. The snoogle body pillow helps.

•Food cravings?: Everything bagels and cream cheese, pineapple, humus and pita, clementine oranges.

•Gender?: 1 month from yesterday until we find out!! Girl seems to be the consensus amongst the family. Even Josh admitted he thinks it's a girl ;)

•Movement?: NOOOO. I keep thinking I do but then whatever I felt vanishes..I'm on movement alert though.

•Labor signs?: 25 more weeks baby, keep on cookin'!

•Belly button in or out?: In.

•What I miss: NOTHING -- I'm so glad to feel a little better. I wish I looked pregnant instead of fat but I know this will come with time! I do miss going to the gym and I'm hoping to get back on the train this week. 

•Milestone: We have made our anatomy ultrasound appointment.. this is a big milestone and I can't wait to see our little nugget again! 

Monday, December 13, 2010

14 weeks!!!


SO.. 14 weeks, here we are. Waiting for the moment I wake up and feel good. Despite it all, I'm just so very excited - time is FLYING by. Just another month until we find out the sex! (Any guesses...??) -- either way, I can't wait to start decorating the nursery and planning for our future little peanut.

We have our next doctor's appointment on Thursday which is always fun - until week 28, I go every 4 weeks. I'm so excited to finally hear the heartbeat (thus far, we've only seen it on our two ultrasounds).

Yesterday, we had a surprise 60th birthday party for my mama - it was an awesome day. It was also the first time I saw a lot of family since announcing our pregnancy - they all said they couldn't see my belly but I know it's there! I'm ready to just POP so I don't feel so fat. :)

14 weeks - belly!

•How far along?: 14 weeks!!! Baby is busy with thumb sucking, toe wiggling & making urine - so cute ;)

.•How big is baby?: The baby is now a LEMON!!!!

•Weight gain: As of Friday, I lost a pound in the previous week. I almost cried for fear that something was wrong (first time in my life losing weight wasn't exciting...) - I'm officially up 3.2 pounds. Moving forward, I should gain approximately 1 pound per week. 

Maternity clothes?: I'm almost officially in maternity jeans only. My regular jeans just aren't cutting it anymore. I have 2 pairs that I switch off - plus a fat pair of jeans that were huge on me.. now, not so much. I think my whole body is shifting.

.•Sleep?: Despite my severe exhaustion combined with my 7 PM bedtime, I'm still exhausted. My middle of the night insomnia seems to be getting a little better, phew.  

•Food cravings?: The nausea is still here in full force, so I'm still eating whatever I can. Mainly bagels. Fore every meal. And cereal.

•Gender?: Now I'm totally confused... 4-6 more weeks until we find out!

•Stretch marks?: None.

•Movement?: Negative - BUT... Josh loves to keep his hand on my belly and swore he felt something the other day. I can't wait for this.

•Labor signs?: Negative!

•Belly button in or out?: In.

•What I miss: :) Nothing. I just want to feel better to truly experience this.

•Milestone: Per ALL standards, we are in the second trimester. This is so unbelievably exciting.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random thoughts of a preggo.

The following is a list of things I need to do (before the baby comes). I keep jotting these down on random post-it notes but I figured the blog was a better place to keep it :)

1. Schedule our anatomy ultrasound for Mid-January (by the way, it seems everyone thinks it's a boy but me...can't wait to find out!)

2. Get rid of the futon in the basement (anyone in the Philadelphia area want a free futon? It's in great shape!)

3. Move the guest bedroom furniture in the nursery to the guest bedroom in the basement. Figure out what will fit and what we will get rid of.

4. Move the cat's litter box out of the nursery and down to the basement.

5. Clean out the two closets in the nursery. Get rid of everything wedding related. The wedding was 8 months ago (tear).

6. Paint the nursery (after we find out the sex).

7. Pick out and order our nursery furniture from Target (thanks to gifts cards galore).

8. Clean out the hallway closet.

9. Clean out the 4 junk drawers we have going on.

10. Get the hallway bathroom remodeled over the next couple of months - just need to find a good, reliable contractor (is that you...? if so, let me know!)

11. Register at babies-r-us in Feb/March.

12. Get my bum back in the gym!

Things I've done that I had on my to-do list:

1. Found a fabulous photographer for our newborn pictures- obviously we don't have an exact date but it will be when the baby is around 10 days old. She will come to the house - I'm so excited for this :)

2. Scheduled a 4d ultrasound - wooooo! I was on the fence about this but decided it will be the only ultrasound that I can have my sister, mom and best friends see the ultrasound. I couldn't resist!

.... um. so is this what they call nesting?!? :)

I'll be back for the fabulous 14 weeks!
(...hopefully without nausea, exhaustion, back pain and these AWFUL headaches!)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello 2nd trimester!!

So, here we are at week 13. A very exciting place to be as we are officially in the 2nd trimester! (Per some standards..others say not until 13 weeks, 3 days and even others say 14 weeks...but I'll go by my first book which said that December 5th was the first day of my second trimester). I'm not seeing much relief from nausea & exhaustion (yet) but keeping my fingers crossed this happens over the next couple of weeks. I have started making a list of things that need to get done in the house over the next 6 months and I'll need a lot of energy to complete that list!

On Wednesday, December 1st - Josh, my mom & I went for my sequential screening ultrasound. It's a combination of blood work and ultrasound to find out the probability of having a baby with an abnormality. I was nervous going in but ended up loving every second of it! They would only let one adult come back with me (Josh won, sorry mama..) - they took us early (which was great because I had to have a full bladder, ow!) The ultrasound technician was so sweet and kind. She made us feel very comfortable and as soon as she began, we saw our little peanut! It was waving it's arms and legs all over the place, jumping everywhere, and so very active! I loved it so much - the tech said everything looked great (phew!) but we'll get the results at our next doctor's appointment on December 16th.

Time is just flying by -- it felt really slow for a while but now that the holidays are here, the days and weeks are in fast forward. When I think that in 6 months, our little bean will be with us, I smile and realize how truly lucky we are.

13 weeks!

•How far along?: 13 weeks!!! Little teeth and vocal cords are forming!

.•How big is baby?: The baby is now a PEACH!!!!

•Weight gain: As of Friday, I'm up 4.2 pounds.. thanks to bagels for every meal, ha! From here on out, I'm supposed to gain approximately 1 pound per week.  

Maternity clothes?: While I'm not officially in maternity clothes everyday, my regular jeans are becoming less & less comfortable. Shirts are still fine, so far.

.•Sleep?: Still not sleeping great.. up several times throughout the night. This weekend, I bought a snoogle - a huge maternity body pillow. It helps a bit with back pain (and is really comfy to use) but my lack of sleep is getting harder and harder.

•Food cravings?: The nausea makes it hard.. edamame is a craving, along with pineapple. It seems lettuce and red sauce cause me to feel worse, yet I keep eating both. Dumb..

•Gender?: With a heartbeat of 160 (again), I'm almost 100% it's a girl. We will find out in mid-January.

•Stretch marks?: None.

•Movement?: Negative.

•Labor signs?: Negative!

•Belly button in or out?: In.

•What I miss: Other then feeling healthy, NOTHING!!  :)

•Milestone: Our second ultrasound was just incredible - nothing is better then seeing your little baby wave at you!! :)

12 weeks, 2 days!