My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 8.

So.. here we are again.
Another week down. VERY exciting.
It's been a rough few days. My nausea/dizziness is increasing with each day. I'm trying not to complain (as my brother-in-law says.. everyone has a mother who has been through this) but it's really hard. I was lucky enough to be struck with a horrific stomach bug this weekend which was AWFUL in every way. That has since passed and I'm back to my normal, severe nausea. With Gatorade and pretzels by my side, I made it to work and I'm pushing through. Is it bad I know I have exactly 6 hours and 43 minutes left in the work day? Can't wait to take a NAP! On a positive note, my first doctor appointment is now less then ONE week away on November 8th. It's also November.. which means we go to Florida at the end of this month. I pray to Hashem (as my dearest friend, Jaime, always says) that I feel good enough to enjoy a lovely few days with my favorite in-laws!

On a side note - we lost the buyer for our house. It was a huge letdown. My guess it that we're going to stay in this house for another year or so - it'll be perfect for the time being - perhaps a little tight but nothing to go crazy over. Our little townhouse has been perfect (and it's the very spot where Josh proposed) so I'm not in a huge rush to let it go.

8 weeks -- AHHHH! I do believe we have solid bloat! I don't think it's baby because it's a bit too early and I don't think it's fat because I have barely eaten since Thursday.. lol.  

•How far along?: 8 weeks!!! :)  

•How big is baby?: The baby is now a RASPBERRY or KIDNEY BEAN!! I get two different weekly update emails and they both put the baby at approximately 5/8 of an inch. Our little chubster <3

•Weight gain: Ironically, I'm down about 2 pounds. Not happy about it but my doctor said it's fine - I'm sure I'll gain that back in no time!

•Stretch marks?: None.

Maternity clothes?: My gorgeous mama bought me MORE maternity clothes which are all still in the bag - don't need them yet but I would guess over the next few weeks, my jeans won't be so comfy anymore.

•Sleep?: BAD :( Since last week, my sleep at night is dreadful. I'm up several times and having the weirdest dreams. Last night, it was all about my best friend Shari's wedding - I was sewing diamonds in her hair. She looked so pretty. haha.

•Food cravings?: This week, it's been a struggle to find anything that looks good to eat. Get this? Yesterday, PIZZA looked DISGUSTING! Can you imagine?!?!

•Gender?: In a short 12 weeks (or so...) we will find out!

•Movement?: Negative.

•Labor signs?: Negative!

•Belly button in or out?: In.

•What I miss: My zest for life. Lol. I can't seem to find the energy to do's sad. I missed seeing my nieces and nephews all dressed up for Halloween for the first time in 4 years :(

•Milestone: The baby's "tail" is just about gone! Also - webbed fingers and toes are poking out from baby's hands and feet. So cute.

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