My little family!

My little family!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello, belly band.


I'm feeling better & better with each day. I THINK the nausea, exhaustion and overall BLAH feeling are semi-starting to disappear.. this weekend was a little rough but I'm hoping over the next 2 weeks (2nd trimester officially begins December 5th) I'll be back to normal!

On November 18th, we had our first appointment with a doctor. Josh was able to come with me -- he had never been to an OBGYN and found it to be..bizarre? Haha. I met with the nurse first who used a Doppler to find the baby's heartbeat. After a few minutes of nothing but air, she smiled and said that the doctor would be in soon and not too worry. Of course I broke out in tears - fearing the worst. A while later, Dr Knight came in (a lovely younger doctor -she was very sweet) and informed us we'd be able to have a quick ultrasound in the office that day! Ecstatic, I felt better. She performed a check-up to make sure everything looked good (which it did, phew!) and sent us across the hall for an ultrasound. The technician was wonderful and made Josh & I feel very comfortable. She let us know because I didn't have a full bladder, it may take a few minutes to find the baby. Within seconds... our beautiful, perfect bean was on the screen. It was, hands down, the most incredible experience of my life. Josh & I cried, laughed, stared and watched our baby's heartbeat. We even got to see the baby move! The heart rate was 160 and perfect. We're still measuring a due date of June 13th. It was a great day.

We have our next ultrasound on December 1st - it's called a sequential screening and it looks for anything wrong (including Downs Syndrome,etc.) - I'm nervous but excited to see the little one again!

10 weeks, 3 days
11 weeks - I'm going to get a shirt that reads "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant" - I think right now I just look like I'm getting chubby. haha.

•How far along?: 11 weeks!!! Fingers and toes are no longer webbed and tiny teeth buds are forming!!

.•How big is baby?: The baby is now a LIME!!!! Tequilla anyone...?? ;)

•Weight gain: I'm officially up approximately 2-3 pounds. I'm supposed to gain between 3-5 pounds in the first trimester so I'm right on target!

Maternity clothes?: Today is my first belly band day. So far, so good - it's a little more sheer then I would like but overall makes wearing jeans a lot more comfortable.

.•Sleep?: Still pretty bad but getting better. I'm waking up less and able to fall asleep quicker. My doctor recommended Benadryl if it becomes unbearable but I'm avoiding this until I really need it.

•Food cravings?: CARBS! Just all carbs. They make the nausea (which is almost gone... phew!) better. I'll add more protein, veggies & fruits as soon as I feel all better.

•Gender?: With a heartbeat of 160, I'm told this means girl...? I think it's a girl.

•Stretch marks?: None.

•Movement?: Negative.

•Labor signs?: Negative!

•Belly button in or out?: In.

•What I miss: At this moment, I'm so ecstatic to start getting a bit more energy back and feel a little bit better... I don't miss anything!!  

•Milestone: Our first ulrasound was one of the best moments of my life.


  1. Try folding over the belly band... I agree on the sheer part but folding it seemed to help it a little bit! :)

  2. Thank you!! I will try that! :) :)