My little family!

My little family!

Monday, November 29, 2010

12 weeks -- bye bye nausea??

Hello & happy thanksgiving!!!

I'm blogging from beautiful, sunny, warm South Florida. We came down here on Thanksgiving morning and have had a fabulous few days!! It is so nice to talk about the baby with Josh's family -- everyone is so excited and getting ready for the baby's arrival. It feels so good to know that our little bean is already loved by so many. The flight down here wasn't too bad - I made sure to keep hydrated and sat in the aisle to get up every half hour.

We told Josh's family that we will be naming the baby after Josh's cousin, Jonathon. They were so very happy - despite tears, I know they were ecstatic to hear the news. From the moment we became pregnant, we decided this is something we wanted to do. I'm sad I never got to meet Jonathon but I love hearing stories about him, especially from Josh's grandmother.

On Saturday, Josh's mom, sister & I went shopping at Boca Towne Center (HELLO beautiful mall!) - my amazing mother-in-law took me on a fabulous shopping spree at Pea in a Pod, an awesome maternity store. I found some great deals and increased my maternity wardrobe 10 times! It was so much fun - they even had a 9-month belly pillow I could try to see how I'll look super duper pregnant.

I'm still feeling pretty icky - the nausea isn't constant but is still making it loud and clear it's not going anywhere - my exhaustion is also pretty rough. I keep hearing these two friends should start leaving any day, keeping my fingers crossed that's true! By some websites, today is the first day of my 2nd trimester - however, by others it states that December 5th is the official start. Either way, we're almost there!! I'm so excited for Wednesday - our ultrasound! Can't wait to see how the peanut has grown!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday -- now that we have told everyone our news (thanks, facebook!) - it feels good to know we have so many supportive family and friends. :) I am just so very thankful. The baby's wardrobe is growing too!! We now have a Heat Jersey (So cute), a UCF Onezie and an adorable teddy bear for the nursery!

12 weeks!!

•How far along?: We are officially 12 weeks along!!

•How big is baby?: The baby is officially a PLUM!!!!!!

•Weight gain: I'd like to say I'm still up about 2 1/2 pounds but after this past week of non-stop eating (including a bagel everyday, if not twice..) I'm pretty sure my bum is growing at a rapid rate. If baby craves bagels, who am I to ignore it?? ;) 

•Stretch marks?: None. Yet. I will start with the tummy cream this week.

Maternity clothes?: I am still wearing jeans but they aren't as comfy without the belly band - I bought these awesome maternity leggings at Pea in the Pod and I'm pretty sure I'll wear them for the next 6 months.

•Sleep?: Still in insomniac despite extreme exhaustion. One of many funny pregnancy jokes on me!

•Food cravings?: CARBS!! And fruit. Salad and pizza (along with red sauce) make my nausea awful. Bizarre.

•Gender?: I am almost 100% positive it's a girl. I'll be happy either way but shocked if it's a boy!

•Movement?: No, but I am starting to think it's coming soon.. :)

•Labor signs?: Keep on cooking peanut!

•Belly button in or out?: In.

•What I miss: Energy!! But I'm so excited for everything to come.

•Milestone: The end of the 1st will NOT be missed!! :)


  1. From the very beginning I've craved tons of fruit!! It's so a girl :)

  2. I love this blog! Too cute Court!