My little family!

My little family!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Benny turns FIVE AND A HALF!


Are we sureeeeeeeeee you're 5 and a HALF!!? It feels like we were just jumping the day away at your 5th birthday surrounded by poop emojis, and now we're getting ready to plan our big Disney World trip for your 6th birthday!!!!

How you look... My handsome big BOY!! You are SO tall (like, a full head taller then rest of your friends) with the sweetest big brown eyes and shaggy dark blond / light brown hair. Your skin is getting darker by the second as you spend your days in the sun. You are proudly sporting your new glasses - back to blue, like your very first pair. You are SO skinny despite all the food you eat. You are wearing size 6 and your feet are HUGE (size 1 / 2).

Your Schedule....You sleep in bed with Layla every night. You guys tend to go to sleep between 7:30 - 8:30 (sometimes later). You generally sleep later then Layla but she tends to wake you (uhhhh) - you love climbing into our bed as soon as you wake up to snuggle. But not for long - you always prefer to get dressed out of pajamas and find out what's on the agenda! You're getting ready to find up your 2nd week of day camp and you're seriously loving it. You ask me every morning what is on the schedule and cheer with each reply (basketball, YES! dance, YES! gymnastics, YES! fishing, YES!)

Your Likes....You  like ALL THE GAMES (current favorites including Crazy 8's, matching game, chutes & ladders & the worm game on your iPad) - you love sports (particularly baseball, basketball & Gaga) - you love camp SO much - you're an expert swimmer (these past few weeks you've seriously mastered it!) - you love movie nights - you love sleeping on the sofa - you love playing catch with Grandma - you love hitting baseballs with Dada - you love traveling to Florida - you love time spent at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop's house - you're obsessed with your cousins - you adore all your friends - HARRY POTTER - and you really love to kiss me on the lips :)

Your Dislikes....You don't like when things don't go your way. You don't like when we say no (to your requests for a smoothie from Dunkin Donuts / a toy from Target / candy from Wawa, etc). You don't like going in Dada's car (because mine as movies playing). You don't like things that smell weird. You don't like being hungry. You don't like sleeping alone. You don't like when Layla is mean to you.

Your Food: You are AWESOME - you will try everything and anything. Your favorite foods include: Chinese (wonton soup, pork fried rice, chicken lo mein, spare ribs), pizza, spaghetti & meatballs, hamburgers, sweet potato fries, water ice.

Your Thoughts: You have the most amazing questions - you are curious what words mean, how things work, why people act the way they do. You are just a sponge soaking it all in and I LOVE watching you  learn and explore the world around you.

Mr. Benny.... you are kindness and silliness and love wrapped in a BIG ol' package of handsome little boy. You are so loved by your family, friends and strangers alike. I love you so much and can't wait to start planning your 6th birthday... Disney World, here we come! (And a SMALL party here at Burger King per your request, lolol)

Love you to the moon,

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Layla turns 7!!!!

Weight: Roughly 53 pounds.

Height: I'd guess 50 or so inches? 

Eating: The same things for 7 whole years. ;) 

Clothes: 7

Shoe Size: 13 


Please don't worry if you see Mama crying in the corner on the morning of your birthday. I've never been as proud as anything in my life as I am of you. 

You are KIND and STRONG and BRAVE and NICE. You are care about the world around you - from the smallest worm to the biggest tree. You fiercely protect your brother from the moment you wake up until the second he falls asleep. 

You are learning to navigate the world around you and despite my thick desire to want to hold your hand every step of the way, you're extraordinary in your desire to learn on your own. 

This was a huge year for you - a brand new school without knowing anyone. Elementary school is a major change from your preschool and you've navigated this new place with grace and ease. I'm just so proud of you. Below is a quick 7 things that I adore about you. 

1. You are the prettiest bird in all the land. Your body is so tall and lean with gorgeous, fair skin and freckles sprinkled across your nose and cheeks. Your hair is finally quite long again after donating it almost 2 years ago. I have a feeling you'll want it short again soon. Your sweet smile is now complete with missing teeth. You've lost 4 so far and LOVE when the Tooth Fairy (named Tia) comes! 

2. You are SO SO SO SMART!! Kindergarten prepared you beautifully for 1st grade -- you are now reading so strong. You LOVE math & science and did really well this year. You can read a clock, add, subtract, do fractions, read a clock and spout off random facts about the Earth. School is great - you love gym & art the most. You have a very sweet class of 21 kids - we had some issues with bullying and such, but we talked it through and you stayed strong. You love your friends and I have a feeling next year will be even better. You are finding your stride in a world full of new - it's amazing to see your love of people. Your personality is so full and vibrant - a true joy to be around. 

3. You are turning 7 and still hate food. We are trying to get you to eat new foods but it's a slow struggle. You eat the same thing for lunch every single day (yogurt, cheese stick, mandarin oranges, banana and a small treat). You still love pork roll, chicken nuggets, matzah ball soup, refried beans, cheese, strawberries, apples, grapes and bananas. And chips. And french fries! 

4. Your favorite things include: movies, TV (lately, Fuller House, Jessie, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Teen Titans Go), singing (Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, The Greatest Showman soundtrack), reading (lately, it's all books on amazing women), squishies, board games, gymnastics on my floor, dancing with Dada, wrestling Benny, Chick Fil A with your bestie, Avery, and sleepovers at your cousin's houses. You also LOVE Broadway which makes me insanely happy - together we have seen Beauty & The Beast (in Philly) and Aladdin, Cinderella, Lion King & Frozen in NYC. 

5. You have been a great help this year - really starting to want to help around the house. You'll clean you room / living room / kitchen, especially if I pay you ;) You help with the cats, London and the fish. You are so insanely sweet with Benny - just last night, I watched on the monitor as you tucked him and made sure he had Brian and a sweet hug & kiss. You love your sleepovers together and refuse to sleep separately even though Benny requests it sometimes. Also, you could sit in the bath for hours if I let you just playing with your toys. 

6. You still ask for a baby sister nearly everyday, you'd love another dog (a Yorkie), you beg for a phone even though you lost your Garmin within 10 days of having it (We found it!) and you love to cuddle more then anyone i know. You tried all new sports this year - Yoga, Jump Rope, running club and baseball. You like them all (except baseball - not your cup of tea) but you really want to do gymnastics again so you'll start in the fall. We are getting ready for your big 7th birthday party - a private showing of The Greatest Showman at our local little theater with swimming after. We can't wait!! First grade is wrapping up and soon you'll be back at camp!!

7. We love you so much, sweet Layla Jules. Thank you for always showing me how lucky i am to be your mama. 

Some questions I asked you while we were on a date last week, just you & I, to which you said "Being alone with you makes me SO SO SO happy!!!"

Favorite Food: Bean & Cheese nachos from Las Margaritas
Favorite Color: Purple & Blue
Favorite Movie: The Greatest Showman
Favorite TV Show: Jessie
Favorite Song: Shake it Off - Taylor Swift
Favorite Actor: Zac Efron 
Favorite School Subject: Gym
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Vacation: Disney World with Grandma
Best Friend: Avery
When you grow up, you want to be: A Rock Star
Favorite Thing About Yourself: "I'm a great artist"
Favorite Thing About your Body: "I have love"
Favorite Toy: American Girl Doll
Favorite Book: Rosa Parks
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Holiday: Hanukkah 

***A bunch of pictures over the last year***

Friday, February 23, 2018

Random 5 things.

Happy Friday, sweet friends!!

Let's get right to it because I have lots to do.... but no ambition to do any of them.

1. First and foremost, today starts my 2018 goal - get on board because it's going to be EXCITING. I've named it something clever because I'm such a clever gal. Not really. The official title? 35 BY in, I'm officially to rid myself of this extra weight I've been carrying around like a backpack for far too long. I turn 35 on September 21st which is just about 5 / month fore the next 7 months. It seems easy enough but truth be told I've packed on an additional 10 pounds in this past year alone and I'm just embarrassed and feel bad about myself, daily. The tools I will be using are Weight Watchers and a new gym. I LOVE Orange Theory but I'm only about to go to 8 classes per month which is just not cutting in. I'll be joining L.A. Fitness in the hopes my new routine will really spice up my world and allow some of the weight to come off. I'm going to try to post every Friday with updates.

2. We just got back from a nice, long weekend away. Layla had 3 days off of school for teacher planning / President's Day, so a while back I worked it out with my in-laws. They had been requesting a parent's free trip to Disney World with the kids (As in - Josh & I weren't invited which was totallyyyyyy fine by me!). They had the very best time in Disney (so much so that we're already planning our next trip to Mickey's House in January of 2019 for Benny's 6th birthday!) While they were running around my college town of Orlando, Josh & I were on a cruise-ship! It was my first (and last..) time cruising. Short of sounding like a big, fat complainer I'll just say I really disliked it. I had a panic attack the first night on the boat - I think it was a combination of the rocking of the boat with the fear of the unknown mixed with claustrophobia - the only thing that calmed me down was literally climbing into bed and shutting my eyes. I woke up much better but the whole thing couldn't have ended quick enough. Normally on a vacation, I found myself wishing time would slow down and wishing we had booked an extra night. With this? I was just waiting for it all to be over. I didn't like the ship, the room (BASICALLY SLEEPING IN A CLOSET), the schedule (you're on the boat's timeline, not your own), the ports (I liked the first day which was the ship's private in the Bahamas) but I felt like Nassau wasn't very exciting, the food wasn't very good (except we managed to eat - a lot). Our boat was all you can drink so I did enjoy the wine at dinner and the mudslides when I felt like it - I'm not a big drinker so this wasn't exciting for me. I had high hopes of laying by the pool and reading but in fact, the pool deck was crowded and gross and felt just - blah. The best part of the cruise was the company - we went with our best friends from college and it was really great spending so much time with them. I also enjoyed completely unplugging (NO cell phone for 4 days) and I loved the hot stone massage I got on the last full day. Are you a cruiser?? What am I missing?

3. The Parkland school shooting hit me like a ton of bricks. We were flying to Florida when the news flashed across the screen (we flew Jet Blue which as TVs). A few years back, we seriously considered a move to Florida, specifically Parkland. It all felt too familiar. The aftermath of this particular shooting has opened up the floodgates in the best way possible. The teenagers fighting the good fight for gun reform make me so hopeful.

4. I know at least 12 pregnant women - including several close friends. I'm so excited for all of them and also wondering why I'm not feeling the jealousy I usually do? I'm starting to become comfortable with the thought of 2 children and it makes me sad.

5. I'm obsessed with The Greatest Showman. The movie, the music, the story... ALL OF IT. We are constantly blasting the soundtrack and Layla has decided to rent out our local movie theatre to show the movie for her 7th birthday. We are just addicted.

Watch this and see why we're obsessed!

........ ok, that's it folks. See you next Friday - hopefully down a few pounds ;)