My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy 2018!!!!!

Happiest New Year --

We rung in the big 2018 last night at my brother's house -- it was low-key, full of giggles & calories & a great way to ring in the new year.

2017 was a great year. And a sad year. It was a year full of dread reading the news daily and a year full of hope as we started new schools and new routines and grew by 4 legs as family (sweet London)....

Here's a look back at 2017....(through a billion pictures)


We rung in the New Year at Matt & Danielle's house -- then we took 2017 by the reigns!

  • Benny turned 4 and we had a great party at Bounce U. We were away from him for his actual birthday but he had the best time with his grandparents at Lion Country Safari!
  • We headed to Florida to drop off the kiddies before jumping on a plane to Mexico to see Phish on the beach - it was a really amazing, memorable vacation with Kim, Michael, Matt & Danielle. 
  • We finished off the month with Benny getting his second set of tubes (fun stuff!)
  • Other highlights of the month include Disney On Ice and lots of birthday parties :) 
  • On a personal note, Josh lost his job this month (a couple of days before our vacation...) so it was quite scary. BUT -- we rallied and we were so lucky he landed a great job at a new company. 


  • I started off the month but taping notes to the kids' doors leading up to Valentines day reminding them daily of how amazing & loved they are. 
  • We had lots of birthday parties this month and spent too much time inside thanks to Winter ;) 
  • Grandma visited us which we always love!
  • Justin Luke turned 9 this month!


  • We had so much fun celebrating with friends & family this month....
  • Abbey turned 10, Ava turned 11 and Marley turned 8!
  • We celebrated Purim at the kiddos school....
  • I signed Layla up for her new school - 1st grade!! 
  • Grandma visited us again... we love, love, love her visits!!
  • We celebrated one year of AMR Nurse Consultants!! 


  • Maybe my favorite month of the year because we got our LONDON!!! 
  • Remi turned 5!
  • We celebrated Passover at the kiddos school....
  • The kids started Quickball with Sami & Remi!
  • I played Bingo with my mama for a good cause! 
  • Josh & I celebrated 7 years of marriage....<3 
  • At the end of the month, we flew to Florida for a quick weekend and I put together a "surprise" party for Josh's 35th birthday (which is in - the best part was my brothers and sister flew down for the weekend! It was so much fun surrounded by friends and family at Funky Buddha!


  • We opened our POOL!!! 
  • We celebrated Mother's Day <3
  • Josh went to Montreal for Kaplan's bachelor party and Grandma came to visit. 
  • I saw Dear Evan Hansen in NYC (my favorite show of 2017 by FAR...and top 3 ever)
  • I got two beautiful new light fixtures thanks to my Mom-Mom Millie <3
  • Andrew turned 7!


  • We always love the month of June.....
  • Layla turned SIX! Grandma & Grandpa came to visit...
  • We took Benny to NYC for the first time and we saw Lion King!
  • We had Layla's birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese followed by a smaller swim party at our house. 
  • The next day, Layla woke up really sick and had to skip her first look at her new school...BUT...
  • She made it to her big Kindergarten graduation!! It was a very special day and one I'll always remember. This was our last day at CSS and it was so hard for me to say goodbye to the school that took such great care of my babies We took her to Las Margaritas to celebrate (her favorite) before quickly saying goodbye because....
  • Josh & I went to San Francisco! This is where I officially discovered my (random, new) fear of flying and I had a panic attack on the way BUT....we made it safe and after Josh went to Google for training, we discovered the magic of San Fran. This was a really amazing time and I loved it. We took the red-eye home (where I promptly freaked out again and didn't sleep a wink...) before we made it home in time for Father's Day! My whole family came over and it was a great day. 
  • Benny started his new school at the end of the month! It was a bit of a transition but overall, he did great. 
  • Layla started her new camp!! SSDC is a magical summertime experience and she really loved every second. 


  • With Benny at his new school (camp for summer) and Layla at camp, we spent a lot of time playing, swimming, walking, jumping and enjoying the summer temps!
  • Dada turned 35!
  • We had a bunch of Benny's CSS friends over for a big swim date. 
  • We headed to Brooklyn for the weekend to celebrate Kaplan's marriage to Jess! It was a great weekend with great friends. Grandma visited and staying with the kiddos. 
  • We visited Layla at camp and got to see how much fun she was having. 
  • Jaime started working with us at AMR!
  • I got a new car :) Loving my Chrysler Pacifica!


  • Always a tricky month because summer is winding down but we ate up every second of the warmth!
  • I went to NYC with my mama & sister to see The Great Comet (loved it!)
  • Grandma came to visit!
  • Josh went to the Peach Festival for Scott's bachelor party. 
  • Camp came to an end for Layla... 
  • We had our last big hoorah of summer - we went to OBX for the week. All 20 of us. One big house. So much fun. 
  • Layla went to her new school for the first time (and we promptly fell in love with her amazing 1st grade teacher!)


  • We started off the month with a last minute trip to Ft Lauderdale after Josh's grandma asked us to come visit :) It was a great weekend and we captured some really fun family photos thanks to Crystal Fielding Photography. 
  • Benny started Pre-K!
  • Layla started 1st grade! This was a crazy time... including Layla missing her bus-stop on the very first day resulting in a minor panic attack. 
  • We did our first 5K as a family to support and remember sweet Jenna. 
  • I turned 34 and celebrated with my ladies. 
  • We went to Jamaica!! SO much fun and always relaxing. 
  • We celebrated Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur with family. 


  • We got into a good groove of school / work. 
  • Layla started yoga at school!
  • Layla had her first school trip to the farm.
  • Supported my sister's camp (Camp No Worries) - it was a blast!
  • My cousin Jess had her beautiful baby boy, Elijah!
  • Josh went to Florida for Drinks Around the World...meanwhile, Grandma came up!
  • We did everything Halloween....birthday parties, Boo for Babies, Trunk or Treat & Trick or Treating!!


  • Bingo at Layla's school was a blast!
  • Benny tried Krav Maga (unsuccessful but adorable nonetheless...)
  • I registered Benny for Kindergarten (ahhh)
  • Friendsgiving!! SO much fun surrounded by my favorite women and their spouses :)
  • Celebrated 1 year since Mom Mom Millie passed... a beautiful ceremony by her brother (my Uncle Lenny) followed by lunch at our house :) 
  • UCF vs Temple football game with the kiddies
  • Florida bound for Thanksgiving (where we promptly had to take car of Layla while she was super sick...) but awesome nonetheless. Drew's awesome Bar Mitzvah and pictures with Oona!
  • Josh made it to Orlando for UCF vs USF (I missed it to stay back with my sick girl)


  • Crazy whirlwind to Orlando (for 24 hours...), Josh & I to see UCF football game (so awesome) - made in on the news, saw campus & a bunch of friends. 
  • Kelly & Ryan Live taping in NYC
  • Family Hannukah party at my house... so much fun
  • Hannukah officially began...8 crazy days spoiling my babies 
  • NYC with Josh, Kim, Michael, Matt & DD to see Meteor Shower and dinner at Picolo Angolo!
  • I passed out in the bathroom prompting my first ambulance ride and trip to the ER (Strep throat)
  • Christmas at Matt & DD's house
  • Capital Grille for my mama's birthday
  • NYE at Matt & Danielles

...I think that's a fun (small glimpse) into the goodness of 2017. Looking forward to 2018!!!!!!